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My 5 best books of 2013

Updated on July 7, 2014

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As I probably said before, I understand that a book is of great importance when it generates some internal change in me . There are great stories that give us great pleasure for its quality and depth - An example of this is the " Chronicles of Ice and Fire " series - but that does not add or change anything for our beliefs or thoughts, or at least not in the way we see the world and how we behave in day-to - day. Even some self-help books are likely to go unnoticed by our personal filters, while some fictional stories can spark something within us , making us reflect or lead to changes that make a difference in our lives .

Every year, I review all my read books - that I maintain organized at GoodReads - and rank them, writing about their importance for me. So, this year I'll share that list eith you all.

Below are the books that really changed something in me in 2013 , listed in no order of importance. I expect you enjoy!!

1. Foundation Series - Isaac Asimov

Between Christmas 2012 and January 2013, I went through 6 of 7 volumes that constitute the Asimov Foundation Series. I left out the only book that chronicles the beginning of research in the field of Hari Seldon 's psychohistory - Named " Prelude to Foundation ". The only thing I can comment on is that I could not stop reading. The story is so good and closes so well , that the reading of 6 volumes - some pretty thick - seemed to have passed in a blink of an eye . This book was essential to begin to go deeper into other securities of science fiction, which constituted much of the titles I read this year . If you are new at the science fiction, this is the best place to start. Asimov have an easy way to write that will hold you.

I Want to read Foundation Series, so where do I start ?

  • Foundation
  • Foundation and Empire
  • Second Foundation

Also late last year , I was introduced to Chris Guillebeau and his book " The art of non-conformity ." I, who was already in a process of " nuisance " felt inspired and pushed to make any changes . The same goes for the book " The $100 Startup" which features stories of entrepreneurs who have managed to enable a product or service with a low investment . The feeling of " you can too" and real data have also inspired me to start several projects. The best part from his books are that him desconstruct all the actions and help you do step by step any of your projects, being them a business or any other kind.


Philip K. Dick was one of my greatest discoveries this year , and the work that introduced me to the author was UBIK . Agile , philosophical , and more like a script of an action movie , UBIK made ​​me want more and more Dick , who can see , you have enough space in the readings of 2014. Loved it so much Dick , who became a big inspiration for my own writings. Maybe you find others books from Dick to start, but this really made me enjoy science ficction more.


The possibility of living extremely oblivious to the economic model seemed impossible. Especially if the plan were to remain connected to the Internet to share the experience with thousands of other people . Mark Boyle is an Englishman with your free manifesto on the internet ( in English only ) (insert link) and his book " The Man Without Grana " - Fortunately translated into Portuguese - showed me I was wasting too much time thinking about the money . We already have everything we need , it's just that we realize it. I even re-read almost every one of them to absorb your message.


Despite having seen the movie in a while - and have already forgotten the most part - I decided to revisit the work of Palahniuk . Anarchic and extremely direct, it came to me like a punch in the face of conformity, the correct linear and boring life . My sense of " nuisance " also increased during this time , and of course , made ​​me rethink a bit about my lifestyle .If you watched the movie, try the book too, they are two diferent experiences!


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