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Updated on September 12, 2017

I don't think you'll ever know or understand how you ever took hold of me

Sunk your white powdered teeth in me

The flesh you've torn has re-opened scars

Completely unaware of how deep they ran

Proof of being human and of unfinished business

I despise you for blind siding me and for your evil dark ways

For making me feel something but really nothing at all

Completely numb and alive

Consuming my thoughts, my security and time

For making me think I need you

You've turned my world upside down, or so you think

Pleasure in pain and pain in pleasure

A costly demon is what you are

My soul is not for sale

Your luster fades in time, time in which I'll never get back

I hope you feel used because you'll never have a purpose

From a high to the lowest low

You don't deserve or ever have the right to feel

I do, and you've altered that for me

Lead me down a path so dark that I could not see

No speed limit, no moral compass

Being lost only to be found

There is never only one path though

Don't think I'm that blind, lost, and naive

Just parallel to me is the path to ritciousness

I'm the one behind the wheel and that will never change

I may be running out of gas but the light will lead the way

The flesh you've torn will heal yet again

Leaving scars of a constant reminder that you can never touch or take my faith


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    • Lindsay Windsor profile image

      Lindsay 6 months ago from Ottawa, Ontario

      Thank you! I appeciate that

    • ThatFatGuy profile image

      ThatFatGuy 6 months ago from Here and there

      This is my favorite poem of the day. Thank you for sharing.