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Hard Times; Positive Results

Updated on October 5, 2013

My point of view.

TryJimmy.WordPress.Com | Source

TryJimmy presents...

What the HELL is Going On?

Your Guess is as Good as Mine

by James Timothy Peters

I haven't watched television in over 6 months and my blood pressure has gone down quite considerably.

My vehicle hasn't been running properly so I have been walking to places I needed to go, increasing my stamina.

I have been totally relying on my writing for income forcing me to spend less time eating. Doing so, I've lost a decent amount of weight.

Freelance Writing

How I got Started

Jump in with BOTH Feet

I decided to give writing a shot by "googling: writing for a living". A bunch of different sites popped up, but Freelancer.Com is what caught my eye. I looked at other sites, but honestly Freelancer.Com seemed by far the easiest to understand.

Basic Computer Skills

Learning Search Engine Optimizing (SEO) &
a basic understanding of Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML)

When I first decided to give writing a shot, I thought it would be me basically writing stuff down. Well, that's not even half correct; maybe even less. The point I'm trying to make is that being a "writer" nowadays takes more than just a pen and a piece of paper.

I'm not going to go all in about SEO & HTML. If you want to know anything about it, go do your homework like I did. The fun thing about teaching yourself things you enjoy, chances are you'll NEVER forget it.

I have to admit, it probably took me longer than if I was in a school, college or university. But the cool thing is that it didn't cost me anything more than the price of a textbook (that I get to keep).

These books here that are aligned to the right of this column, are similar to the books that I started with. The truth is, I'm not going to tell you which books inspired me to do what I do; the books that I carried around for days until I read them like four or five times before I decided to let it go.

With the help of the Internet, these books and many like them, you too can be up and running with your very own website.

If you already have a website, post it here in the comments.
Thank you.

Disappointments & Accomplishments

My HUBS are my Children

And like a good parent, I love them all.

As I'm sure you do as well with your little HUBS. We created these HUBS, part of us is in each and everyone. Some HUBS may have a little more of you than others, but that's okay, you still love them all equally. Besides, there's this little word I happen to know all to well - it's called "edit".

You know how it create these little HUBS, publish them and then we send them out into the world. We hope that they do well, but time will only tell.

We check in on them from time to time. Watching them grow, hoping to reach at least an 80 (or higher) before a sudden drop in popularity. A sudden drop on your profile list of HUBS is normal.

You check your list of HUBS hoping to see that delightful RED ARROW that points up, telling you that this HUB child of yours is quite spectacular. But then you see those sad BLUE ARROWS that point down, telling you that hey, this kid isn't cute anymore - get'em out of here.

But there's nothing worse than that poor HUB of yours that never seems to get past 67. He's like stuck on "D-" forever. You want to take'em out back and shoot'em (delete them); you know, get them out of their misery - but you can' just can't.

And everybody likes a little recognition, am I right? Sure I am, so how about we fellow HUBBERS start voting more on each others HUBS...alright? You don't have to leave a comment, well not ALL the time, you'll start sounding like a broken record. I understand.

Make Money

from Blogging

I don't care how stupid you think Blogging is, but let me tell you, you'll never make money as easy as this.

(e.g. Right now, I'm watching Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan as I'm writing this)

HubPages is one of those sites that makes it possible for you to make a little side cash from something you do pretty much everyday - that's socializing (unless you're a hermit).

There's a first time for everything.


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