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Locke and Key Vol 6 - Alpha And Omega: A Fitting End to a Masterpice

Updated on April 10, 2019

Locke and Key Vol 6: Alpha And Omega by Joe Hill

So throughout 2018, I have been reading Joe Hill’s Locke and Key series. Locke and Key is different than much of Hill’s other works. This is a graphic novel series he wrote in collaboration with artist Gabriel Rodriguez. And so far the series has been fantastic. It has been an imaginative mix of horror and fantasy, that I have been enjoying so much that I can’t believe how good it is. And now I’m at the last book Lock and Key: Alpha and Omega and here is my review.

So what is it about? Locke and Key follows a trio of children who move to a house full of magical keys that allow them to do the impossible. But in the last few books an evil being that escaped the well house, took on the form of a teenager named Zack who tried to befriend the children to find the Omega key to open the door to an dark dimension. But in the last book he threw Bode’s soul out through the ghost door and took over the little boy’s body, pretending to be Bode until he has the opportunity to take the key and open that awful door that shouldn't be opened..

The story picks up at the end of the school year. Tyler is a senior thinking about his future plans and accepting the fact he is about to forget everything about the magical keys as that it is part of the rules of these keys. Only children can retain memories of them and see them for what they are. His little sister Kinsey, pulled her life back together and made good with her friends again. Their mother has overcome alcoholism. Everything is great as far as they know and they don’t have a worry or care in the world. But little do they know that Zack/Well Lady/Doge, or whatever he is properly called is still well and alive in Bode. They all go to Prom having a great time and then proceeded down to the caves for a real party where they can drink. Down there, possessed opens up the door to the darkness, Kinsey and Tyler must find a way to out with him, close the door, save their friends and most importantly save their little brother.

The good? I was not sure what to expect. As I read these books, I was waiting for the moment that Joe Hill ran out of steam with his imagination. But he never did. It just kept surpassing the expectations in story telling. The finale here is fantastic. It gives a great ending to the story arcs of all the characters. It was done so well I started feeling emotional for the minor character I didn’t care much about. Scott and Jorsan were always there, but I never really liked them much. Then when everything was flipped sideways and they were in trouble it was just written so powerfully they grew into something more than 2D clichés. And everyone, both those who lived and died, served a huge purpose and has a sense of closure. The action was fantastic. The resolution to it all was so brillant and unique. And it all felt so perfect,

The bad? There are two small things to complain about. One is a pet peeve of mine. Possessed Bode stops the story to tell Kinsey and Tyler his master plan, which is super cliché. I know it’s a story telling device but I am tired of the whole story stopping so the villain can tell their master plan to the heroes. Then comes the price. This series is expensive. Ten to twelve dollars per ebook for six books that are about 150 pages each. This series some of best dark fantasy out there but if you paying in full it will break the bank. I got one book free, two on a super sale, so I probably spend forty for the whole series. But still that’s lot. As amazing as this series is, it can be a money sink unless you find it on some comic subscription service somewhere. I personally think its so great and I had so much fun with that the price justifies itself but others who may not have the money or agree with that thought process.

Overall, this is a wonderful finale to an amazing masterpiece of a series. This is one of best fantasies I have ever read and I loved this wild ride with Kinsey, Tyler and Bode and am so glad this let them all have an fitting ending. This is a must read and so are the other books. If you don’t like comic books because you think they are subpar to novels. Throw that thought to wayside and give this chance. It has so much more imagination, depth, and good story telling than most fantasies novels I see nowadays. This is a must read.

4 smoothies out of four

Overall Rating: A Fitting End to a Masterpiece

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