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Lone Traveler's Present

Updated on July 17, 2014

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An old man once told me he was alone
not a single laugh has filled his home
for years he's wept and prayed for love
Or that he could get at least a hug

He traveled far from Perth to Maine
Every day remained the same
He jumped in cars, on trains, on trees
To see once a day where his home was going

Though the man wore tie and suit
His elegance was quite minute
He grazed from bins behind the stores
And only bathed once a week... sometimes more

Once a day, we brought him food
My family felt bad too
He ate and was happy every day
We even heard he starts a job in May

The man began to disappear
We only saw him once a year
He would say hi, and he'd walk away
Noticed he shaved his beard that day

The man would walk and travel far
Often more than the average car
Making money here or there
With a sign and a makeshift chair

The old man who never laughed
Became a mystery of our past
We loved to see him but were happy too
He was making more than me and you

This old man, to us, finally spoke
Claimed his boss helped him to cope
He quit his drinking and worked all day
Making probably the best of pay

The old man had finally found love
A woman with kids, a house, and a car
That was the last we saw the old man
He finally found love before we moved from that town

©2014 by Brandon Martin


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