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Lonewolf Supernatural Hunter: Volume 1 (Chapter 1)

Updated on November 7, 2015

Lone wolf Supernatural Hunter: Volume 1

My name is John Lonewolf and this is my tale of supernatural forces. It all started on October 13th of the year of our lord 1993, I was outside walking when my Black cat Boo took off and disappeared.

I remember that night very well, the night sky was black with shades of purple, red, and gray.

The night air was windy and the atmosphere was foggy on that creepy night. It was the kind of night you just wanted to stay home and cuddle up with a nice, warm blanket and read a good book, but I didn't have that luxury at the moment.

I was searching my front lawn when I heard a ((snap)) in the distance. It sounded like a twig had been broken.

I yelled into the dead of night.

"Who’s out there, Boo is that you?"

There was no reply and suddenly I searched my surroundings, I turned my head to the right and then to the left.

I see nothing, absolutely nothing. It was as if there was nothing there, but there must have been something there. I was positive that I heard something in the distance. Someone or something made that sound and the question is who or what made that sound and why was someone or something creeping around my property?


While I contemplated these questions I continued to walk to the east. I prepared myself for anything, well almost anything.

Once again I heard a sound in the wilderness, the sound was a ((Russell)) in the trees. The sound caught my attention and I looked in that direction and what did I see? Bats, of all things it was bats!

The bats were flying in circles high above the trees. I wonder who or what startled those bats.

I began to wonder if my cat Boo was in the tree, so I yelled out loud,

"Boo, are you in the tree, if so come here!"

My cat did not respond and neither did anything else. Suddenly my curiosity got the best of me and I started to walk in the direction of the bat infested tree.

The bat infested was a big old oak tree. The tree was a huge monstrosity with colored leaves. Leaves from the oak tree were displayed all around the land. The leaves were red and orange.

Slowly I raised my head back and looked up into the main of the tree.

Once again I called for my black cat,

"Boo, are you in the tree, if you are show yourself?"

Once again there was no reply from my cat.

I did achieve one thing I startled the Bats quite easily and they made me aware of it by bitching at me in their native tongue,


((Eeek, Eeek and Eeek))

Quickly I backed up from the tree as I became slightly startled with their upset.

It was not my intentions to startle the bats, nor did I wish to tangle with them, but suddenly I found myself in a hair raising situation.

The Bats swooped out of the dark sky above in a fast stealth maneuver and quickly I tried to swoosh them away the best I could.

Unfortunately the bats were on an angry mission from hell for which I did not expect.

I yelled as loud as I could, raising my voice in terror. My raised voice did no good. The bats came around for a second attack flapping their wings with anger.

Once again I tried to fight the evil sons of bitches, but the bats chose to show no mercy. I quickly kneeled down and grabbed a nearby branch and I started to remove my

Shirt from my back and grabbed my survival knife from my belt. I cut some cloth from my shirt and wrapped it around a good size branch from the big old oak tree.

I reached into my pocket and I grabbed my lighter and flicked it, the flint combusted and a flame set the cloth on fire.

I then stood up waving the torch in the direction of the mad crazed bats as soon as I did this the bats decided to retreat. It appears I have turned the tide, for now.


The bats could not see the fire, but they sure as hell felt the heat that spawned from the flames. The bats felt the burning flames and decided to retreat to the east and I continued on my journey to the west. Step by step, inch by inch, foot by foot, I walked into the woods.

Ten minutes later I heard another ((snap)) in the woods, but this time it was behind me from the south.

I became slightly startled and I felt like I was being followed, maybe even hunted.

The question was who or what would be hunting me and why would I be the prey?

"Who's is there, please show yourself?"

I called out into the wilderness. I was sure it was not

Boo, the sound of the branch that was broken was entirely too loud, but still I did not receive a reply. This gave me the creeps, but I was prepared for a fight, there would be no way I was going to go down as a coward. I will take a stand. I was not concerned if I lived or died.

Once again I reached for my survival knife, pulling it out of my holster.

I kept my knife well sharpened and well prepared to slice and dice anything that comes my way.

If I find myself in danger and I need to protect myself I'm ready to draw first blood with my hunting knife.

I continued to walk step by step, inch by inch and foot by foot.


As I continued on my journey I noticed the heavy fog was becoming thicker and thicker. If I did not find Boo soon I would need to give up my search for tonight.

I really did not want to give up the search for my cat and I kept on walking inch by inch, step by step, foot by foot.

As I continued for my search I noticed in the distance I heard a howl, it was a wolf. I couldn't help but wonder if it was just one or a whole pack of wolves?

I am sure I could defend myself against one wolf, but a whole pack now that was 0suicide.

Suddenly I began to walk faster and faster, step by step, inch by inch, foot by foot, turning my head from the left and then to the right, I made sure I was aware of my surroundings.

Fifteen feet away I heard another howl. It became obvious my predator was a wolf.

Quickly I turned and started to run faster and faster, inch by inch, foot by foot, step by step. The sound became louder and louder, I could hear the beast from the west moving faster and faster in the distance.

Suddenly I picked up my pace, running faster and faster, inch by inch, foot by foot step by step. My black hair blowing in the wind and sweat rolling down my face. I turned my head and looked back, but I didn't see anything.


I could hear the beast. I could hear its breath huffing and puffing. I continued to run faster and faster, inch by inch, foot by foot, step by step, further and further I ran into the dead of night.

After a few minutes I stopped once again as I caught my breath, but I no longer heard the wolf nor did I see it.

I decided I was going to stay where I was and rest for a moment.

I was one mile away from my home and getting farther and farther away from safety. I decided to kneel down by a tree with my back against the tree.

I was aware of my surroundings and I was on the lookout for my predator. The beast was out there somewhere, the question was where? When would the beast confront me? When would this confrontation take place?

I sat by the tree and I griped my survival knife as tight as I could and I began to think about how I was going to stick my knife into its chest.

I was going to twist it and turn it and listen to the beast scream. I will be victorious!

While I sat by the tree I began to wonder if the beast found my cat and if so was it too late for me to save my feline. The thought of this scared me and stirred up aggressive feelings from deep within.


I stood up and looked around, I turned my head to the right and then I turned my head to the left, I looked all around. Suddenly I yelled out loud,

"Show yourself you dumb son of a bitch!"

I yelled as loud as I could and my words echoed across the land. I called out into the wilderness once again,

"Let’s get this confrontation started!"

My voice echoed again, but there was only silence, absolute silence. I did not hear a sound from my predator.

The silence was creepier then the sound of the thing that was hunting me. I did not know from which direction the predator coming from, I was clueless.

My thoughts and fears started to get the best of me and a chill ran down my spine. Not only did I not know where the beast was, but I did not know where my cat was neither, I did not even know if Boo was alive.

My life was in danger, but I felt my cat was worth it and I was prepared to die for the things I love.

I continued to hold a good solid fighting stance as I heard another ruffle in the wilderness,

I could hear huffing and puffing from beyond the trees, but this time it sounded different. Whatever it was in the distance of the woods it was coming towards me and coming fast.

I eagerly awaited the confrontation and then from out of nowhere a beautiful Latino woman named Lola leaped out from the trees.


Lola quickly stopped, kneeled over putting her hands on her knees just trying to catch her breath.

I could not help but notice how attractive Lola was.

Lola had beautiful long black curly hair, dark brown eyes and beautiful lips.

I noticed Lola was wearing a long black low cut dress and black boots. Lola was Sexy, very sexy.

I found myself in awe as I became attracted to her and I'm sure she noticed it.

"Can you please help me?”

Lola said to me as sweat rolled down her face, chin and traveled a long distance down Lola's neck and in between her heaving chest of cleavage.

I took a step back and said,

"Of course I will help you."

Lola smiled and looked at me, she stared into my eyes and I stared into hers. You could say we shared a moment.

"What seems to be the problem?"

I asked Lola and Lola looked at me with the look of ultimate fear and said,

"Behind me in the woods, I seen a wolf it was the biggest wolf I ever seen.

The wolf was chased me, I feared for my life!"

Lola stopped to take a breath and then continued.

"The wolf is about six feet tall and has red eyes, I been running for my life for the last 20 minutes!"


Lola, stopped for a moment as she looked behind herself. I found myself looking behind her, but there was nothing behind her. Was it possible the big ugly beast may have given up its pursuit?

I doubt it, I doubt it very much.

We were the prey and the beast was unlikely to give up the hunt for us.

Lola continued,

"I fell about three times and one of those times was almost fatal. I was running and tripped on a rock on the ground."

Lola turned her head and looked behind herself, she was looking for the wolf, but there was nothing there.

Lola continued with her story.

"As I tried to stand up on my own two feet, the wolf took a leap from beyond the trees, landing right in front of me and the wolf stared at me with its mouth hanging wide open slobbering, I watched the saliva hit the ground like raindrops in a storm.”

Lola had my complete attention and I was listening to every word. I was more than interested.

Lola continued and I listened some more,

"It was then that I noticed the wolf's eyes,

Those yellow glistening eyes glowed as if light were shinning from inside,

It was the creepiest thing I ever seen."


Lola took another breath and I looked past her as I heard a howl in the breeze. I began to think we should return to Lonewolf Manor, but the wolf was an obstacle, the beast was somewhere between us and the Manor House. I found myself unsure how I should proceed.

I asked Lola how she escaped and she said,

"I took a step back and the wolf put its paws on me, I quickly gave it a good swift kick in the leg.

The wolf howled in pain and dropped its paws as I ran for my life!"

While I listened to Lola's story I was thinking of a plan, I always had a plan and I decided to tell Lola my plan,

"Lola, the wolf is more than likely in the direction from which you came.

I think we should head to the north and work our way around the beast.

I think we will be safe at my house."

As I said this I seen the look of pure terror in Lola’s face. Suddenly Lola started to panic and yell aggressively at me,

"No, the wolf is out there!

It will find us, we need to move forward!"

I put my arms on her shoulders and said,

"Calm down everything is going to be fine."

I tried to give Lola a vote of confidence, but I really did not believe what I told her.


Lola looked at me in fear,

"You’re crazy, you’re out of your damn mind!"

I looked at Lola,

"Lola, we need to move to a new location before the big bad wolf find us, we will have a better chance of surviving if we change direction and find shelter."

Lola listened to me and considered the possibility that what I said was true. Lola was unsure what to do and I knew it would take time to convince her, but time was a luxury we did not have.

"Lola, I'm going to go north with or without you, if you want to stay here and wait for the wolf that is your choice."

Lola just looked at me speechless, Lola was quiet and I continued while she listened to what I had to say,

"You may follow me, I have a knife to protect us and at the house I have other weapons. I have guns and a crossbow. If the beast attacks us on the way I will defend us and with a bit of luck we will live to see another day."

I paused a moment, I stuck out my hand and said,

"Come with me if you want to live."

Lola looked at me and nodded her head up and down in response saying yes and gave me her hand. Lola and I walked hand in hand into the wilderness to the north, it was a beautiful thing.

As we walked to the north I looked around examining our surroundings. As I did this I noticed the full moon that was high in the sky and the bats that just flew by.


Stars were sprinkled around the sky like sprinkles of salt on your French fries.

Twenty feet ahead to the north was a small grave yard, the name of the graveyard was Resurrection Hill Cemetery It was cleverly named after the town for which I lived in.

Resurrection Hill, now that was creepy. The word Resurrection is in the name of the Cemetery gave sent a chill up my spine.

Moments later Lola and I approached the Cemetery and I looked at Lola and smiled and Lola said to me,

"Why are you smiling at me?"

I decided to tell a joke,

"Everyone in that cemetery are dead tired."

Lola, just responded by saying,

"Funny, real funny!"

I laughed and told Lola another Joke,

"They could use a good stiff drink, if you know what I mean."

Lola, once again replied,

"Ha ha, you’re bad."

I continued to look at Lola and said,

"Yeah, I know, but you love it"

The funny thing is Lola knew it was true, Lola did not want to admit that she liked my jokes, but she knew it was true.


Lola suddenly found herself falling in love with me, but she was not going to tell me at least not yet, Lola decided she would wait to the time was right.

Lola and I continued to walk, I decided we should walk through the dark and oh so creepy grave yard.

Lola did not like this Idea and made her thoughts known,

"Where are you going?"

Lola said and I looked at her as I raised my left eyebrow and said,

"I'm taking a short cut through the grave yard,"

Lola's jaw dropped and she had a spitfire of comments.

"Are you out of your damn mind, your some kind of damn nut case?"

Lola paused a moment and then continued,

"I'm not walking through the grave yard!"

I looked at Lola in surprise as I admired her personality and attitude. I decided I wasn't going to let her stop me,

"Once again Lola, you can go with me or you can stay here."

Lola looked at me and said,

"You are an asshole!"

I replied without hesitation,

"I know, but it works for me."

Lola didn't like my comment and she said,

"That is why you are an asshole!"


I ignored Lola and just kept on walking. I entered the graveyard and to my surprise Lola followed together we walked into the grave yard and we heard not one, but three or four wolves howling.

I stopped dead in my tracks and looked back at Lola and I said to her,

"I think we got company."

Lola wore the look of sheer terror and said,

“I told you, I told you, but you wouldn't listen, men never listen!"

Suddenly I became agitated and replied,

"Would you have preferred we stay back there and wait for the damn beast?"

Now Lola's eyes widened and she said,

"No, I told you to go forward to the east but no your dumb ass had to go north and head back!"

Lola raised her voice and I became angry.

"Lola, lower your voice, how stupid are you."

This was a bad choice of words, Lola became angrier with me.

"Shut your fucking mouth you are an asshole!"

My head turned fast and I shot her a look and said,

"Who are you to call me an asshole?

I didn't ask you for help, you asked me!"

I took a deep breath and said,

"By raising your voice you’re giving the wolves our location!"


Lola took a step forward, stuck her fist in my face and said,

"Do you really think the wolves don't know where we are?

Just look over there to the north don't you see it!

Their eyes shining in the darkness, they been watching your dumb ass for quite some time!"

I put on a grin and thought to myself the damn woman was right, now we are two dumb asses stuck in the middle of a grave yard while a pack hungry hell hounds sit on a hill watching us. It was dinner time and we were the main course, just wonderful.

Lola took a step backward now asking me what my plan was. I took a moment to gather my thoughts and spotted a mausoleum not too far away.

Suddenly I had a plan and I turned my head and looked into Lola's brown eyes and I said,

"Lola, I'm sorry about my comments I was out of line.

I have a plan."

Lola, wore a frown and said,

"Your damn right you were out of line,

Now what is your plan?"

I grinned and said,

"Over there is a Mausoleum,

We’re going to run over there and seek shelter."

Somehow I knew she wouldn't like my plan.


Lola looked at the Mausoleum and said,

"You want to enter the house of the dead. Oh yeah, real good plan. Why am I still here with you, your insane? I must be crazy also!"

I looked at Lola with a grin and said,

"We can stand out here in the open and be dinner for the hell hounds or we can be crazy and enter the house of the dead. The choice is yours at least in the mausoleum we have a chance for survival, it’s your call!"

Lola didn't like the options, but these were the choices at the moment even if they were not good options.

Lola gave the options some quick thought and decided she would agree to enter the house of the dead.

"OK, Lonewolf we do it your way, this time!"

Lola stormed off in the direction of the mausoleum and I followed,

"Hay, wait for me?"

Lola stopped and turned, looked at me and replied,

"You’re a big boy, you’re a man, you can find your way just as well as I can!"

I found her rhyme amusing and my grin turned into a smile. It was at this moment I think I started to fall in love with Lola and I decided to rhyme to her,

"Okay, okay I'll do what you say! ...Just as long as we do it my way!"


Lola, looked at me and put on a smile just before she said,

"Ha, ha very funny!"

In the distance the wolves howled once a gain and now they were on the move. I looked in their direction and noticed their intent and I decided they intended to attack.

I quickly told Lola in a loud firm tone,

"Run for it, run for your life!"

Lola looked at me and I pointed at the wolves, she quickly turned her head and ran as fast as she could and I followed. We ran fast and quick, faster and faster we ran like a bat out of hell, weaving in and out of tomb stones we were well on our way, but the wolves ran faster than Lola and I. It would only be a matter of time before the wolves would catch us.

As Lola and I ran I noticed Lola was faster than I was she was tearing up grass and mud all the way to the house of the dead and to my surprise Lola made it, she made it, I could not believe my eyes, but I was pleased, I was happy Lola was safe.

Lola waited by the Iron Gate that opened and shut at the entrance of the mausoleum. Lola waited for me.

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