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Lone-Wolf Supernatural Hunter: Volume 1 (Chapter 6)

Updated on December 11, 2015

Chapter 6

While Seth and I prepared to destroy Lola's Vessel Lola's vessel began to reanimate. The undead Lola started to dig herself out of the unholy ground I buried her in.

First Lola's right hand risen from the unholy ground and then the left hand risen, last but not least her head twisted and turned as the rest of her body risen from the unholy grounds her body was buried in.

Lola's undead body twisted and turned as she crawled inch by inch, foot by foot until every inch of Lola's undead body made its way out of her final resting place.

The undead Lola stood up and looked around turning her head from side to side. First to the left and then to the right.

Lola began to stagger to the west where she would take shelter at the Bello mausoleum.

The Bello mausoleum was where Lola and I were seeking shelter just four hours ago. The mausoleum would serve as her home for the time being and it was the one place I would never think to look for her.


While the undead Lola returned to the house of the dead. Lola's spirit lived on in Purgatory.

While In Purgatory Lola's spirit made an acquaintance with another tortured soul named Bella.

Bella was a Caucasian with olive colored skin, brown eyes and black hair. Bella had been in Purgatory for thirteen years.

Bella and Lola began to converse about an age old legend,

“Lola, I would like to tell you a secret. There is a legend that tells a tale of souls that have escaped Purgatory, but it is mere legend.

I don't know anyone who has attempted and succeeded. In fact it is forbidden knowledge and those who should even think of trying it are condemned to hell if caught by the Guardians.”

Lola was intrigued and gave Bella her full attention,

“Bella, please tell me more. I promise to keep this between us.”

Lola said with a smile and Bella extended her right arm and put her hand on Lola's leg as Bella leaned forward and said in a low, soft tone,

“Lola, I have been here for thirteen years. Legend tells a tale that there is an exit. A portal that can return souls to earth and once one returns to earth, the soul, the spirit can enter a body which would serve as a vessel.”

Lola looked at Bella in surprise. Suddenly Lola was filled with the feeling of hope, but at the same time Lola feared what her new found friend was telling her.

Bella's plan was a plan of possession. Bella wanted to possess someone’s vessel so she could live again. This bothered Lola considerably,

“Bella consuming someone’s body is possession, I have seen the Exorcist. Only Demons possess bodies.”

Bella informed Lola that her knowledge was incorrect. Bella knew it was wrong to consume the vessel of the living for her own intentions, but this was the only option Bella had and she did not desire to spend an eternity in purgatory.

Bella look at her new found friend a said,

“Lola it is too late for me to get my body back, but for you it is not too late.”

Lola became confused,

“Whatever are you talking about?”

Bella's eyes widened and she looked at Lola and said,

“Lola, you told me you just died tonight.”

Lola looked at Bella just for a moment as Lola tried to figure out where this conversation was going, what was Bella's point.

“Bella, what are you telling me?”

Bella turned her head for a moment, then she turned her head back to Lola and said,

“Lola if we return to earth there is a chance you can get your body back and it would be documented as an out of body experience. Jesus did it once and so can you.”

Lola could not believe what Bella was saying.

Lola was in disbelief, Bella was comparing themselves to Jesus.

Lola responded,

“Bella, Jesus is the Lord and he did not have an out of body experience. Jesus was resurrected.”

Bella rolled her eyes at Lola and shook her head and said,

“Call it what you will.”

Bella continued,

“You have a chance to return and get your vessel back, as for me it is too late, my body decayed years ago, it’s too late for me. I can never get my vessel back.”

Lola knew Bella was telling the truth as unbelievable as it was. Lola has been given hope, a chance to get back what she'd lost and help Bella in the process, but if she helped her friend then her friend would commit a horrible act, an act of pure evil, Bella wanted to possess someone’s body, This was a demonic possession in the eyes of the lord and Lola would be an accomplices to evil.

Lola decided to give this some thought, it was a second chance. It was the chance of a lifetime, a chance to return and be with me her new found love.

After a few minutes Lola decided she would give it a chance even if the stakes were high and the consequences were unknown.

Lola did not want to live in Purgatory and she was very much in love and when one is in love one’s judgment is clouded by desire and caused one to do wild and crazy things.

Lola approached Bella and said,

“OK Bella I am in, let’s take the chance, let’s give it our best shot and pray for success!”

Bella's eyes lit up with surprise and she was pleased. Bella put on a twisted smile and gave a head nod of acceptance.

Suddenly Lola felt uneasy she felt like she made a deal with the devil himself.


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