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Lonewolf Supernatural Hunter: Volume 1 (Chapter 5)

Updated on November 16, 2015

Lone-Wolf Supernatural Hunter: Chapter 5

I looked down at Boo, my black cat and I noticed her lying comfortably on the wooden porch underneath a small table next to a brown wooden chair on my porch. The cat said ((Meow)) in the animals native tongue and I said to the cat,

“Don't you look Comfortable, I guess things are back to normal. It is just you and me alone in this house.”

Little did I know nothing would be normal again life would be different from now on the past was the past and tomorrow would not be a bright and shiny day more like a gloomy day.

I bent down and picked up my cat and walked into the house, step by step, Inch by inch, Foot by foot. I was in the foyer when I noticed Seth the angel standing next to my grandfather clock.

I set Boo down and Boo ran over to my sofa and jumped up onto the sofa and found a nice comfortable place to sit. As boo sat on the sofa the cat just stared at me with her yellow glimmering cat eyes.

I looked at the cat as I questioned Seth,

“How did you get in my home?”

Seth cracked a smile and said,

“I am an Angel, I can be anywhere at any time.”


I felt uneasy and became irritated,

“Oh great, this means you got a GPS on me and you’re going to home in on me and haunt me whenever you damn well feel like it!”

The Angel laughed, Seth just loved my sense of humor and sarcasm and then Seth said to me,

“Yeah, you pretty much got it.”

I became frustrated and I did not like the situation at hand. I was not sure how I would get myself out of this current problem. I mean just think about it how do you escape from someone who knows where you are at all times.

When it comes to the lord there is no privacy your under the telescope every moment of your life like it or not.

I walked over to the sofa to join Boo, Inch by inch, foot by foot, Step by step I reached my destination and sat down and placed my right hand on the cats back and petted the cat with long strokes. Suddenly my cat purred with pleasure.

Meanwhile Seth questioned me,

“John did you bury Lola's vessel?”

I looked at Seth with a look of surprise,

“You mean you do not know?”


Seth took a deep breath sighed and responded,

“I am not the lord, I do not see all. I just do what I am told, that is all.”

I looked at Seth and smiled and Seth knew he was going to get a smart ass comment from me. It’s kind of expected. It’s part of my personality.

I responded to Seth,

“I take it you did not get the memo.”

Seth cocked his head and said,

“Yes or no, that is the only answer I require!”

Seth's tone became loud he was irritated with me,

“I already told you I was going to bury Lola and I did. So the answer is yes and I am glad I did.”

Seth was not pleased with my answer, the angel had hoped I would do the right thing, but Instead I chose to do the human thing and of course the human thing to do was never the right choice.

Seth put on a frown and said,

“Okay, I must let you in on a little secret and let this be your first lesson in the ways of the Supernatural”

When Seth said this I thought to myself, oh great I found my very own Yoda, the only difference was

Seth was not short and green. Seth continued and I listened,

“When someone dies by the hand of the Supernatural, That person does not stay dead.”


Suddenly my inner pain turned into a glimpse of hope, suddenly my sadness turned into happiness, for I had a chance to get Lola back.

I smiled,

“Okay, great, so what is the problem silly man?”

Seth became angered with my comment which was not unusual. The conversations and lessons between Seth and I were much like that of a grownup and a child.

Seth and I did not share the same point of view, this made things difficult for both of us,

“Lonewolf this is a serious problem for both of us, it is not a joke and it is not a laughing matter, what I am trying to tell you does not have a sweet candy center!”

I now found out that Seth and I had one thing in common. Seth and I did not agree that I needed Lola, but we both were equipped with great sarcasm. It looks like we would make a great team after all we just needed to work out this issue.

Seth continued and I listened, now I am not going to say I agreed with what he had to say, but I did listen to Seth. I decided to give Seth my full attention at least for now.

Seth continued,

“Lonewolf lesson number two when a vessel returns from the dead it is possessed by a demon from hell.”


OK now Seth got my attention. Seth was starting to make sense,

“Seth, I think I know what you’re saying. I read the book a few years ago.”

The angel was clueless. Seth had no idea what I was talking about and Seth told me so,

“What are you talking about John?”

I looked at Seth confused and said,

“Pet Cemetery, By Stephen King. I even seen the movie!”

Seth was lost he had no clue what I was referring too,

“Who is Stephen King and what is this book or movie you speak of Lonewolf, was he a prophet?”

I became confused myself now Seth had no clue who one of the biggest legends in literature was and I said,

“Seth why don't you go into my personal library and read it?”

Seth was intrigued and said,

“I would like to, but we have unfinished business at hand. We need to burn the remains tonight before Lola rises from the dead.”

I took a moment to give the facts that have been handed to me some consideration. I was in love with Lola as a whole person. I was not in love with a demon possessed version of Lola. I needed to make a decision and I needed to make it fast.


The decision was difficult because my heart was telling me one thing and my brain was telling me another.

I began to ask myself one question and the question was what would Lola do?

I simply decided Lola would want me to set her vessel free. She would not want to be possessed by a demon.

I stood up and looked at Seth and I said lets go we have Supernatural work to do. We must burn the vessel before it is too late.

Seth was surprised that I made the right decision, but it was not an easy decision. I was fighting the tears, but I would not let myself cry. I would never cry again for I am Supernatural Hunter tough.


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