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Lone-Wolf Supernatural Hunter Beginnings: Chapter 7 (Re-Edit 09292015)

Updated on September 29, 2015

Lone-Wolf Supernatural Hunter Chapter 7

Chapter 7

The undead Lola made her space in her new home. Deep inside the mausoleum she chose her casket and removed the remains of the deceased.

“Out with the old and in with the new that is what my mother always said.”

The undead Lola said to the dead corpses that resided in the Mausoleum. One by one she dragged the corpses out of their resting places and made the Bello Mausoleum her home.

“From now on I reside here.”

The undead Lola said to the emptiness of the house of the dead.

From outside the mausoleum the hell hounds howled with terror. The werewolves made sure the undead Lola was being watched and they were displeased with her moving into their neighborhood. Vampires were the natural enemy of Werewolves and tonight was the first night of Lola's Vampire existence. Nothing could change that short of a stake through the heart.

The undead Lola walked over to the gate that kept unwanted creatures out of the mausoleum.

“Shut your mouth you stupid beasts, I'm not going nowhere, this is my home now and I will defend it!”

Lola stated her claim and intentions making it clear she was not moving out anytime soon.

From outside the Mausoleum Vampire Bats flew in the distance.

The Ravens watched from the trees and spiders casted their webs. The undead Lola opened the mausoleum gate and stepped outside and walked to the north. The undead Lola was out looking for her prey it was feeding time and she was thirsty with the hunger for blood. Preferably human blood.

Within in the hour the undead Lola entered the center of the town of Resurrection Hill walking down Mockingbird Lane she noticed a club called House of the Rising Sun.

The House of the Rising Sun was a very popular hot spot with all the young people.

As the undead Lola entered the club all eyes were on her as she walked step by step, inch by inch, foot by step. Every one noticed just how sexy the undead Lola was with her long curly black hair which looked sexy matching her low cut black dress with purple laces and her black high heal boots.

The lights seemed to dim with every step she took. Just as soon as you thought her identity would be revealed it wasn't. It was as if she walked in the shadows.

The sound of her heals echoed throughout the room. ((Click, Clop, Click, and Clop.)) Lola's long dress swayed back and forth ((Swish, Swash, Whoosh, Swish, Swash, Whoosh.))

The music from the live band played loud an upbeat, red and blue lights shined all around the room setting the mood and the men danced with their ladies as the undead Lola approached the bar, sat down and the bartender who was a man with long brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard approached the undead Lola and asked her what he could get for her.

Lola seemed to be moving in slow motion slowly as her eyes lifted and met with his and she said,

“I’ll take one of you for the evening.”

The bartender smiled and replied,

“Nice pick-up line everyone wants the bartender.”

Lola took her hand and ran her finger up and down his right arm and said,

“Only when the bartender is tall dark and handsome.”

Lola looked deep into his eyes spreading her charm and quickly she found her way into his heart.

The bartender cracked a smile and said,

“You really know how to use your words to get what you want.”

Lola smiled caressing the bartender looking deep into his brown eyes some more and replied,

“My words are just a message delivered from my luscious lips, my sexy body gets me everything I want and right now I want you.”

Lola was coming on strong and the Bartender could feel it. The Bartender looked Lola up and down from head to toe and said,

“I didn't catch your name?”

Lola smiled and in a sexy tone of voice said,

“You may call me Isabella”

And from that point on the undead Lola became known as Isabella.”


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