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Lonewolf Supernatural Hunter: Volume 1 (Chapter 3)

Updated on November 7, 2015

Lone Wolf Supernatural Volume 1

After I entered the mausoleum escaping certain death I turned and took a moment to catch my breath.

Finally I was safe and I was with Lola. We were together once again, but we were not out of danger. There were still two werewolves outside the mausoleum. The wolves were just around the corner waiting for a confrontation.

I took a moment to view my surroundings, I looked at the inside of the mausoleum. I noticed the house of the dead looked more like a prison then a resting place, the structure was made of stone, it was dark, damp and creepy. There were sconces hanging on the walls for light and four caskets that belonged to the Bello family.

The caskets in the center of the mausoleum were the final resting place for the Bello family. The father was Fred A. Bello born July 6th 1942, His wife Casandra Bello was born only a few years later on January 20th 1944, their Daughter Sabrina born April 15th 1965 and their son Jason born November 15th 1967 all of them died in a fire on October 3rd 1990 this was their family tomb.

After looking things over in this spider web infested structure I walked over to Lola. I put my arms out and gave her a hug as I said to her,

"I'm so glad to see you."


I embraced Lola and in return Lola whispered in my ear,

"I am so happy to see you too, I was lonely and scared in here, plus I was worried about you. I am so glad you’re alive!"

I tried to act macho and I acted like I had no fear,

"Awe, there was nothing to worry about, I can handle myself. I was not scared for me, I was scared for you."

This was partially true I was scared for Lola, but I was scared for myself also, but it’s the fear that drives me. I get my inner strength from the feeling of danger, the fear in itself.

Lola stopped hugging me, took a step back and said,

"Ewe, you’re so conceded."

I put on a smirk and said,

"No I am not, I am just fearless."

Lola smiled and said,

"No you’re not, you just think you are."

I found Lola's comments to be amusing, it was like she knew me already and to think we just met.

I took Lola's hand and I guided her over to a concrete bench within the mausoleum, we walked together hand in hand.

It was the beginning of a great relationship. Once we reached the bench I asked Lola to sit down with me and she did.


I sat next to Lola taking a moment to twist and turn and stretch my back, I must say it felt great, I felt relived.

Lola looked at me and smiled until she finally noticed my wound and at that moment her draw dropped with the look of concern and she said,

"You’re bleeding!"

I looked down at the blood and once again I acted macho trying to hide my physical pain,

“In the army we were taught to ignore pain.”

I must admit it’s easier said than done.

"It’s nothing Lola, it’s just a flesh wound."

Lola did not take my macho attitude lightly,

"Bullshit, we need to take care of this wound as soon as possible, before it gets infected!"

I looked deep into Lola's beautiful brown eyes and said,

"No, really it is okay I wrapped my wounds with a cloth."

There was not much left of my shirt it was in shreds. The shirt made a great rag. I used my shirt to make a torch and a couple of bandages.

I noticed Lola was wearing a grin,

"I don't care we need to get you home so I can take care of you and your wounds, I am a Doctor and I know how to take care of you."


I smiled at Lola and I appreciated her concern, I was not used to someone caring for me. Normally it’s me who cares for others. I'm used to being expendable, not wanted, not cared for, I found this moment to be a pleasant surprise.

While Lola and I discussed my health and wellbeing the wolves became restless.

The evil sons of bitches began to circle the mausoleum howling and barking, just waiting for Lola and me to leave the house of the dead.

The Wolves were smart, they knew sooner or later Lola and I would need to leave the structure of the dead. Lola and I had no water or food my plan was to wait until morning.

I hoped the wolves would leave the premises by dawn in search of something else to eat or simply fall asleep.

Lola became inpatient and the Lola stood up suddenly. Lola started to walk around the mausoleum pacing back and forth,

"How long do we need to stay here John?"

I stood up and walked over to Lola,

"Lola, we need to stay here until the danger is minimal."

I said.

I knew this was not what Lola wanted to hear.

"John, I am serious we need to get your wounds taken care of as soon as possible!"


I Looked at Lola and staid quiet and I did not say a word. I just kept my mouth shut. The discussion was going nowhere. Lola's attitude was it’s her way and there is no exception.

Outside the mausoleum the wolves howled again and from the inside there was a sound from inside the east corner of the mausoleum there was a ((rustling)) sound, followed by high pitch chitter chatter from bats ((Eeek, Eeek!))

I don't think Lola heard the sounds, but I did and this was something I did not want at the moment, more bats!

I looked over at Lola and I took her hand and very calmly I said to Lola in a whisper,

"Please kneel down with me and put your head between your legs, Keep your head covered."

Lola raised her eye brows high, gave me a look with a grin and said,


Lola then dropped her bottom lip and stared at me, Lola was confused she could not figure out why I told her to do this. I looked her dead center in the face and said,

"Please do what I say, it is for your safety."

Lola became even more confused. I did not want to startle Lola, the last thing I wanted was for her to go into a panic attack.

"Lola I need you to stay calm and do what I say."


Lola took a step forward, put her face close to mine and said very quietly,

“Why John? Why do I need to do this, I am not going to do it till you tell me why?"

Lola withdrew her face from mine and folded her arms and turned her right leg, putting it out to the side, raising and lowering her foot lightly tapping it in a feminine way.

I looked down at her long narrow legs and foot. I found myself gazing at her black skirt, white tights and her knee high black boots.

I began watching her foot just go ((tap, tap, tap)) and then I slowly raised my head as I gazed over Lola's body.

I raised my head looked her dead center in her face and stared into those deep brown eyes. Within seconds I then tilted my head and looked to the left and then to the right straightening my head I licked my upper lip, I then smacked my lips and said,

"Lola, there are bats in the east corner."

Lola’s eyes got huge like they were going to pop right out of her god for shaken head and she said,


Unfortunately Lola did not say this quietly, in fact she said it quite loud. I would not have been surprised if she woke the dead and I hate to say it, but Lola disturbed the bats and the bats left their nest in a panic raising hell in the mausoleum.


The school of bats flew aggressively the bats flew fast and low flying straight for us flying the bats attacked our hair quickly I raised my arms trying to swoosh them away.

Lola panicked and screamed as she stood up and ran straight towards the entrance of the big mausoleum.

I stood up and ran after Lola,

“Lola, what are you doing!?”

After I said this Lola ran straight for the gate. I proceeded to run after Lola as I tried to stop her from making a grave mistake, but it was too late.

I did not move fast enough, the bats where in a fierce frenzy.

I noticed Lola reached the gate with great stride, she grabbed the handle turning it to the left in a quick motion she pushed the gate open with a ((creaking sound)) that followed with a ((bang)) as Lola slammed the gate open.

Step by step Lola ran into the graveyard and the bats chased her and the wolves caught her scent, the wolves also heard the sound of her feet go pitter patter as Lola ran through the grave yard disrespecting the resting area of the deceased.

I ran out of the mausoleum also swinging the gate as fast as I could. The gate flew open with a sound that made a ((Creak)) sound again and once again it slammed into the wall with a ((bang!)).


I ran after Lola as the wolves ran after me and I yelled out her name,

“Lola, wait for me. I am on my way!”

Lola did not stop she continued to run.

Lola ran like the wind. Step by step, inch by inch. Lola ran like a speed demon from hell. Lola ran through the trees zigging in and out passing the trees left and right and the bats chased Lola while the wolves chased me, it was a parade of maniacs running into the night.

One of the wolves hurled through the air knocking me down. I quickly turned onto my back as the second wolf caught up with me. I wrestled the first wolf to the ground.

The Hell-hound kicked and barked, slobbering all over me, it was a hideous creature.

I grabbed the wolf by its sides and threw it to my left as the second wolf came in for the attack. I quickly grabbed my knife drew it forward in an attack formation, but I was not fast enough the second wolf bit my arm and I yelled in pain.

Lola ran in circles, she was trying to lose the bats, but the bats were too fast.

The bats attacked Lola's hair and her neck, the bats sank their claws into her shoulder.

The blood thirsty Bats sank their fangs into her supple flesh and pierced her skin as the blood oozed out of Lola's neck and ran down her chest in between her wonderful rack of heaving mounds of joy.


Lola fell over, she fell to the ground, ((thump.)) Lola's life passed her by, as the evil bats feasted on her body. After the bats were through with their midnight dinner, the bats flew to the east were they found a new nest.

Lola's injured body laid on the ground her life hanging by a thread, I continued to fight for my life. The wolf I tossed to the left stood up on all fours, barked and growled with much anger and I gave the second wolf a great kick in the gut for biting me, this was the third time I was bitten tonight.

The Second wolf came around for another attack and once again I drew my knife forward for the attack, I was determined to defend myself this time.

The Hell-hound jumped leaped and hurled itself upon me and I swung my knife into the air.

The knife made first contact drawing blood on contact. The sharp chrome metal knife sliced the beast’s throat clear from one side of the wolf to the other side of the neck. Blood oozed out of the wound, it oozed all over my body. I was surprised and proud how fast and quick I handled the attack, but I was not out of the woods or out of danger yet, literally.

The last remaining wolf came around one last time for another attack as I stood up the wolf jumped up into the air. My intentions were to definitely kill the son of a bitch, I had been bitten one time too many tonight.


The wolf hurled through the air and I reacted with great reflexes, I grabbed the wolf by its throat and shoved my knife straight through its skull.

More blood oozed out onto my arms, chest and clothes. I received a blood bath tonight and earned my place in a world of supernatural hunters.


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    • frankcofrah profile image

      frank nangame 

      3 years ago from western

      Awesome story lonewolf. Sorry for the loss of Lola .she was really beautiful


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