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Lone-wolf Supernatural Hunter Beginnings: Chapter 8

Updated on October 14, 2015

Re-edit (10142015)

Chapter 8

Seth and I stepped outside into the dark of night. The sky was black and purple with clouds of gray that hung high in the sky. In the horizon the sky was shades of orange and red. The sun began to rise in the east.

Seth and I walked around the corner of my gigantic estate our intentions were to dig up Lola's remains and burn them. I was carrying a shovel and Seth carried a gasoline container full of gasoline and a few other items such as rock salt and holy water.

Angelic Seth blessed the Holy Water for me. I must admit sometimes it was good to have a angel on your side, just sometimes.

Step by step, inch by inch I became closer and closer only to feel the sensation that something was terribly wrong. Something just didn't feel right to me, but I just wasn't sure what it was, not yet anyway.

I informed the angelic Seth that I had a bad feeling that something just wasn't right and Seth agreed.

The angelic Seth looked at me and said,

“I fear we are to late Lone-wolf!”

I looked at him in reply and said,

“You’re an angel are you not supposed to know everything? Don't you know what’s going on at all times?”

I think I irritated the angel when I said this because he put on an aggressive look of disappointment and said.

“I know only what I am told, when I need to know it.”

I gave the angelic Seth a good look and said,

“Well get on the Bat phone Batman, make the call. Do what you do get the info! What’s the hold up?”

The angelic Seth was confused and as he looked at me with a look of confusion.

The Angelic Seth replied,

“Bat phone? Batman? The call? Whatever are you talking about Lone-wolf?”

I just laughed and said,

“Don’t worry about it you wouldn't understand until you learn about pop culture.”

Seth became even more confused he never heard the term pop culture before.

Seth and I kept on walking and I informed him that there was a lot he needed to learn if he was going to spend any amount of time on earth.

In away the Angelic Seth was like an overgrown child and had an empty mind and required much information.

We began to approach the grave site and we noticed the unholy soil had been overturned and the vessel of Lola was no longer there. I held my lantern over the six-foot empty hole and said,

“Houston, we have a problem?” I turned my head and looked at the Angelic Seth and he turned his head and looked at me,

“Houston, who is Houston?”

I just cracked a smile and shook my head back and forth as I replied,

“Houston is a town in Texas. You really don't know much do you?”

The Angelic Seth had become offended and said,

“I know plenty, just not much about your civilization. I know everything there is to know about the world my father created. The world humans are destroying more and more. Why the lord put your kind in charge of his greatest creation I will never know.”

Now I became offended, but the pitiful Angel was correct and I let it go. I then took a deep breath and exhaled as I asked the Angelic Seth a question,

“What do we do now?”

Seth looked at me and smiled and said,

“Now we look for and find Lola.”

I put on a grin and cocked my head and looked at the Angelic Seth and said,

“What a wonderful Idea, now why didn't I think of that Sherlock?”

The Angelic Seth looked at me and asked me this question,

“OK, if Houston is in Texas where on earth is Sherlock?”

At this point I just wanted to bang my head. The Angelic Seth was sent here to help me, but yet the Angelic Seth didn't know anything outside the realm of the supernatural.

I said to the Angelic Seth,

“Sherlock Homes is a fictional character that was created by Scottish author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock is not a town nor a state.”

The Angelic Seth looked at me and replied,

“Oh right, this is all very confusing. I really have much to learn about your world, but right now I don't have the time. There is much work to be done.”


While the Angelic Seth and I searched for Isabella, Lola and Bella where well on their way to finding the forbidden portal to the world of the living. Lola and Bella walked for miles and miles of rough terrain. Lola looked around the wilderness that was shades of blue and purple. The mountains were blue with a mixed tone of purple and gray. The sky was dark blue and the road was made of purple and gray stones. Literally everything in this world called Purgatory was three colors.

On their journey Lola and Bella conversed about me Bella wanted to know everything about me the man she was head over heels in love with.

Bella looked Lola's way and started the conversation with a smile and said,

“So how did you and the lucky guy meet?”

Lola smiled but stayed silent for a moment as she contemplated weather or not she wanted to address this topic. After a moment Lola decided she would tell the most fantastic tale.

The tale how two fools in distress fought supernatural forces and fell in love in just one night. Lola blushed and she looked to the ground of purple and gray pebbles and said,

“It was a dark and windy night I left my late night Job at the Abraham Lincoln Tavern where I was a waitress.

I had just finished my five hour shift and I was walking through the streets of Resurrection Hill.”

Bella was in surprise,

“The name of the town is called Resurrection Hill?”

Bella asked Lola and Lola replied,


Bella's jaw dropped and her eyes bulged and she responded with....

“That is so freaky girl!, What in the world possessed you to live in a town named Resurrection Hill?”

Lola laughed and said,

“I didn't have much choice I was born there and I did not have the means to escape the crazy town that I grew up in. I was kind of stuck in my own private hell.”

Bella became more and more intrigued with this story as time went by.

Bella wanted to know more and she inquired,

“So what is Resurrection Hill like?”

Lola did not know where to begin, but she gave it her best shot and told Bella this,

“Resurrection Hill is like Gothic that is the only way I know how to describe it. The town is extremely dark in nature. We have buildings that bare sculptures and statues of gargoyles, the buildings are all dark colors. Mostly Gray, Red and Black.”

Bella was very much interested in this town,

“Tell me more about your story Lola!”

Lola agreed and she did so by continuing to talk about her walk home,

“So any way I was walking the dark streets of Resurrection Hill when I see a strange man in black clothing and a long gray trench coat walking behind me. All a sudden I heard him yell in pain and he fell to the ground. Now I will admit I should have asked him if he was OK and offer to help, but I didn't it was a dark alley and he was kind of creepy so I ran and turned at the next corner, but as soon I turned I heard a dog howl. I still can't help but wonder if he was attacked by some sort of animal!”

What Lola did not know was the strange man had not been attacked by an animal. At least not in that alley. The stranger in the dark was not an animal it was a shape shifter it was a werewolf.


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