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Loneliness (The dark saga continues)

Updated on October 20, 2012

I have no grief

but loneliness to keep

The tears to cry

without holding no sorrow.

Once you read my life

Once you saw me

as it is now

It was the desire to hold you strongly

kept me fighting with something strange

loving the sweet embrace.

It was not loneliness

then, it became what.

It was growing painful

i never knew and i never wanted to

what it was.

Your memory

it was not.

A passim an enfeeble chapter of my life

that day i drank water

without your reflection teasing me in the cup

It engulfed the purity of my mind

it left me with a draining soul to hold back.

The feeling of being alone

took away those memories first.

Your memories do not seem to hold me attractive now.

Now i have empty cups and draining mind to be filled

This malediction

of not belonging

to anyone, anything

or even myself.

Who i am with loneliness?

A desirous feeling

What i am now with the feeling of being lonely?

A path which which has not traveled the universe

and there is no hope i'm living in.

Silence has become a strom

The burnt image of sea

been sinking

into the last drop of water.

I had a reverie

your eyes took me a prisoner.

I had no grief

but loneliness to keep.

The tears to cry

without holding no sorrow.


has gone far away

in search of joy and peace.

I was put under chains

in a dark narrow hole.

There was no light, no loneliness now.

All i was told

that nobody wants me now.

I was charged for the murder of an innconet girl

it was me whom i'm framed against.

Like a soldier who fought for the peace

and is now charged for spreading war.

This is the fear of being alone

which is killing me inside now.



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