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Lonewolf Supernatural Hunter: Beginnings

Updated on July 1, 2015

Lonewolf Supernatural Hunter: Beginnings Chapters 1-9

Chapter 1

Copyright 2014

Lonewolf Supernatural Hunter: Beginnings

Updated on December 11, 2014

Lonewolf Supernatural Hunter: Beginnings Chapters 1-9

Chapter 1

Copyright 2014

My name is John Lone-wolf and this is my tale of supernatural forces. It all started in the month of October of the year 1993, when I was searching for my black cat, her name was boo.

I remember the night sky very well, it was black with shades of purple, red, and gray.

The night air was windy and the atmosphere was foggy, it was a creepy night. It was the kind of night you just wanted to stay home and cuddle up with a nice warm blanket and read a good book or watch a movie, but I didn't have that luxury at the moment.

I was searching my front lawn when I heard a ((snap)) in the distance. It sounded like a twig had been broken so I yelled into the dead of night.

"Who’s out there, Boo is that you?"

There was no reply. So I looked around, turning my head from side to side. First to the right and then to the left. I saw nothing, absolutely nothing. It was as if there was nothing there, but there must have been something. There must be something out there.

I was positive I heard a sound coming from the distance from the woods. Someone or something made that sound and the question was who or what made that sound and why was someone or something creeping around my property?

I continued to walk to the east, even if I was startled I was prepared for anything, well almost anything.

Again I heard a sound it was a ((Ruffle)) in the trees. I looked in that direction and what did I see?

Bats!, of all things it was bats!

The bats were flying in circles high above the trees. I wonder who or what startled them bats.

I began to wonder if my cat Boo was in the tree, so I called into the wilderness,

"Boo, are you in the tree, if so come here!"

Boo did not respond and neither did anything else. Suddenly my curiosity got the best of me and I started to walk in the direction of the bat infested tree.

The big old oak tree was to the east of my house. The tree was a huge monstrosity. The colored leaves from the oak tree were displayed on the ground in front of me. They were nice colors of red and orange. Once I approached the tree I stopped dead in my tracks and slowly I raised my head back and looked up into the main of the tree. Once again I called for my black cat,

"Boo, are you in the tree, show yourself?"

And once again there was no reply from the cat, the bats on the other hand well that was another story. I startled them quite easily and they made me aware of it. The bats bitched at me in their native tongue ((Eeek, Eeek, Eeek))

Quickly I backed up from the tree as I became slightly startled with their upset.

It was not my intentions to startle the bats, nor did I wish to tango with them, but suddenly I found myself in a hair raising situation the Bats swooped out of the dark sky above in a fast stealth maneuver and quickly, I tried to swoosh them off the best I could.

Unfortunately the bats were on an angry mission from hell for which I did not expect.


I yelled as loud as I could, raising my voice in terror. My raised voice did no good. The bats came around for a second attack flapping their wings with anger.

Once again I tried to fight the evil sons of bitches, but the bats chose to show no mercy. I quickly kneeled down and grabbed a near-by branch and I started to remove my shirt from my back and grabbed my survival knife from my belt. I cut some cloth from my shirt and wrapped it around a good size branch from the big old oak tree. I reached into my pocket and I grabbed a lighter and flicked it, the flint combusted and a flame set the cloth on fire. I made a torch.

I then stood up waving the torch in the direction of the mad crazed bats as soon as I did this the bats decided to retreat. I had turned the tied.

The bats could not see the fire, but they sure as hell heard the flames and felt the heat. The bats smelled the burning scent and flew to the east and I continued on my journey to the west. Step by step, inch by inch, foot by foot, I walked into the woods, leaving my home Lonewolf Manor behind me.

Ten minutes later I heard another ((snap)) in the woods, but this time it was behind me from the south.

I became slightly startled and I felt like I was being followed, maybe even hunted.

The question was who or what would be hunting me and why would I be the prey?

"Who's is there, please show yourself?"

I called out into the wilderness. I was sure it was not Boo, the sound of the branch that was broken was entirely too loud, but still I did not receive a reply. This gave me the creeps, but I was prepared for a fight, there would be no way I was going to go down as a coward. I will make my stand no matter if I live or die.

Once again I reached for my survival knife, pulling it out of my holster. I kept my knife well sharpened and it was well prepared to slice and dice anything that comes my way. If I find myself in danger and I need to protect myself I'm ready to draw first blood.

I continued to walk step by step, inch by inch, foot by foot. The more time passed the heavier the fog became. If I did not find Boo soon I would need to give up my search for tonight.

I really did not want to give up my search for my cat and so I kept on walking inch by inch, step by step, foot by foot.

In the distance I heard a howl, it was a wolf. I couldn't help but wonder if it was just one or a whole pack of wolves?

I am sure I could defend myself against one wolf, but a whole pack now that would be suicide.

Suddenly I began to walk faster and faster, step by step, inch by inch, foot by foot, turning my head from the left and then to the right, I made sure I was aware of my surroundings.

Fifteen feet away I heard another howl. It became obvious my predator was a wolf.

Quickly I turned and started to run faster and faster, inch by inch, foot by foot, step by step.

The sound became louder I could hear the beast from the west moving faster and faster in the distance.

I picked up my pace, running faster and faster, inch by inch, foot by foot step by step. My black hair blowing in the wind and sweat rolling down my face. I turned my head and looked back, but I didn't see anything.

I sure could hear the beast. I could hear its breath huffing and puffing.

I continued to run faster and faster, inch by inch, foot by foot, step by step, further and further I ran into the dead of night.

After a few minuets I stopped once again as I caught my breath, but I no longer heard the wolf nor did I see it.

I decided I was going to stay were I was and take a rest. I was one mile from my home and getting farther and farther away from my safe haven.

I knelt down by a tree sitting with my back against it.

I was aware of my surroundings and on the lookout for my predator.

The beast is out there somewhere, the question was where?

When would the beast confront me?

When would this confrontation take place?

I sat by the tree and I griped my survival knife as tight as I could and I began to think about how I was going to stick my knife into its chest.

I was going to twist it and turn it and listen to it scream. I will be victorious!

While I sat by the tree I began to wonder if the beast found boo before I did?

And if so was it too late for me to save my feline.

This thought scared me an influenced aggressive feelings from deep within.

I stood up and looked around, I turned my head to the right and then I turned my head to the left, I looked all around,

"Show yourself you dumb son of a bitch!"

I yelled as loud as I could.

"Lets get this confrontation started!"

My voice echoed across the land, but there was only silence, absolute silence. The silence was creepier then the sound of the predator. I did not know from which direction the predator would be coming from I was clueless. My thoughts and fears started to get the best of me and a chill ran down my spine.

Not only did I not know where the beast was, but I did not know where Boo was, I did not even know if the cat was alive.

My life was also in danger, but I felt I was worth it and I am always prepared to die for the things I love.

Its easier for me to die for something I love, then to live without something that meant so much to me.

I continued to hold a good solid fighting stance as I heard another ruffle in the wilderness,

I could hear huffing and puffing from beyond the trees, but this time it sounded different. What ever it was in the distance it was coming towards me and coming fast.

I eagerly awaited the confrontation and then from out of nowhere a beautiful Latino woman named Lola leaped from the trees. Lola quickly stopped, kneeled over putting her hands on her knees just trying to catch her breath.

I could not help but notice how attractive Lola was.

Lola had beautiful dark skin and long black curly hair. Not to mention her dark brown eyes and beautiful lips.

I noticed Lola was wearing a long black low cut dress and black boots.

My thoughts were, Sexy, very sexy.

I found myself in awe as I had become quickly attracted to her and I'm sure she noticed it too.

"Please help me!"

Lola said to me as sweat rolled down her face and chin. The sweat continued to roll down Lola's neck and in between her heaving chest of cleavage.

I took a step back and said,

"Of course I will help you."

Lola smiled and looked at me, she stared into my eyes and I stared into hers.

Yes we shared a moment.

"What seems to be the problem?"

I asked and she looked at me with the look of ultimate fear and said,

"Back there in the woods, I seen the biggest wolf I ever seen. The wolf was chasing me!"

Lola stopped to take a breath and then continued.

"The wolf is about six feet tall and has yellow eyes, I been running for my life for at least 20 minutes!"

Lola, stopped for a moment as she looked behind herself.

I too looked in the direction she was looking, but there was nothing there. Could the big ugly beast have given up its pursuit? I doubt it, I doubt very much, we were the prey and the beast was unlikely to give up its hunt.

Lola continued,

"I fell about three times and one of those times was almost fatel. I was running and tripped on a rock on the ground."

Lola said as she turned her head looking behind her, Lola was looking for the wolf that was not there and then she continued with her story.

"As I tried to stand up on my own two feet, The wolf took a leap from beyond the trees, landing right in front of me. The wolf gave me the stare with its mouth hanging wide open slobbering all over the ground.”

Lola had my complete attention I was listening to every word. I was more then Interested.

Lola continued and I listened some more,

"It was then that I noticed the wolf's eyes glowed as if light were shining in those eyes, it was the creepiest thing I ever seen."

Lola took another breath and I looked past her as I heard a howl in the breeze. I began to think we should return to Lonewolf Manor, but the wolf was in between us and the Manor House. I found myself unsure how I should proceed.

I asked Lola how she escaped and she said,

"I took a step back and the wolf put its paws on me, I quickly gave it a good swift kick in the leg. The wolf howled in pain. The wolf dropped its claws and I ran for my life!"

While I listened to Lola's story I thought of a plan, I always have a plan and I started to tell Lola my plan,

"Lola, the wolf is more then likely in the direction from which you came, so I think we should head to the north and work our way around the beast. I think we should seek shelter at my house."

As I said this I seen the look of pure terror form on her face. Lola started to panic and yell aggressively at me,

"No, the wolf is out there! It will find us, we need to move forward!" I put my arms on her shoulders and said,

"Calm down everything is going to be fine."

I really did not believe what I said.

Lola looked at me in fear,

"You’re crazy, you’re out of your damn mind!"

I looked at her,

"Lola, we need to move. If we stay here the wolf will find us, we will have a better chance of surviving if we change direction and find shelter."

Lola listened to me and considered the possibility that what I said was true. Lola was unsure what to do and I Knew it would take some more time to convince her, but time was a luxury we did not have.

"Lola, I'm going to go north with or with out you, if you want to stay here and wait for the wolf that is your choice."

Lola just looked at me speechless, Lola was quiet and I continued while she listened to what I had to say,

"You may follow me, I have a knife to protect us and at the house I have other weapons, I have guns and a crossbow. If it attacks us on the way I will defend us and with a bit of luck we will live to see another day."

I paused a moment, I stuck out my hand and said,

"Come with me if you want to live."

Lola looked at me and nodded her head up and down in response saying yes and gave me her hand. Lola and I walked hand in hand into the wilderness to the north, it was a beautiful thing.

As we walked to the north I looked around I looked all around, I noticed the full moon that was high in the sky and the bats that just flew by.

Stars were sprinkled around the sky like sprinkles of salt on your french fries.

Twenty feet ahead to the north was a small graveyard, the name of the graveyard was Resurrection Hill Cemetery It was cleverly named after the town for which I lived in. If you ask me it was creepy. The word Resurrection is in the name of the Cemetery name gave me a bad vibe, if you know what I mean.

Moments later Lola and I approached the Cemetery and I looked at Lola and smiled and Lola said to me,

"Why are you smiling at me?"

I responded with a joke,

"Everyone in that cemetery are dead tired."

Lola, just responded by saying,

"real funny!"

I laughed and said,

"They could use a good stiff drink, if you know what I mean."

Lola, once again replied,

"Ha ha, you’re bad."

I continued to look at Lola and said,

"Yeah, I know, but you love it"

The funny thing is Lola knew it was true, Lola did not want to admit that she liked my jokes, but she knew it was true.

Lola suddenly found herself falling in love with me, but she was not going to tell me at least not yet, Lola decided she would wait to the time was right.

Lola and I continued to walk and I decided to walk through the dark and creepy grave yard.

Lola did not like this Idea and made her thoughts known,

"Where are you going?"

Lola said and I looked at her as I raised my left eyebrow and said to Lola,

"I'm taking a short cut through the grave yard,"

Lola's jaw dropped and she had a spitfire of comments.

"Are you out of your damn mind, your some kind of damn nut case!"

Lola paused a moment and then continued,

"I'm not walking through the grave yard!"

I looked at Lola in surprise as I admired her personality and attitude. I decided I wasn't going to let her stop me,

"Once again Lola, I'm going with you or without you."

Lola looked at me and said,

"You are an asshole!"

I replied without hesitation,

"I know, but it is who I am and it works for me."

Lola didn't like this comment and said,

"That is why you are an asshole!"

I did not care and just kept on walking into the grave yard and to my surprise Lola followed. I smiled and said to Lola,

"Yea I Know."

Lola and I walked into the grave yard and we heard not one, but three or four wolves howling. I stopped dead in my tracks and looked back at Lola and I said to her,

"I think we got company."

Lola wore the look of sheer terror and said,

“I told you, I told you, but you wouldn't listen, men never listen!"

Suddenly I became agitated and replied,

"Would you have preferred we stay back there and wait for the damn beast!"

Now Lola's eyes widened and she said,

"No, I told you to go forward to the east but no your dumb ass had to go north and head back!"

Lola raised her voice and I became angry.

"Lola, lower your voice. How stupid are you."

This was a bad choice of words, Lola became even angrier with me.

"Shut your fucking mouth you are an asshole!"

My head turned fast and I shot her a look and said,

"who are you to call me an asshole, I didn't ask you for help, you asked me!"

I took a deep breath and said,

"by raising your voice your giving the wolves our location!"

Lola took a step forward, stuck her fist in my face and said,

"Do you really think the wolves don't know where we are, Just look over there to the north don't you see it! Their eyes shining in the darkness, they been watching your dumb ass for quite some time!"

I put on a grin and thought to myself the damn woman was right, now we are two dumb asses stuck in the middle of a grave yard while a pack hungry hell hounds sit on a hill watching us. It was dinner time and we were the main course, just wonderful.

Lola took a step backward now and asked me what my plan was. I took a moment to gather my thoughts and spotted a mausoleum not too far away. The mausoleum was only twenty or thirty yards to the east. I looked into Lola's brown eyes and said,

"Lola, I'm sorry about my comments I was out of line. I have a plan."

Lola, wore a frown and said,

"Your damn right you were out of line, now what is your plan?"

I grinned and said,

"Over there is a Mausoleum, we're going to run over there and seek shelter."

Somehow I knew she wouldn't like that plan. Lola looked at the Mausoleum and said,

"You want to enter the house of the dead. oh yeah, real good plan. Why am I still here with you, your insane? I must be crazy too!"

I looked at Lola with a grin and said,

"We can stand out here in the open and be dinner for the hell hounds or we can be crazy and enter the house of the dead. In the mausoleum we at least have a chance for survival, it’s your call!"

Lola didn't like the options, but these were the choices at the moment even if they were not good choices.

Lola gave the options some quick thought and decided as unpleasant as it was to enter the house of the dead, it was the obvious choice.

"OK, Lone wolf we do it your way, this time!"

Lola stormed off in the direction of the mausoleum and I followed,

"Hay, wait for me?"

Lola stopped and turned, looked at me and replied,

"You’re a big boy, you’re a man, you can find your way just as well as I can!"

I found her rhyme amusing and my grin turned into a smile it was at this moment I think I started to fall in love with Lola.

"OK, OK I'll do what you say! ...Just as long as we do it my way!"

Lola, looked at me and put on a smile just before she said,

"Ha, Ha very funny!"

In the distance the wolves howled once a gain and now they were on the move. I looked in their direction and noticed their intent and they intended to attack.

I quickly yelled to Lola,

"Run for it, run for your life!"

Lola looked at me and I pointed at the wolves, she quickly turned her head and ran as fast as she could and I followed.

We ran fast and quick, faster and faster we ran like a bat out of hell, weaving in and out of tomb stones we were well on our way, but the wolves ran faster than Lola and I could run. It would only be a matter of time before the wolves would catch us.

Lola was faster than I was she was tearing up grass and mud all the way to the house of the dead and to my surprise Lola made it, she made it, I could not believe my eyes, but I was pleased, I was happy Lola was safe.

Lola waited by the iron gate that opened and shut at the entrance of the mausoleum and Lola waited for me.

Chapter 2

I was successful I lived up to my promise, I was able to help Lola reach safety, at least for the time being.

My safety on the other hand, well that was a different story. I was still very much in danger, I was still on the run and the hell hounds were drawing closer and closer.

Six wolves ran down a long hill just twenty feet from the Resurrection Hill Cemetery I could see Lola and I began to wonder if she could see me.

The fence that marked the property lines did not slow down the hell hounds. The wolves leaped over the fence with no trouble at all. I kept running, breathing hard, huffing and puffing, my arms swinging high and low in a forward and back motion. I ran like a marathon runner in the dead of night. I slipped and I turned from side to side, but I did not fall. I would not let myself fall. I was determined to maintain my balance.

The wolves smelled my scent and tracked me like GPS. Those blood thirsty sons of bitches they did not fall. The hell hounds just kept on coming just as fast as they could.

I took a quick look at the mausoleum and I noticed Lola was correct, the eyes of the beasts were a bright yellow. The wolves possessed the eyes of the devil. The wolves must be demon dogs from hell. Because I never seen wolves like these before, The wolves eyes were the kind of eyes you only seen in movies.

I knew I wasn't going to make it in time so I quickly ducked and slid behind a big and tall gravestone.

The grave stone was a statue of Jesus. I thought to myself at least the lord was standing before me hiding me from my attackers. I knew this cover would not last long, I knew the hell hounds would sniff me out, the wolves would track my scent. The Blood thirsty beasts from hell were hot on my trail.

From inside the mausoleum Lola gripped the metal bars as hard as she could. The bars were cold, as cold as ice. Lola was looking for me, she was worried for my safety and wondered where I was located. Obviously she could not see me after all. Lola made a grave mistake she called out into the darkness, she called for me,

"Lone wolf, where are you?"

When Lola yelled she gave away away her location, the wolves heard Lola's call and three of them ran to her destination.

Quickly I yelled,

"Lola, Lock the gate, lock the gate, lock the gate, the wolves are on their way!"

When I yelled I narrowed down my location as well. Three wolves were headed in my direction now, but I did not care. I was concerned for Lola's safety and not my own.

Lola called for me,

"Lone wolf where are you, get in here!"

I stood up for a second and turned my head with my back standing against the tombstone.

"Lola, Lock the gate, I will be fine, I will be there as soon as I can. Just do what I say!"

Lola finally did what she was told and knelt back down only to notice three hell hounds just a few feet away.

Adrenalin pumped through my veins as one of the three wolves stepped forward wearing a snarl look on its face.

The wolfs eyes squinted and its jaw opened for the attack and its front paw swooshed some dirt. I quickly stood up and prepared for the attack. I gave my opponent the thousand yard stare as I gripped my survival knife tight. The wolf quickly eyed up the shiny blade, but did not back down. Within seconds the wolf ran, jumped and leaped into the air. I counter attacked with fast reflexes. The wolf landed on me as I fell backwards on my back hitting a corner of the grave stone.

Colliding with the tombstone caused a great deal of pain as you can imagine, but not as much pain as the wolf was in as my knife pressed against the chest of the beast piercing its skin.

The wolf howled in pain and found the strength to sink its teeth into my flesh.

I pulled my knife out of the hell hounds chest. As the blade exited the chest of the beast blood oozed out of its vessel and dripped onto the ground.

My knife was covered in blood and the blood started to cover my hand. The blood was warm and slimy.

The wolf twitched and turned, screamed and howled, as the other two wolves ran and jumped with quick stride.

I quickly lifted my knife into the air, my knife entered the left side of the second wolfs skull and blood flowed quickly as the wolf fell to the ground.

The third wolf quickly landed on me and bit my leg drawing more blood. I acted quickly and stabbed the third wolf injuring the beast.

The third wolf quickly retreated and ran off to the east, the first and second wolf opened their jaw for one last howl of pain while Demons ascended from the werewolves’ mouth.

The Demons from the werewolves ascended into the darkness. I lifted my head and watched the demons fade into the midnight sky. My jaw dropped in amazement, I had never seen anything like this before and I knew my life would never be the same.

After the Demons disappeared, I began to tend to my wounds, I used my knife to cut more cloth from my shirt and wrapped my wounds. While I did this I heard Lola scream. The hell hounds were still attacking the gate to the mausoleum. I began to wonder just how long that gate would hold?

I stood up and called out into the dead of night,

"Lola are you OK?"

The wolves from hell just kept banging on that gate growling and barking, Lola did not give a reply.

I began to limp my way over to the mausoleum and I called out once again,

"Lola are you safe, are you still alive!"

Lola responded,

"Lone wolf, they are outside of the mausoleum and they will not leave. I do not know what to do, it is creepy in here and I need help, get your ass over here, now!"

Lola said as she yelled out a rectangular opening on the left side wall. The opening looked a lot like a window, the window like structure had bars no glass.

I continued to leap and walk over to the mausoleum the best I could, I knelt by a grave stone only ten feet from where Lola was, I knew I did not have the strength to take on all three for I was injured.

I quickly came up with a plan of action,

"Lola, I want you to distract them from the entrance, so I can gain access to the mausoleum!"

This was easier said than done and I knew this and Lola questioned it, Lola was unsure what to do,

"John, how am I supposed to distract the wolves? You’re talking crazy again!"

Lola said to me in a frantic state.

"Lola, I want you to go to the square opening with the prison bars and stay there. While you are at the opening make a lot of noise!"

I was not sure if this would work, it would definitely be a long shot, but it was a plan and it deserved a chance.

Lola did what I asked and moved over to the opening, she called out into the dead of night,

"Lone wolf I'm over here, I'm at the opening, can you see me Lone wolf, and can you hear me!"

Lola was doing very well she just kept calling my name and making her location known. The wolves were on the move they changed their destination within minutes. The wolves ran to the left side wall of the mausoleum, the dumb sons of bitches left the entrance wide open for me to make my way over and sneak into the mausoleum. Phase one of my plan was complete.

It was time for phase two. I continued to walk over, step by step, inch by inch, foot by foot, I was on my way. I looked to the right and I looked to the left, the coast was clear. Everything was going as planned.

It was easy, it was too easy and that scared me. Everything was perfect and that is why it did not feel right.

It was quiet, to quiet, nothing is this easy, and nothing is this perfect. I kept on walking, inch by inch, step by step, foot by foot, I became closer and closer. I was only six feet away, when... ((snap))

"Damn it!"

I said stepping on a twig revealing my location.

One of the wolves heard the sound and left the other two wolves behind.

Quickly I ran over two the mausoleum and approached the gate. I stopped for one quick moment and turned my head to the right, it was at that moment I noticed the Hell hound running like a demon from hell.

The wolf slid around the right side corner of the mausoleum, kicking dirt and dust.

The dust from the wolf sliding around the corner ascended into the air.

The werewolf stared at me growling with saliva dripping from its evil snout. The wolf eyed me up with its beady yellow eyes, barking at me.

I can only imagine what the wolf's bark meant. Obviously something in its native tongue, but chances are no mortal man will ever translate it into words, but I was sure it had something to do with killing me.

I was the hell hounds dinner plans for this evening. One human male served rare with all the trimmings.

I welcomed the beasts challenge. It was not like I had a choice, I looked at the werewolf and said,

"Come on you son of a bitch, let’s get this party started!"

It was not long after my statement until the beast growled and took a step forward running and leaping into the air and I withdrew my knife.

I gripped my knife with every ounce of strength I had and the sound of the knife ((whisked)) in the breeze as I swung my blade into the air Slicing and jabbing the wolf, the beast landed on my knife and the knife cut into the werewolf's stomach. I could hear the sound of the great corpse.

The beast hit the ground after I withdrew the blade from the werewolf's body, the beast landed before me ((thump!)).

The next werewolf reared its fearless head and stared at me with the intent to kill and I stared back at the relentless beast.

It was a stare down. The question was who would attack first.

The werewolf barked not once but twice and then suddenly turned and ran away.

The werewolf retreated, I could believe it!

...what just happened?

I do not think I will ever know what the last comment translated into in my language.

I wondered why it surrendered to me.

Did the hell-hound fear me or did I earn its respect?

I am sure I will never know, but I am safe for the moment. The whole situation was quite odd. It was something I'll never fully understand.

I turned my body to the left and faced the gate. I tried to open it.

The gate was locked, the damn thing was locked. Even if I would have tried to get inside the mausoleum before my predator tried to attack me I would have failed and I would have been food for the damn beast from hell.

I tugged three or for times and the gate made a clanking sounds...

((Clank, Clank, Clank)) I tugged again ((Clank, Clank, Clank))

"Lola let me in!"

I yelled just as loud as I could and before long Lola came running as fast as she could.

When Lola reached the gate she raised her hand and unlocked the gate.

I opened the gate just as fast as I could. Lola stepped back and I stepped inside.

Quickly I closed the gate and the gate made a slamming sound ((Slam))

I was finally safe, Lola and I were out of danger.

Chapter 3

After I entered the mausoleum escaping certain death I turned and took a moment to catch my breath.

Finally I was safe and I was with Lola. We were together once again, but we were not out of danger. There were still two werewolves outside the mausoleum. The wolves were just around the corner waiting for a confrontation.

I took a moment to view my surroundings, I looked at the inside of the mausoleum. I noticed the house of the dead looked more like a prison then a resting place, the structure was made of stone, it was dark, damp and creepy. There were sconces hanging on the walls for light and four caskets that belonged to the Bello family.

The caskets in the center of the mausoleum were the final resting place for the Bello family. The father was Fred A. Bello born July 6th 1942, His wife Casandra Bello was born only a few years later January 20th 1944, their Daughter Sabrina born April 15th 1965 and their son Jason born November 15th 1967 all of them died in a fire on October 3rd 1990 this was their family tomb.

After looking things over in this spiderweb infested structure I walked over to Lola. I put my arms out and gave her a hug as I said to her,

"I'm so glad to see you."

I embraced Lola and in return Lola whispered in my ear,

"I am so happy to see you too, I was lonely and scared in here, plus I was worried about you. I am so glad you're alive!"

I tried to act macho and I acted like I had no fear,

"Awe, there was nothing to worry about, I can handle myself. I was not scared for me, I was scared for you."

This was partially true I was scared for Lola, but I was scared for myself also, but its the fear that drives you. I get my inner strength from the feeling of danger, the fear in its self.

Lola stopped hugging me, took a step back and said,

"Ewe, your so conceded."

I put on a smirk and said,

"No I am not, I am just fearless."

Lola smiled and said,

"No your not, you just think you are." I found Lola's comments amusing, it was like she knew me already and to think we just met.

I took Lola's hand and I guided her over to a concrete bench within the mausoleum, we walked together hand in hand.

It was the beginning of a great relationship. Once we reached the bench I asked Lola to sit down and Join me and she did.

I sat next to Lola taking a moment to twist and turn and stretch my back, I must say it felt great I felt relived.

Lola looked at me and smiled until she finally noticed my wound at that moment her draw dropped with the look of concern and she said,

"Your bleeding!"

I looked down at the blood and once again I acted macho trying to hide my physical pain,

“In the army we were taught to ignore pain.”

I must admit its easier said then done.

"Its nothing Lola, its just a flesh wound."

Lola did not take my macho attitude lightly,

"Bullshit, We need to take care of this wound as soon as possible, before it gets infected!"

I looked deep into Lola's beautiful brown eyes and said,

"No, really its OK I wrapped my wounds with a cloth."

There was not much left of my shirt it was in shreds. The shirt made a great rag. I used my shirt to make a torch and a couple of bandages.

I noticed Lola was wearing a grin,

"I don't care we need to get you home so I can take care of you and your wounds, I am a Doctor and I know how to take care of you."

I smiled, I appreciated her concern. I was not used to someone caring for me. normally its the complete opposite. I'm used to being expendable, not wanted, not cared for.

While Lola and I discussed my health and well being the wolves became restless.

The evil sons of bitches began to circle the mausoleum howling and barking, just waiting for Lola and I to leave the house of the dead.

The Wolves were smart, they knew sooner or latter Lola and I would need to leave the structure of the dead. Lola and I had no water or food my plan was to wait until morning.

My hopes were that the wolves would leave the premises by dawn in search of something else to eat or simply fall a sleep.

Lola became inpatient, I notice her stand up suddenly. Lola started to walk around the mausoleum in a circle, pacing back and forth,

"How long do we need to stay here John?"

I stood up and walked over to Lola,

"Lola, we need to stay here until the danger is minimal."

I said, but I knew this was not what Lola wanted to hear.

"John, I am serious we need to get your wounds taken care of as soon as possible!"

I Looked at Lola and staid quiet and I did not say a word. I just kept my mouth shut. The discussion was going nowhere. Lola's attitude was its her way and there is no exception.

Outside the mausoleum the wolves howled again and from the inside there was a sound also.

from inside the east corner of the mausoleum there was a ((ruffling)) sound, followed by high pitch chitter chatter from bats ((Eeek,Eeek))

I don't think Lola heard the sounds, but I did and this was something I did not want at the moment, more bats!

I looked over at Lola and I took her hand and very calmly I said to Lola in a whisper,

"Please kneel down with me and put your head between your legs and cover your head."

Lola raised her eye brows high, gave me a look with a grin and said,


Lola then dropped her bottom lip and stared at me, Lola was confused she could not figure out why I told her to do this. I looked her dead center in the face and said,

"Please do what I say, It is for your own good."

Well now Lola was even more confused. I did not want to startle Lola, the last thing I wanted was for her to go into a panic attack,

"Lola I need you to stay calm and do what I say."

Lola took a step forward, put her face close to mine and said very quietly,

“Why John? why do I need to do this, I am not going to do it till you tell me why?"

Lola with drew her face from mine and folded her arms and turned her right leg, putting it out to the side, raising and lowering her foot lightly tapping it in a feminine way.

I looked down at her long narrow legs and foot. I found myself gazing at her black skirt, white tights and her knee high black boots.

I began watching her foot just go tap, tap, tap and then I slowly raised my head as I gazed over Lola's body.

I raised my head looked her dead center in her face and stared into those deep brown eyes. Within seconds I then tilted my head and looked to the left and then to the right straightening my head I licked my upper lip, I then smacked my lips and said,

"Lola, there are bats in the east corner."

Lola' s eyes got huge like they were going to pop right out of her god for shaken skull and she said,


Unfortunately Lola did not say this quietly, in fact she said it quite loud. I would not have been surprised if she woke the dead. I hate to say it, but Lola disturbed the bats and the bats left there nest in a panic raising hell in the mausoleum.

The school of bats flew aggressively, flying fast and low they flew straight for us flying into our hair I raised my arms trying to swoosh them away.

Lola panicked and screamed, she stood up and ran straight towards the entrance of the big mausoleum.

I stood up and ran after Lola,

“Lola, what are you doing?”

After I said this Lola ran straight for the gate. I proceeded to run after Lola as I tried to stop her from making a grave mistake, but it was to late.

I was not fast enough in that moment of the bats fierce frenzy. Lola reached the gate with great stride, she grabbed the handle turning it to the left in a quick motion and pushed the gate open with a ((creaking sound)). Followed with a ((bang)) as Lola slammed the gate open.

Step by step Lola ran into the graveyard and the bats chased her and the wolves caught her scent, the wolves also heard the sound of her feet go pitter patter as Lola ran through the grave yard disrespecting the resting area of the deceased.

I ran out of the mausoleum also swinging the gate as fast as I could. The gate flew open with a ((creaking)) sound again and once again it slammed into the wall.

I ran after Lola as the wolves ran after me and I yelled out her name,

“Lola, wait for me. I am on my way!”

Lola did not stop she continued to run.

Lola ran like the wind. Step by step, inch by inch. Lola ran like a speed demon from hell. Lola ran through the trees zig zagging in and out passing the trees left and right and the bats chased Lola while the wolves chased me, it was a parade of maniacs running into the night.

The Bats chased me and Lola it was a milieus food chain of gods creatures.

One of the wolves hurled through the air knocking me down. I quickly turned onto my back as the second wolf caught up with me. I wrestled the first wolf to the ground.

The Hell-hound kicked and barked, slobbering all over me, it was a hideous creature. I grabbed the wolf by its sides and threw it to my left as the second wolf came in for the attack. I quickly grabbed my knife drew it forward in an attack formation, but I was not fast enough the second wolf bit my arm and I yelled in pain.

Lola ran in circles, she was trying to lose the bats, but the bats were fast to attack.

The bats attacked Lola's hair and her neck, the bats sank their claws into her shoulder.

The blood thirsty Bats sunk their fangs into her supple flesh and pierced her skin as the blood oozed out of Lola's neck and ran down her chest in between her wonderful rack of heaving mounds of joy.

Lola fell over, She fell to the ground, ((thump.))

Lola's life passed her by, as the evil bats feasted on her body. After the bats were through with there midnight snack, The bats flew to the east were they found a new nest.

Lola's injured body laid on the ground her life hanging by a thread, I continued to fight for my life. The wolf I tossed to the left stood up on all fours, barked and growled with much anger and I gave the second wolf a great kick in the gut for biting me, this was the third time I was bitten tonight.

The Second wolf came around for another attack and once again I drew my knife forward for the attack, I was determined to defend myself this time.

The Hell-hound jumped leaped and hurled itself upon me and I swung my knife into the air. The knife made first contact drawing blood on contact.

The sharp chrome metal knife sliced the beasts throat clear from one side of the wolf to the other side of the neck. Blood oozed out of the wound, it oozed all over my body. I was surprised and proud how fast and quick I handled the attack, but I was not out of the woods or out of danger yet, Literally.

The last remaining wolf came around one last time for another attack as I stood up the wolf jumped up into the air. my intentions were to definitely kill the son of a bitch, I had been bitten one time to many tonight.

The wolf hurled through the air and I reacted with great reflexes, I grabbed the wolf by its throat and shoved my knife straight through its skull.

More blood oozed out onto my arms, chest and clothes. I received a blood bath tonight and earned my place in a world of supernatural hunters.

Chapter 4

I survived I have beaten the wolves and to my surprise I found the strength I did not know I had. Now I need to find Lola and Boo.

Through all the action, chaos and mayhem I did not forget about my cat, the animal that got me into this mess, but if it wasn't for Boo have been missing I probably would not have ever met my mistress of the dark.

After a few moments I continued to walk to the east calling for Lola, but there was no reply only the echoes of my voice and a wolf cry in the distance.

It became apparent there is still a wolf in the area, more then likely the one escaped to fight another day.

I looked up at the midnight sky and I seen dark clouds beginning to make a formation.

It was not long after the dark clouds formed that there was lightning in the sky.

lightning was the last thing I needed at the moment. I was still searching for my loved ones.

I continued to walk inch by inch, step by step into the direction I last seen Lola, suddenly the east winds began to get heavy and fierce, but I did not let this bother me.

“Lola, where are you?”

I called out into the wilderness, but there was no reply. Suddenly I heard a high pitch sound. It was a school of Vampire Bats headed to the west.

As I searched for Lola she laid on the ground unconscious, her life was fading fast. After a twelve minuet hike I seen a body in the distance. The body was lying on the ground next to an old shady tree, the tree was a big old oak tree.

Next to the body I seen three black Ravens standing there just watching over the woman in the distance. I was surprised to see ravens out and about at this hour of the night I thought for sure these birds would be in their respected nests.

Step by step inch by inch I became closer and closer to the body and what I discovered was a painful surprise.

The person lying on the ground was Lola. I began to panic,


I said as I ran step by step, inch by inch, Faster and faster I ran in a panic. I began to sweat, the beads of sweat ran down my face onto my neck and in between my massive pecks.

I reached Lola and I said out loud to myself,

“Say it ain't so, Lola speak to me!”

As I approached fast and furious I scared off the three ravens. The three Ravens flew to the west.

Lola did not say anything She did not reply, Lola did not even move she stayed still so very still and even tho I considered myself to be a tough guy, I became teary eyed I began to cry.

All my efforts to save Lola ended in failure, but I promise I will avenge Lola. I will kill anything and everything that haunts the night. What ever it was that attacked Lola and drew first blood will die this I promise.

I kneeled down next to Lola and put my right hand under Lola's head raising it slowly and let out a battle cry,

“No, no, no... no!”

My voice was loud and it echoed in the midnight air. My voice echoed across the land. Any living creature within a mile or two heard my holler.

Tears ran down my face and I wore the biggest grin I ever worn. To my surprise Lola suddenly shown a spark of life, a hope of life, but it was faint, very very faint. Lola looked at me and said,

“John are you out of danger?”

My frown lifted a moment and I cracked a smile,

“yes, but your ill. What attacked you Lola”

Lola closed her eyes and said,

“three bats attacked me John...”

Lola drifted off for a moment and I became sad and then she said,

“They bit me and took my blood”

I looked at Lola with a tear in my eye and said,

“Hush now Lola I want you to stay quiet and save your strength.”

Lola just looked at me with eyes partially shut,

“Its to late John its my time to go, I can see the light, I can hear voices calling me.”

I became angry as my heart began to break, I was full of emotional pain and I said to Lola,

“No Lola do not go, I love you, stay with me!”

Lola looked at me and she wore a smile and bared a tear and said in her final breath,

I love you... too John... I love you too... never forget I... Love... you...”

And then Lola was gone and I lowered my head, but just for a moment and then I raised my head high into the air and I yelled louder then ever before,


I am sure I woke the dead and after a moment of silence I spoke to God,

“My dear God who rules in heaven, why have you taken Lola from me, why could you not have taken me instead. What evil could she have done, what was it she did that was so bad. Why couldn't you take me into the kingdom of salvation instead!”

I had no right to question God and God's ways and I will probably be punished for questioning the ways of the Lord.

Lola's soul went to purgatory, where all the premature and troubled souls go until they find peace and reckoning. Lola was one of the children of the damned.

Lola was nothing more then a soul separated from her body. Lola was still very much alive her body was lifeless that was all.

God never answered me and their was no sympathy or deals from heaven, but there was a sign of anger.

Lightning struck from the heavens. It was God's way of telling me that the all mighty did not like my disrespect.

I looked into the midnight sky and as I looked passed the stars and the clouds just trying to see the kingdom of salvation. As I did this I seen a bright light fall from the sky, It looked like a falling star.

I am sure anyone who seen this bright light fall from the sky thought the same thing as me. It is just a shooting star.

The light that fell from the sky was much more then a shooting star, the light was an angel on a journey to earth from heaven. The light came down from the Heavens and an angel appeared before me and took on the form of a human.

The Angel was a tall man wearing a black colored trench coat, a white dress shirt, with a black tie and black pants, The angel introduced himself,

“Hello John.”

I was in a state of shock, I never heard or seen anything like this before in my life. I did not know what to think, I wondered if I died also and the angel was here to take me to the afterlife?

The angel continued,

“John I am Seth an angel from the kingdom of salvation, I am representative of God, I am one of God's soldiers, I am here to give you a message from the lord.”

My mouth dropped, I was unsure what to say, what to do, do I trust this angel? Should I uphold my faith or I have my doubts.

I decided to listen before I pass judgment. I wore a grin on my face and said,

“I am John, what message do you have for me?”

Seth looked at me raising a brow,

“John, The lord works in mysterious ways, in ways no one understands, but like everything in this universe the Lord has rules and regulations that must be followed, so that the fabric existence may continue in an orderly fashion. You and Lola have been attacked by supernatural forces and Lola became a victim of the attack. The Lord is not permitted to interfere with such attacks.”

I could not believe what I was hearing and became quite angry with Seth and the Lord,

“Are you trying to tell me the all mighty GOD has a rule book and can not save a good persons life? What kind of bullshit is that! Please tell me!”

Seth did not like my lack of faith and respect for the Lord,

“John, If the Lord wanted too, the Lord could strike you down where you stand. With that been said, you are the chosen one, You have been chosen to hunt and destroy the supernatural forces that walk the earth.”

The task at hand was not a problem I have already decided I would avenge Lola,

“No problem Seth, you may tell the Lord I except the challenge.”

Seth was pleased with my answer and gave me a head nod.

“Your first order of business is to burn Lola's Remains and set her soul free.”

Seth was out of his mind there was no way I was going to cremate Lola, it was going to be hard enough for me to bury her much less cremate her body. I decided I was not going to cremate Lola and I told Seth as a tear formed in my eye,

“Seth I must decline your request, I am going to bury her in my back yard where she will be close to me forever.”

Now for some reason the word forever seemed to echo in my brain and the sound of it caused me a lot of pain.

Seth was considerably unhappy with my decision,

“John, I can not tell you why it is so important, but you must trust me. If you do not do what I say there will be consequences.”

I took a good look at Seth and said,

“Consequences, what could you do that would hurt me more then losing the woman I love, losing Lola?”

Seth became out raged, John everyone in heaven including the Lord and I understand your pain, but sometimes things happen that can not be changed or prevented. In this case Lola is one of those things. If you do what I say, the way I say it the two of you will spend an eternity in heaven together someday!”

Seth gave me a glimmer of hope and I said,

“Are you saying if I burn Lola's body tonight we will be together tomorrow?”

Seth be came irritated and said,

“No, I said someday, not tomorrow John, but someday when your time has been chosen.”

I took a step back and let out my anger,

“Someday is to long, I am ready today, not years from now, Lola was and is my reason for living!”

Seth took a deep breath and replied,

“John listen to yourself, you just met Lola two hours ago, not two years, not twenty years, just two hours ago!”

I put on a grin and said,

“That is true, but I only met you a few minuets ago and you expect me to listen, respect and trust what you say. Who are you to tell me what to do?”

Seth became disgusted and furious with me.

“John we already went over this, I am your guardian angel and I am here to look over you, protect you and instruct you of the ways of the lord. I am to train you to be the Lords Supernatural Hunter. You will do what I say, because it is written there shall it will be done.”

At this point I heard enough, I am in charge of my own actions and I will pay the consequences due. I then picked up Lola from the ground, looked Seth dead center in the eye and said,

“Seth, I will handle this my way, no mater what the consequences are. This is my choice and I will choose what is to be done.”

After I finished my last statement I turned and walked to the east carrying Lola's life less body to Lonewolf Manor where I planed to burying her.

Seth raised his fists in anger raised his head high in the air and yelled so loud I am sure everyone in both the Kingdom of Salvation and the Kingdom of Hell heard him,


I did not care I just kept walking into the dead of night and while the winds blew harder, the ground began to shake and lightning struck from the heavens above. I knew I was defying God, but right now I did not care and I did not care what the consequences and punishment would be I only knew I loved Lola, a woman I only knew for two hours, but in those two hours we lived a lifetime. We lived by the sword and we would die by the sword.

Step by step, inch by inch, foot by foot and mile by mile I carried Lola home it took me one hour with a break here and a break there, but eventually we made it home.

The time was one twenty-two in the morning. I walked up on my porch and laid Lola down ever so gently on the ground and I leaned forward I rested my head on her lifeless body, I then gave one last kiss goodbye and I cried for a few minuets, Lola was gone and I missed her already, I would never forget Lola and we would never have had enough time together in life.

After five minuets had passed I stood up and stumbled, but I regained my balance and walked to the tool shed step by step, inch by inch, foot by foot. Once I reached the tool shed I reached into my pockets and grabbed my keys.

My fingers were nervous and they stumbled as I was trying to find the keys to the shed lock, after a moment I found the right key and inserted the key into the keyhole and turned the key counter clock wise. The latch to the lock opened ((Click)) and I opened the door with a ((Creaking)) sound.

The creaking sound, sounded creepy and I made a note to myself that I would need to lubricate the door hinges.

I stepped inside and grabbed my shovel and then I stepped outside the shed and closed the door, I looked up at the sky flashing lightning filled the sky, I lowered my head and continued on my way inch by inch, step by step, foot by foot.

I walked to my destination where I started to dig a six foot hole for Lola. After two more hours the whole was complete and I laid Lola to rest.

After I put Lola in her resting place I covered her lifeless body over with soil and gave her a private funeral ceremony, to send her soul on its way to the after life.

"My Love for you lives on long after you are gone. I will never forget you. I will never replace you. You are mine eternally. I love you forever my dearest Lola"

I then opened my bible and read,

“The Lord is my shepherd, I lack nothing.

He makes me lie down in green pastures,

he leads me beside quiet waters,

he refreshes my soul.

He guides me along the right paths

for his name’s sake.

Even though I walk

through the darkest valley,

I will fear no evil,

for you are with me;

your rod and your staff,

they comfort me.

You prepare a table before me

in the presence of my enemies.

You anoint my head with oil;

my cup overflows.

Surely your goodness and love will follow me

all the days of my life,

and I will dwell in the house of the Lord


I then closed the good book and walked towards Lonewolf Manor.

step by lonely step, inch by lonely inch, foot by lonely foot and I walked onto the porch where I had laid Lola's lifeless vessel only two hours ago, I then took a moment and looked down at the place I set her.

After a sad moment of silence I heard a sound only two feet away ((Meow)) which was followed by another sound ((Purr)) It was my cat Boo!

The whole time I was looking for my cat the cat was hiding on the porch.

It was true God does work in mysterious ways, I lost my cat and then found my soul mate. Only to lose my soul mate so I could find my cat.

All this happened in one night. It was true God worked in mysterious ways, but not always in the ways we would desire for reasons we will never understand, but we must except and always keep the faith for when the lord takes one thing away the lord always replaces our loss with something else. This was a lesson I learned in the world of the Supernatural.

Chapter 5

I looked down at Boo, my black cat and I noticed her lying comfortably on the wooden porch underneath a small table next to a brown wooden chair on my porch. The cat said ((Meow)) in the animals native tongue and I said to the cat,

“Don't you look Comfortable, I guess things are back to normal. It is just you and me alone in this house.”

Little did I know nothing would be normal again. Life would be different from now on. The past was the past, but tomorrow would not be a bright and shiny day, more like a loomy and gloomy day.

I bent down and picked up my cat and walked into the house, step by step, Inch by inch, Foot by foot. I was in the foyer when I noticed Seth the angel standing next to my grandfather clock.

I set Boo down and Boo ran over to my sofa and jumped up onto the sofa and found a nice comfortable place to sit. As boo sat on the sofa the cat just stared at me with her yellow glimmering cat eyes.

I Looked at the cat as I questioned Seth,

“How did you get in my home?”

Seth cracked a smile and said,

“I am an angel, I can be anywhere at anytime.”

I felt uneasy and became irritated,

“Oh great, This means you got a GPS on me and your going to home in on me and haunt me when ever you damn well feel like it!”

The Angel laughed. Seth just loved my sense of humor and sarcasm and said to me,

“Yeah, you pretty much got it.”

I became frustrated and I did not like this situation. I was not sure how I would get myself out of this current problem. I mean just think about it how do you escape from someone who knows where you are at all times.

When it comes to the lord there is no privacy your under the telescope every moment of your life like it or not.

I walked over to the sofa to join Boo, Inch by inch, foot by foot, Step by step I reached my destination and sat down an placed my right hand on the cats back and petted the cat with long strokes. This caused the the cat to purr with pleasure.

Meanwhile Seth questioned me,

“John did you bury Lola's vessel?”

I looked at Seth with a look of surprise,

“You mean you do not know?”

Seth took a deep breath sighed and responded,

“I am not the lord, I do not see all. I Just do what I am told, that is all.”

I looked at Seth and smiled and Seth knew he was going to get a smart ass comment from me. Its kind of expected. Its my personality.

I responded to Seth,

“So you did not get the memo then did you.'

Seth cocked his head and said,

“Yes or no, that is the only answer I require!”

Seth's tone became loud he was irritated with me,

“I already told you I was going bury Lola and I did. So the answer is yes and I am glad I did.”

Seth was not pleased with my answer, the angel had hoped I would do the Supernatural Hunter thing. Instead I chose to do the human thing and of course the human thing to do would cause repercussions.

Seth put on a frown and said,

“OK I must let you in on a little secret and let this be your first lesson in the ways of the Supernatural”

When Seth said this I thought to myself, oh great I found my very own Yoda, the only difference was

Seth was not short and green. Seth continued and I listened,

“When someone dies by the hand of the Supernatural, That person does not stay dead.”

Suddenly my inner pain turned into a glimpse of hope, suddenly my sadness turned into happiness, for I had a chance to get Lola back. I smiled,

“OK, great, so what is the problem silly man?”

Seth became angered with my comment which was not unusual. The conversations, the lessons between Seth and I were much like that of a grownup and a child.

Seth and I did not share the same point of view, this made things difficult for neither one of us,

“Lonewolf this is a serious problem for both of us, it is not a joke, it is not a laughing matter, what I am trying to tell you does not have a sweet candy center!”

I now found out Seth and I had at least one thing in common. It was true Seth and I did not agree that I needed Lola, but we both were equipped with great sarcasm. It looks like we would make a great team after all we just needed to work out this issue.

Seth continued and I listened, now I am not going to say I agreed with what he had to say, but I did listen to what Seth had to say. I gave Seth my full attention for now.

Seth continued,

“Lonewolf lesson number two what comes back from the dead, from beyond the grave is not what it once was. what comes back lacks the soul of its previous self, The vessel is possessed by a demon from hell, possessed with one satins children.”

OK now Seth got my attention. Seth was starting to make sense,

“Seth, I what your saying I read the book.”

The angel was clueless. Seth had no idea what I was talking about and Seth told me so,

“What are you talking about John?”

I looked at Seth confused and said,

“Pet Sematary, By Stephen King. I even seen the movie!”

Seth was lost he had no clue what I was referring too,

“Who is Stephen King and what is this book or movie you speak of Lonewolf, was he a prophet?”

I became confused myself now Seth had no clue who one of the biggest legends in literature was and I said,

“Seth why don't you go into my personal library and read or watch it?”

Seth was intrigued and said,

“I would like to, but we have unfinished business at hand. We need to burn the remains tonight before things begin.”

I took a moment to give the facts that have been handed to me some consideration. I was in love with Lola as a whole person. I was not in love with a demon possessed vessel of Lola.

I needed to make a decision and I needed to make it fast. The decision was difficult my heart was telling me one thing and my brain was telling me another.

I began to ask myself one question and the question was what would Lola do?

I simply decided Lola would want me to set her vessel free. She would not want to be possessed by a demon.

I stood up and looked at Seth and I said lets go we have Supernatural work to do. We must burn the vessel before it is to late.

Seth was surprised that I made the right decision, but it was not a easy decision. I was fighting the tears, but I would not let myself cry. I would never cry again for I am Supernatural Hunter tough.

Chapter 6

While Seth and I prepared to destroy Lola's Vessel Lola's vessel began to reanimate. The undead Lola started to dig herself out of the unholy ground I buried her in.

First Lola's right hand risen from the unholy ground and then the left hand risen. last but not least her head twisted and turned as the rest of her body risen from from the unholy grounds her body was buried in.

Lola's undead body twisted and turned as she crawled inch by inch, foot by foot until every inch of Lola's undead body made its way out of her resting place.

The undead Lola stood up and looked around turning her head from side to side. First to the left and then to the right.

Lola began to stagger to the west where she would take shelter at the Bello mausoleum.

The Bello mausoleum was where Lola and I were seeking shelter just four hours ago. The mausoleum would serve as her home for the time being and it was the one place I would never think to look for her.


While the undead Lola returned to the house of the dead. Lola's spirit lived on in Purgatory. While In Purgatory Lola's spirit made an acquaintance with another tortured soul named Bella.

Bella was a Caucasian with olive colored skin, brown eyes and black hair. Bella had been in Purgatory for thirteen years.

Bella and Lola began to converse about a age old legend,

“Lola, I would like to tell you a secret. There is a legend that tells a tale of souls that have escaped Purgatory, but it is mere legend.

I don't know anyone who has attempted and succeeded. In fact it is forbidden knowledge and those who should even think of trying it are condemned to hell if caught by the Guardians.”

Lola was intrigued and gave Bella her full attention,

“Bella, please tell me more. I promise to keep this between us.”

Lola said with a smile and Bella extended her right arm and put her hand on Lola's leg as Bella leaned forward and said in a low, soft, tone,

“Lola, I have been here for thirteen years. It is believed that there is an exit. A portal that can return souls to earth and once one returns to earth, the soul, our spirit can enter a body which would serve as a vessel.”

Lola looked at Bella in surprise. Suddenly Lola was filled with the feeling of hope, but at the same time Lola feared what her new found friend was telling her.

Bella's plan was a plan of possession. Bella wanted to possess someones vessel so she could live again. This bothered Lola considerably,

“Bella consuming someones body is possession, I have seen the Exorcist. Only Demons possess body's.”

Bella Informed that her knowledge was incorrect. Bella knew it was wrong to consume the vessel of the living for

her own intentions, but this was the only option she did not desire to be a spirit for eternity. Bella look at her new found friend a said,

“Lola it is to late for me to get my body back, but for you it is not to late.”

Lola became confused,

“What ever are you talking about?”

Bella's eyes widened and she looked at Lola and said,

“Lola, you told me you just died tonight.”

Lola looked at Bella just for a moment as Lola tried to figure out where this conversation was going, what was Bella's point.

“Bella, what are you telling me?”

Bella turned her head for a moment, then she turned her head back to Lola and said,

“Lola if we return to earth there is a chance you can get your body back and it would be documented as a out of body experience. Jesus did it once and so can you.”

Lola could not believe what Bella was saying. Lola was in disbelief. Bella was comparing themselves to Jesus.

Lola responded,

“Bella, Jesus is the Lord and he did not have a out of body experience. Jesus was resurrected.”

Bella rolled her eyes at Lola and shook her head and said,

“call it what you will.”

Bella continued,

“You have a chance to return and get your vessel back, as for me it is to late, my body decayed years ago, its to late for me. I can never get my vessel back.”

Lola knew Bella was telling the truth as unbelievable as it was. Lola has been given hope, a chance to get back what she'd lost and help Bella in the process, but if she helped her friend then her friend would commit a horrible act, an act of pure evil, Bella wanted to possess someones body, This was a demonic possession in the eyes of the lord and Lola would be an accompless to evil.

Lola decided to give this some thought, it was a second chance. It was the chance of a lifetime. It was a chance to return and be with me her new found love.

After a few minuets Lola decided she would give it a chance even if the stakes were high and the consequences were unknown, but Lola did not want to live in Purgatory and she was very much in love and when one is in love judgment is clouded by desire and caused one to do wild and crazy things.

Lola approached Bella and said,

“OK Bella, I am in, lets take the chance. Lets give it our best shot and pray for success!”

Bella's eyes lit up with surprise and she was pleased. Bella put on a twisted smile and gave a head nod of acceptance. Suddenly Lola felt uneasy she felt like she made a deal with the devil himself.

Chapter 7

The undead Lola made her space in her new home. Deep inside the mausoleum she chose her casket and removed the remains of the deceased.

“Out with the old and in with the new that is what my mother always said.”

The undead Lola said to the dead corpses that resided in the Mausoleum. One by one she dragged the corpses out of their resting places and made the Bello Mausoleum her home.

“From now on I reside here.”

The undead Lola said to the emptiness of the house of the dead.

From outside the mausoleum the hell hounds howled with terror. The werewolves made sure the undead Lola was being watched and they were displeased with her moving into their neighborhood. Vampires were the natural enemy of Werewolves and tonight was the first night of Lola's Vampire existence. Nothing could change that short of a stake through the heart.

The undead Lola walked over to the gate that kept unwanted creatures out of the mausoleum.

“shut your mouth you stupid beasts, I'm not going nowhere, this is my home now and I will defend it!”

Lola stated her claim and intentions making it clear she was not moving out anytime soon.

From outside the Mausoleum Vampire Bats flew in the distance.

The Ravens watched from the trees and spiders casted their webs. The undead Lola opened the mausoleum gate and stepped outside and walked to the north. The undead Lola was out looking for her prey it was feeding time and she was thirsty with the hunger for blood. Preferably human blood.

Within in the hour the undead Lola entered the center of the town of Resurrection Hill walking down Mockingbird Lane she noticed a club called House of the Rising Sun.

The House of the Rising Sun was a very popular hot spot with all the young people.

As the undead Lola entered the club all eyes were on her as she walked step by step, inch by inch, foot by step. Every one noticed just how sexy the undead Lola was with her long curly black hair which looked sexy matching her low cut black dress with purple laces and her black high heal boots.

The lights seemed to dim with every step she took. Just as soon as you thought her identity would be revealed it wasn't. It was as if she walked in the shadows.

The sound of her heals echoed throughout the room. ((Click, Clop, Click, Clop.)) Lola's long dress swayed back and fourth ((Swish, Swash, Whoosh, Swish, Swash, Whoosh.))

The music from the live band played loud an upbeat, red and blue lights shined all around the room setting the mood and the men danced with their ladies as the undead Lola approached the bar, sat down and the bartender who was a man with long brown hair and a neatly trimmed beard approached the undead Lola and asked her what he could get for her.

Lola seemed to be moving in slow motion slowly as her eyes lifted and met with his and she said,

“I ll take one of you for the evening.”

The bartender smiled and replied,

“Nice pick-up line everyone wants the bartender.”

Lola took her hand and ran her finger up and down his right arm and said,

“Only when the bartender is tall dark and handsome.”

Lola looked deep into his eyes spreading her charm and quickly she found her way into his heart.

The bartender cracked a smile and said,

“you really know how to use your words to get what you want.”

Lola smiled caressing the bartender looking deep into his brown eyes some more and replied,

“My words are just a message delivered from my luscious lips, my sexy body gets me everything I want and right now I want you.”

Lola was coming on strong and the the Bartender could feel it. The Bartender looked Lola up and down from head to toe and said,

“I didn't catch your name?”

Lola smiled and in a sexy tone of voice said,

“You may call me Isabella”

And from that point on the undead Lola became known as Isabella.”

Chapter 8

Seth and I stepped outside into the dark of night. The sky was black and purple with clouds of gray that hung high in the sky. In the horizon the sky was shades of orange and red. The sun began to rise in the east.

Seth and I walked around the corner of my gigantic estate our intentions were to dig up Lola's remains and burn them. I was carrying a shovel and Seth carried a gasoline container full of gasoline and a few other items such as rock salt and holy water.

Angelic Seth blessed the Holy Water for me. I must admit sometimes it was good to have a angel on your side, just sometimes.

Step by step, inch by inch I became closer and closer only to feel the sensation that something was terribly wrong. Something just didn't feel right to me, but I just wasn't sure what it was, not yet anyway.

I informed the angelic Seth that I had a bad feeling that something just wasn't right and Seth agreed.

The angelic Seth looked at me and said,

“I fear we are to late Lonewolf!”

I looked at him in reply and said,

“Your an angel are you not supposed to know everything? Don't you know what's going on at all times?”

I think I irritated the angel when I said this because he put on an aggressive look of disappointment and said.

“I know only what I am told, when I need to know it.”

I gave the angelic Seth a good look and said,

“Well get on the Bat phone Batman, make the call. do what you do get the info!, what's the hold up?”

The angelic Seth was confused and as he looked at me with a look of confusion.

The Angelic Seth replied,

“Bat phone? Batman? The call? what ever are you talking about Lonewolf?”

I just laughed and said,

“don't worry about it you wouldn't understand until you learn about pop culture.”

Seth became even more confused he never heard the term pop culture before.

Seth and I kept on walking and I informed him that there was a lot he needed to learn if he was going to spend any amount of time on earth.

In away the Angelic Seth was like an overgrown child and had an empty mind and required much information.

We began to approach the grave site and we noticed the unholy soil had been overturned and the vessel of Lola was no longer there. I held my lantern over the six-foot empty hole and said,

“Houston, we have a problem?” I turned my head and looked at the Angelic Seth and he turned his head and looked a me,

“Houston, who is Houston?”

I just cracked a smile and shook my head back and fourth as I replied,

“Houston is a town in Texas. You really don't know much do you?”

The Angelic Seth had become offended and said,

“I know plenty, Just not much about your civilization. I know everything there is to know about the world my father created. The world humans are destroying more and more. Why the lord put your kind in charge of his greatest creation I will never know.”

Now I became offended, but the pitiful Angel was correct and I let it go. I then took a deep breath and exhaled as I asked the Angelic Seth a question,

“What do we do now?”

Seth looked at me and smiled and said,

“Now we look for and find Lola.”

I put on a grin and cocked my head and looked at the Angelic Seth and said,

“What a wonderful Idea, now why didn't I think of that Sherlock?”

The Angelic Seth looked at me and asked me this question,

“OK, if Houston is in Texas where on earth is Sherlock?”

At this point I just wanted to bang my head. The Angelic Seth was sent here to help me, but yet the Angelic Seth didn't know anything outside the realm of the supernatural.

I said to the Angelic Seth,

“Sherlock Homes is a fictional character that was created by Scottish author Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Sherlock is not a town nor a state.”

The Angelic Seth looked at me and replied,

“Oh right, this is all very confusing. I really have much to learn about your world, but right now I don't have the time. There is much work to be done.”


While the Angelic Seth and I searched for Isabella, Lola and Bella where well on their way to finding the forbidden portal to the world of the living. Lola and Bella walked for miles and miles of rough terrain. Lola looked around the wilderness that was shades of blue and purple. The mountains were blue with a mixed tone of purple and gray. The sky was dark blue and the road was made of purple and gray stones. Literally everything in this world called Purgatory was three colors.

On their journey Lola and Bella conversed about about me Bella wanted to know everything about me the man she was head over heels in love with.

Bella looked Lola's way and started the conversation with a smile and said,

“So how did you and the lucky guy meet?”

Lola smiled but stayed silent for a moment as she contemplated weather or not she wanted to address this topic. After a moment Lola decided she would tell the most fantastic tale.

The tale how two fools in distress fought supernatural forces and fell in love in just one night. Lola blushed and she looked to the ground of purple and gray pebbles and said,

“It was a dark and windy night I left my late night Job at the Abraham Lincoln Tavern where I was a waitress.

I had just finished my five hour shift and I was walking through the streets of Resurrection Hill.”

Bella was in surprise,

“The name of the town is called Resurrection Hill?”

Bella asked Lola and Lola replied,


Bella's jaw dropped and her eyes bulged and she responded with....

“That is so freaky girl!, What in the world possessed you to live in a town named Resurrection Hill?”

Lola laughed and said,

“I didn't have much choice I was born there and I did not have the means to escape the crazy town that I grew up in. I was kind of stuck in my own private hell.”

Bella became more and more intrigued with this story as time went by.

Bella wanted to know more and she inquired,

“So what is Resurrection Hill like?”

Lola did not know where to begin, but she gave it her best shot and told Bella this,

“Resurrection Hill is like Gothic that is the only way I know how to describe it. The town is extremely dark in nature. We have buildings that bare sculptures and statues

of gargoyles, the buildings are all dark colors. Mostly Gray, Red and Black.”

Bella was very much interested in this town,

“Tell me more about your story Lola!”

Lola agreed and she did so by continuing to talk about her walk home,

“So any way I was walking the dark streets of Resurrection Hill when I seen a strange man in black clothing and a long gray trench coat walking behind me. All a sudden I heard him yell in pain and he fell to the ground. Now I will admit I should have asked him if he was OK and offer to help, but I didn't it was a dark alley and he was kind of creepy so I ran and turned at the next corner, but as soon I turned I heard a dog howl. I still can't help but wonder if he was attacked by some sort of animal!”

What Lola did not know was the strange man had not been attacked by an animal at least not in that alley. The stranger in the dark was a animal a shape shifter a werewolf.

Chapter 9

Meanwhile at the club known as the House of the Rising Sun Isabella was coming on strong to a bartender name Jonathan Rodriguez.

Jonathan was a tall dark and handsome Mexican that tended bar at the House of the Rising Sun. Jonathan tended bar at the House of the Rising Sun for the the past eight years. In the past eight years Jonathan thought he seen it all, but tonight Jonathan was about to experience something he had never experienced before, tonight he would be seduced by the dark passion of a vampire.

Jonathan was quite taken by Isabella as she compelled him with dark powers. Jonathan stared into Isabella's deep brown eyes and she whispered in to his ears,

“You find me extremely attractive and can't help but invite me over to your place for a night of hot steamy seductive passion.”

The truth was Isabella did not need to compel Jonathan, he was already attracted to Isabella even if he didn't let on or show it, but sooner or later he would give in.

Jonathan looked Isabella over and could not help but notice her glistening cleavage that was exposed from her low cut black v shaped dress. Jonathan raised his head higher staring into those deep brown eyes and said,

“Senorita I was wondering if you would be interested in accepting an invitation into my home this evening?”

Isabella smiled and looked into Jonathan's eyes and replied,

“I would be more then willing to accept tour invitacion into your home tonight. Is there any chance I could indulge in a bite while I am there.”

Jonathan's eyes widened and said of course gorgeous. You may have anything you desire. Tonight I am all yours.”

Isabella smiled as she caressed Jonathan arm and said,

“Good I was hoping you would say that!”

Jonathan leaned forward ever so close and replied,

“Give me one moment sexy.”

Isabella smiled once again and said,

“Take your time love. I have all the time in the world.”

And so it began Isabella had made her first conquest and tonight would be a night that Jonathan would never forget for as long as he lived.


While Isabella was making her conquest the Angelic Seth and I were preparing to embark on our adventure. Seth and I loaded my 1993 black Chevy pick-up with our weapons and supernatural hunting tools. I asked Seth if he was ready and he smiled and said,

“of course Lonewolf I'm a angel we're always ready to take out a demon or two!”

I know the angel lacked emotion, but I did not care for this comment. To be honest this comment pissed me off and I felt the need to express myself and I'm sure you would have done the same.

I gave Seth the evil eye as I shot him a look and said,

“Look you dumb son of a bitch who has fallen out of heavens. Bella is my one true love and if you ever say another unkind word about her again! I will castrate your dumb ass!”

Now if Seth would have agreed to my wishes there would not have been a problem, but no that was to much to ask and it made to much sense instead Seth had to open his mouth and express his stupidity,

“Lonewolf no castration is needed. I do not possess the reproductive parts you do.”

I was in shock with this comment and replied,

“Are you telling me your like a woman down there like a Ken doll, You have no sausage, you have no hose, nor do you have bolas, no chestnuts?”

Seth was confused now which was nothing new. Seth and I always confused each other, makes you wonder why we would be partners since we did not understand each other?

Seth looked at me for a long moment and then he finally said,

“why would I have chestnuts down there? And no I don't have a vagina!”

I just started to laugh and said,

“Man you really do have problems you have no cal hones, no baby factory, no love juice. You can't indulge in the simple pleasures in life!”

Seth looked at me with a grin and said,

“I am a angel, a soldier of the lord my purpose is to restore balance to the universe where Stain's children have installed chaos. I was not created to procreate.”

Until now I have not seen just how upset Seth could get and still I found it amusing.

After our disagreement we both stepped into the black Chevy pick-up and closed our doors. I put the key in the ignition and the motor started right up. I placed my foot on the accelerator pedal and applied some gas and then it was not long until Seth and I were on the road that lead to Main Street in Resurrection Hill.


While the angelic Seth and I were on our way to Main Street in search of clues to Isabella's whereabouts, Lola was in purgatory telling her tale how she met me the night she died.

As Lola and Bella came closer and closer to the portal that linked two worlds, the world of the living with the world of the deceased they walked up the mountain side on a road of blue and gray gravel. The sounds of their footsteps echoed in the wind.

Lola looked into the dark blue and gray sky as she continued with her tale of love and terror, the night she was brutally attacked by the demon bats from hell, the evil blood sucking vampire bats,

“I turned that corner on 5th and Main st. and it was not long until this creature with red eyes stalked me as its prey. The creature was some kind of demonic werewolf. It was blood thirsty I could clearly see it had attacked some poor person already. Blood was dripping from its mouth. Drops of blood hit the ground and splashed on the ground. It felt like the blood drops fell to the ground in slow motion as I watched in fear. I was so scared. I don't even know how to describe the fear I felt. I knew my life was in danger and I needed to act fast! I needed to think of a a plan, a plan on how I was going to escape from the beast that wanted to feast on me.”

Lola stopped for a moment and Bella was in suspense. Bella was extremely interested in this fantastic tale,

“Don't stop Lola I really want to hear more!” Bella said quickly with much enthusiasm.

Lola raised her head and cracked a smile as the two continue to walk on their journey to the forbidden portal of return to the world of living. Lola began to continue with her tale,

“I suddenly turned my head forward and ran as fast as I could. I ran in between cars and then I ran down Main street in Resurrection Hill until I seen an abandoned building and lucky for me the door was open.”

Lola took a deep breath but just for a moment and then she continued once again,

“I stepped Inside this dark run down building with mildew on the walls. Oh how I remember that stench! I could fee the vapors in my lungs, the vapors made me cough, I was hacking up a lung or two!

I continued to run through the building as the Demon-dog or Hell-hound as my lover John likes to call them.

The beast approached the deserted building. Suddenly their was a huge bang sound that came from the door ((Bang!!!)) I remember that sound as clear as day. It was a scary sound it scared the hell out of me. I was terrified I just wanted the beast to leave me alone, I wanted to live I was to young to die and I had so many good years left ahead of me. I was a good person with hopes and dreams.”

For a moment, just a moment Bella interrupted Lola by saying,

“I know your a good person I can tell you are and together we will make them hopes and dreams come true, trust me!”

Lola smiled and continued,

“ I screamed in terror and the blood thirsty Demon-dog growled hideously it was a terrifying sound. It was the warning of death, the Demon-dog wanted me to know it had plans on killing me violently. It scared me you couldn't believe how much it scared me.”

Bella interrupted once again,

“I know you were scared Lola, I know you were and with good reason, you have nothing to be a shamed of.”

Bella's words comforted Lola a little.

Lonewolf Supernatural Hunter

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