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Lonewolf Supernatural Hunter: Beginnings Chapter 10

Updated on December 11, 2014

Chapter 10

Chapter 10

Copyright 2014

Isabella and Jonathan exited the tiny pub known as the House of the Rising Sun, as they stood outside of the small pub on Main street there was a chill in the air and Jonathan noticed it as his breath exited his mouth in the form of fog. Jonathan raised his head and looked high into the early morning sky, The sun was just starting to rise and Isabella noticed this also and knew that she did not have much time before her vampire flesh would burn and turn into ashes.

Isabella informed Jonathan that they needed to be on their way without revealing her secret to him and then Jonathan quickly escorted Isabella to his Blue Chevy Nova,

“Right this way Isabella, let me introduce you to the love machine its my pride and Joy!”

Isabella smiled and looked at Jonathan and said,

“Your love machine is very nice and I can see its very fast, but we really need to get to your heart break hotel so I can meet and greet your tower of love!”

Jonathan was surprised by Bella's comments and he thought to himself,

“wow this chic really is looking for a show.”

Jonathan was extremely turned on now and just could not wait to get Isabella home and get her into the bedroom,

“Don't worry babe I'll have you at my place in two shakes.”

Jonathan said to Isabella escorted her to the Blue Chevy Nova (aka the Love machine.)

Once Jonathan and Isabella approached the Blue Chevy Jonathan opened the door and gave Isabella a bowel and said,

“Here you go my love.”

Isabella smiled and sat down on the black leather passenger seats in the Blue Chevy.

After Isabella sat down and made herself secure in the car Jonathan closed the door ((Slam!)) the door closed and latched and Jonathan quickly walked around the front of the car dancing and singing, “

“Babe, I'm your man, oh yeah, oh yeah!”

once he approached the driver door he opened the door and sat inside the car with the black leather seats and inserted the ignition key into the ignition and turned the key to the right and revved up the engine.

As Jonathan revved up the engine he ran his right hand up Isabella left thigh looking into Isabella's ever so beautiful eyes and said,

“babe I just can't wait till my cam shaft revs your engine!”

Isabella smiled and said,

“What are you waiting for then? lets go,I don't want to wait to long to reveal my headlights and feel your pistons bulge as you pump your gasoline into my engine.”

Now Jonathan was really exited he just knew he was going to get some action, but the question is was it the kind of action Jonathan was looking for?

Jonathan stepped on the gas just as fast as he could and the Blue Chevy Love Machine ripped and growled with ferocious power burning rubber, smoking tires and laying down rubber. It would not be long until they arrive at Jonathan's house.

Jonathan and Isabella arrived at Jonathan house and he jumped out of the car in a flash slamming the driver side door ((Slam!)) Jonathan then quickly ran to the other side of the car and opened the door for Isabella.

As Isabella stepped outside of the car she noticed that Jonathan's piston and ball bearings were bulging and he was ready for some high octane performance.

Isabella raised her attention higher looking into Jonathan's eyes and Isabella smiled as she put her slender and beautifully exquisite hand into his extremely strong bulging hand and Jonathan made a comment,

“Service with a smile.”

Isabella smiled and spoke dirty to Jonathan some more,

“Thank you I can tell your gas pump is full of high octane gasoline and just waiting to pump some fuel into my gas tank.”

Jonathan smiled and led Isabella towards his house on 5th and Elm Street. The house was a single 2 story Gray colored house with white columns and some violet flowers planted in the front of the house.

As they approached his house they walked up the concrete stairs step by step, foot by foot that led to the front door. The wooden door was painted black with gray trim and had a silver doorknob.

On the center of door there was a Gargoyle knocker. Isabella liked Jonathan's home already and thought to herself she just might make this home her own and maybe just maybe there was a reason to keep Jonathan around after all.

Jonathan unlocked the door and opened it. Looking at Isabella he smiled as he knelt down and caught Isabella by surprise as he picked her up and carried her into his home.

While Jonathan held Isabella in his big strong muscular arms he turned and closed the door with one swipe of his foot.

Isabella was impressed with Jonathan he seemed to be quite the ladies man, he was definitely a romantic and very much a gentlemen. Jonathan was earning his value and finding his way into Isabella's cold vampire heart.


Bella comforted Lola with kind words that made Lola feel better and then Lola continued her story,

“I found a door at the back of the dark creepy building I was in. I also noticed a window and decided to approach the window and take a look outside.

As I looked outside I seen a lot of open space which led to an area filled with trees it was the Resurrection Hills Camp area. I knew the woods quite well and I knew I would have a fighting chance in them woods, so I decided to make the woods my escape plan.

Very slowly I opened the big metal door that stood before me, the door creaked. I thought to myself great I just gave away my plan. I opened the door faster now and ran as fast as I could.

Step by step I ran up the old dirt trail just trying to get away from the beast from hell! I made a turn at the top of the hill running around the trees from side to side making sure I did not run in a straight line I did not want to make it to easy for the beast to find me.

It was not long until the beast crashed through the entrance of the building that I just escaped from. The big ugly beast stood still for a moment, but just a moment.

The hell-hound searched the old worn down building.

The ugly beast held its jaw wide open letting its tongue hang out dripping saliva everywhere as it searched for me. Suddenly it caught my sent and then it took a step forward and ran in the direction of my feminine scent.

In just seconds it found the door and the window. First it scratched at the door just trying to find away to get it open, After a few moments the hideous wolf discovered it just wasn't going to get that door open and then the beast started to circle the room. Suddenly the hideous beast jumped and leaped into the air crashing through the window glass. Pieces of glass flew everywhere.

Glass cut the wolf, the blood oozed from the body of the wolf, but this was no ordinary wolf. The hell hound was blessed with supernatural powers and the wounds healed almost instantly.”

Bella found Lola's story to be quite interesting. It just got better and better.

Lola continued with her tale,

“I continued to run and the wolf stood up and continued its hunt. The beast followed me into the woods of the Resurrection Hill camp area. It was not long until I found John Lonewolf. John is a great man and I miss him so. Our time was short and he did his best to save me, It was my fault that I died if I would not have panicked and ran away from him I would probably be alive and well and would not be here telling you this story!”

Bella smiled and said to her friend,

“Don't worry Lola you will see John again and I can't wait to meet him!”

Lola smiled and said,

“I hope so, I hope so!”


Seth and I arrived on Main Street in Resurrection Hill and we started our investigation. We were on the hunt for the undead Lola who now assumed the name Isabella, but we were unaware of her new alias and we had much to learn.

I parked the Black Chevy on the filthy Main street of Resurrection Hill. News papers, paper cups, cigaret buts and empty cigaret packs blowing in the wind along with colored fall leaves that fell from the branches of trees blew all across the land.

Ravens and Sparrows flew in the morning sky as rays of sun light broke through the clouds of the early morning sky. Spiders spun their webs and stray cats were hunting for breakfast. All in all it was just a normal day in the small town of Resurrection Hill.

Seth and I entered a small diner called Gray-stone. As we entered the few customers that were there to eat breakfast at 5Am stopped eating and reading their morning paper stared at us and watched our every move as we walked in the shadows step by step, inch by inch, foot by foot as we entered the small dining room.

The angelic Seth and I sat down at a booth all the way in the back of the room where we could sit in privacy away from all the other customers, but they all continued to watch us the strangers from outside the small town of Resurrection Hill.

The Angelic Seth and I sat down and waited for our server. As we waited Seth looked at the walls that were painted gray with black trim and the red carpet that covered the floor.

Seth then looked at the black dragon décor that hung on the walls and then last but not least the light fixtures that hung from the ceiling this place was the nicest looking diner I ever graced my presence in.

It was not long until the female server came over to greet us and take our order.

Seth paid no mind the tall woman with back hair and extraordinary cleavage.

I found myself instantly taken by the servers beauty, but there was something different about our server I noticed it for just a second. For a moment, for one moment I tell you there was a change in her sexy brown eyes it was as if they turned completely black and I don't mean just the brown part, even the white part turned pitch black. It was the creepiest thing I ever seen.

All a sudden it became obvious that my life had changed. The events of yesterday seem to be just the first of many events to follow.

I was beginning to find out that my life would never be the same and I have been introduced to the dark world of the supernatural.

The server looked at me and smiled with an evil grin and asked me a question,

“What can I get you this morning?”

I in turn directed my attention to the server trying very hard to not stare at her mounds of joy and said,

“I'm sorry we are new to your establishment may we have a menu to look over so we can decide on the very best you have to offer?”

The server smiled and tried to use her charm by saying,

“I'm the best thing this establishment has to offer, but you won't find me on the menu for I'm not available to order at the moment!”

I just smiled and said in return to our gorgeous server,

“Cute, but your not exactly what I had in mind.”

The server found my hard to get attitude amusing and formed a cute frown just before she said,

“Awe, I'm so sorry to hear that.”

And then she added,

“I will return with menus for the both of you.”

I looked at her cleavage once again and this time I noticed her name tag it said Linda. It was to bad Linda did not introduce herself by her name when she decided to meet and greet Seth and I.

Just before Linda walked away Linda said to me,

“Well if your not interested in me maybe your friend here is?”

I looked her in her brown eyes and said,

“Him, no I don't think he would be interested in you, he's a complete Angel!”

I used a pun and meant it as offered a hint of the truth. Seth for the first time in the whole conversation raised his head and smiled looking at Linda and simply stated,

“My partner speaks the truth.”

Lind directed her attention from me to Seth as she replied,

“Partner, are the two of you law enforcement. Perhaps I did something wrong?”

I just smiled and directed her attention back to me by saying,

“No you have not done anything wrong except you didn't bring us the menu's yet and no we're not law enforcement, we just work together we are private investigators.”

I paused for a moment before I continued to tell my lie,

“we're looking for a woman named Lola Santiago, Perhaps you seen her?”

Linda put on a straight face and apologized for making us weight for the menu's and said,

“I know Lola, but I have not seen her lately”.

I found it odd that Linda knew Lola, but anything was possible maybe Lola used to eat here and I decided to ask,

“So you do know Lola does she come in often or do the two of you have a long friendship?”

Linda turned her head for a moment looking back at the counter where some big guy with red hair and a red beard looked back and then she attention to me again and said,

“I just met her yesterday.”

I found Linda's comment strange because Linda said she had not seen Lola lately, but she knew her and now they just met the day before. The story just didn't make sense. It sounded like a deception and I became suspicious, there was defiantly something Linda was not telling me and I was determined to find out what Linda really did know.


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