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Lonewolf Supernatural Hunter: Beginnings Chapter 11

Updated on December 11, 2014

Chapter 11

Copyright 2014

Lola and Bella continued to walk.

Within a few minuets Bella spotted the portal it was high above a mountaintop. At the top of the mountain there was a structure that was made of stone, it was round with a blue and white light shining.

The portal shined with brilliance. Bella pointed and said,

“Lola look!”

Lola looked while Bella said with much excitement,

“up there I found it we just need to climb the mountain to get to it!”

Lola was looking and she noticed the destination was high in the mountains and she also noticed the portal seemed to be guarded by some flying creatures.

The flying creatures where Gargoyles. Lola brought the Gargoyles to Bella's attention and said to Bella with a face filled with fear,

“Bella don't you see the Gargoyles. We will never get passed them they are guarding the portal. It is impossible to get past them!!!”

Bella was brave and told Lola they had nothing to worry about,

“Lola, nothing comes easy in life or death, in this world or any other world. If you want something especially freedom you need to fight for it!”

Lola still did not think it was a good Idea. Lola could see the danger and the odds of success. While Bella was high on the belief that they could overcome this situation and travel to the other side. Bella believed that they could and would travel to the world of the living and find bodies to possess.

Bella took a few steps forward and said,

I'm going to climb that mountain, either your with me or your not. Lola I am not going to wait and I'm not going to live in Purgatory anymore!”

The winds were blowing hard and howled with great terror while Lola just stood there staring at her new found friend. Lola did not want to live in Purgatory and she very much wanted to return to me, but she did not believe their escape plan would be successful.

Lola took a few minuets to think over the situation when she finally decided to say,

“I am sorry Bella, I really want to be free of this place, but the risk is to great and I don't believe in our success!”

Bella was disappointed to say the least and decided to share her harsh feelings with Lola,

“Lola, I am sorry but you are a coward and I am going to go with out you. I have been here in Purgatory a very long time and it is my time to go, one way or another survive or fail. Today is my final day in this unholy waste land.”

The winds seemed to blow stronger and stronger and the winds howled and howled. The howling sound seemed to scream from beyond the trees louder and louder.

Lola's feelings were hurt and a tear formed in her eye and she bowled her head for just a moment and then Lola raised her head and looked Bella dead center in the eye and told Bella her own thoughts,

“Bella I love you, you are my friend and I will miss you, but I don't believe we will survive so...

I am staying here, I will stay here until judgment day. That is my final decision. If your going to go, your going to go without me!”

The strong harsh winds broke a large tree branch off a tree and the the large branch flew in the direction of Lola and Bella.

Both Lola and Bella ducked and knelt down. Lola put her hands over her head trying to protect herself as the huge tree branch flew by and nearly hit her. As the tree branch flew by and missed Lola the branch continued to fly in Bella's direction and struck Bella.

Bella hollered in pain as she took a hard blow from the large tree branch that traveled in the wind,


Bella screamed in pain and Lola raised her head.

Lola looked in the direction of her friend Bella and then Lola quickly stood up and ran to her friend's aid. Lola reached out her arms and hands placing her hands on Bella's shoulder's and expressed her concern.

Lola asked Bella a question,

“Are you alright, are you ok Bella?”

Bella looked up and responded,

“I will be alright, I am hurt but I will not let nothing stop me. I'll burn in hell before I give up trying to be free of this place.”

Bella told Lola.

Lola could see the pain in Bella eyes. Lola wondered if the tears were from physical pain, the pain of being struck by the large tree branch or was it the blow of Lola's decision not to proceed on their journey, or maybe it was just simply both.

No matter what the reason Lola did not change her mind about continuing.

If Bella wanted to take the chance, well then Bella would do it on her own.

Bella stood up with tears in her eyes supporting a frown and said,

“Well I guess this is good by my new found friend!”

Lola looked at Bella with tears in her eyes as well and said to Bella,

“I am afraid so, I have not changed my mind and I don't know if I ever will. It just wasn't meant to be and I must follow my destiny it can not be changed. I must except my fate!”

Bella was disappointed she really believed in Lola. Bella believed Lola would change her mind and take the chance survive or be damned, But Bella was wrong.

Bell tried her best to smile as she reached forward and gave Lola a hug and said,

“I respect your decision I'll find it within my heart to forgive you for not joining me Lola, you have been and always will be a good friend. Please take care of yourself and promise me you will survive in this dark place.”

Lola did her best to wear a smile and tried to hide her true feelings, but the truth was Lola was emotionally hurt and would miss her friend. Lola decided to stick with her decision.

Lola hugged Bella and said,

“Thank you Bella You will always be my friend and I will never forget you. I will take care and I want you to be safe.”

Bella finally let go of Lola releasing her arms and said,

“Thank you and I will survive, I promise. Lola I will never forget you!”

Bella turned and was on her way but she did not look back. Bella just continued walking she was dead set on achieving her goal.


Meanwhile on Elm street Jonathan carried Isabella into his bedroom and placed Isabella on his bed and kissed her ever so gently.

Isabella placed her arm on Jonathan's shoulder and kissed Jonathan passionately in return.

Jonathan stood up unbuttoned his shirt and walked around the other side of the bed.

Isabella turned on her left side watching his every move Isabella puckered her lips raised her left eyebrow and blew Jonathan a kiss.

As Jonathan walked around the bed Jonathan stripped his shirt from his muscular physic reveling his manly pecs and hairy chest.

Jonathan noticed Isabella blow her kiss across the room and put out his hand and caught Isabella's imaginary kiss that floated through the air.

After Johnathan caught the kiss, Jonathan closed his fist and then put his fist close to his heart as he opened his palm and placed the kiss on his manly chest and said,

“Isabella your kiss is a key to my heart for which you have just unlocked. I now belong to you for eternity.”

Unfortunately Jonathan did not know that Isabella's kiss was the kiss of death and his words spoke more truth then he knew.

Isabella smiled and said in return,

“My heart belongs to you on this night and we shall walk in the night under moonlight for ever and ever in the passion of love and eternal flame.”

Jonathan climbed into his bed of red silk sheets and then slid ever so close to Isabella, he then kissed Isabella and caressed her.

Isabella kissed Jonathan and in the heat of the moment her vampire fangs revealed their intent as they pierced the flesh of his neck.

Jonathan began to holler and neither one of them knew for sure sure if it was in pleasure or pain as the blood flowed onto her beautiful lips and into her mouth. Isabella swallowed Jonathan's blood with ecstasy as he caressed her voluptuous breasts.

Isabella completed the vampire birth ritual as Isabella raised her arm and pierced her own flesh.

As the blood began to flow from Isabella's arm she fed her vampire blood to him in the heat of passion and romance.

Jonathan excepted Isabella's blood and drank her unholy blood in return believing this was some twisted sexual ritual.

The unholy union was complete Jonathan would be Isabella's love slave for all eternity.


Inside the Gray Stone Dinner I engaged in a conversation with a server named Linda that led me to believe our server Linda knew a lot more then she was telling and I had every intention of integrating Linda until she revealed the truth but to my surprise the strangest, but most amazing thing I had ever seen happened.

As I stated before my life would never be the same and it all changed last night as I was recruited into the dark world of the supernatural and honored with the roll of Supernatural Hunter.

The Angelic Seth directed his attention to our server Linda for the first time since our server Linda approached our table and entertained us with the assumption that she was going to take our order and serve us breakfast. The Angelic Seth glanced at our server Linda and she directed her attention to Seth when the most Amazing thing I ever seen took place.

The Angelic Seth's eyes started to glow white with a blue outline. White light shined with holy brilliance revealing that he was an angel from the Kingdom of Salvation and then Linda's eyes turned as black as creeping death.

Linda revealed that she is a demon, but she was not the only one. Every person in the room from the employees of the Gray-stone Diner to the customers turned out to be demons. I was the only mortal in the room and I knew I was in trouble. The Angelic Seth and I against a room full of evil sons of bitches was not good odds in my opinion.

Seth looked at the demonic Linda and said,

“Linda, its been a long time?”

The demonic Linda responded to the Angelic Seth,

“Yes Seth it has been a long time, It has been entirely too long, but I can't say I'm happy to see you!”

“Likewise, trust me. Our reunion isn't going to have a happy ending.”

Linda wore an evil grin and said,

“I see you noticed the odds are not in your favor, you are extremely out numbered.

Seth stood up and I did the same and then it happened.


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