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Lonewolf Supernatural Hunter Beginnings: Chapter 12

Updated on December 11, 2014

Chapter 12

Copyright 2014

Bella Began to climb the mountain that lead to the portal of the living. Step by step, reach by reach she climbed and she climbed the mountain that stood tall and seemed to be as high as the heavens.

Lola stood at the bottom and watched her friend climb and climb, Lola watched in patience and thought about how much she would miss not just Bella, but me as well. Lola thought about how she gave up her freedom from this world and her chance to return to the world of the living, but at the same time she could have failed in her attempt in returning to the land of the living and if she did fail she would be instantly damned to hell where Lola's soul would be tortured on satin's web of souls for all eternity.

Bella continued to climb, the climb seemed endless and Bella struggled. The climb was a tough one and required much strength. Bella raised her right arm and gripped one of the bigger rocks that was the color purple. The whole mountain was purple and blue in color.

Bella lifted her self up to a ledge that was big enough to st on and take a break. As Bella sat on the ledge and thought about her progress she looked down to the bottom of the mountain looking at her friend Lola.

Bella noticed Lola had covered her mouth with her left hand displaying the fear she felt for Bella.

After a few moments Bella waved hello to Lola with her right hand and Lola lowered her right hand removing her hand from her mouth and waved back to her friend Bella in return.

Lola was very much worried and concerned for her brave friend Bella. Lola's fear is that Bella will slip off the mountain and parish on the very ground Lola was standing on. The question is what would happen if this should happen their state of being is just energy they are mere souls and not vessels. Their bodies are on earth the land of the living.

If Bella should fall would her body separate into atoms of energy or would be alright and unscathed. Remaining whole? This was a question neither Lola nor Bella wanted to know.

After a few moments Bella continued on her way. Bella climbed inch by inch, foot by foot, step by step and Lola continued to watch second by by glorious second.

Suddenly Bella's hand slipped and pebbles of blue and purple pebbles fell to the rocks below. Bella screamed in terror and Lola did the same in a panic.

The winds were blowing hard and gave no mercy, Bella tried hard to get a grip, but at the same time she could feel her grip slipping with the one and only hand she had holding on at that moment.

Bella just kept telling herself sh e must hold on she must get a grip with both hands. Lola watched in fear, Lola was in shock and just did not know what to do.

Bella could feel the harsh winds just trying to fight her, trying to knock her off that ledge ending her brave attempt for freedom.

Bell began to raise her right arm and she gripped the ledge swinging back and forth she got a foot hold as the winds fought her progress.

Lola just kept saying to herself,

“Come on Bella you can do it!”

Bella did it, she pulled herself up and she reached again just a little higher and once again she slipped. All of a sudden in a panic Lola ran for the mountain and decided she was going to join Bella, she was going to do her best to help Bella.

Lola placed her hands on the mountain and the harsh winds began to fight her attempts as well, but she would not give in.

Bella looked down and seen Lola approached the mountain and she yelled out loud into the harsh winds,

“Lola, What are you doing?”

Lola looked up at the sky as the harsh winds blew her hair from side to to side and them harsh winds howled with terror warning Lola not to continue, but Lola would not listen and she replied to her friend,

“Bella I'm going to help you!”

Bella herd Lola's voice echo in the harsh winds and the thought of her friend Lola helping her made her smile but she felt it was unwise,

“No, Lola turn back, its to dangerous!”

Lola heard Bella's comment, but she did not care she did not listen. Lola decided they began this track together and they would end it together no matter what their fate would be. Success or fail, triumph or demise nothing would stop Lola now she was determined.

Lola looked up high into the dark blue and purple sky, Lola looked at the portal and then she looked at Bella and said,

“Bella I coming and there is nothing you can do to stop me!”

Bella heard Lola's voice echo in the wind and she yelled back to Lola,

“Lola, your crazy. Stay were you are, return home and be safe!!!”

Bella's voice echoed in the winds and Lola heard Bella's plea, but Lola would not give up. Lola would not surrender. Lola would not give up now and she understood that the odds of success were small and the odds were against her, but she was determined.

Lola looked at her friend hanging on the ledge for dear life. Lola seen the harsh winds fighting Bella's every move and Lola continued with extreme heroism. Hand by hand, foot by foot, inch by inch Lola was on her war.

Bella watched her friends progress and Lola was well on her way and she was doing great Lola was tough and had the will to survive.

Bella continued to watch and said,

“Lola, your doing great!”

Lola smiled and continued on her way. A few moments had passed and Lola was only inches from Bella. While Lola climbed the mountain in an attempt to catch up with her friend, Bella reached the next ledge where she waited for Lola.

As the winds howled in terror and Bella waited for her friend the Gargoyles flew high above the mountain top just circling looking down at Lola and Bella's progress.

The Gargoyles thought Lola and Bell were fools and were prepared to take them to the juridical court of the dammed where they would meet their fate by the judicial system. The judge and jury would find them guilty as charged, Bella and Lola would be sentenced to the web of torture for eternity without the chance to be reincarnated, without the chance to return to the world of the living to live another life on earth.

As the moments passed Lola finally reached her friend on the Ledge. Lola looked at Bella and smiled and said,

“I made it Bella, we are together again!”

The winds did not calm down. In fact the winds were quite intense. Bella was happy that Lola changed her mind and decided to join Bella, but at the same time she felt Lola was a fool. Bella felt Lola should have learned from her mistake. Bella almost met her fate at the bottom of the mountain more then once.

Bella smiled and said,

“Lola, I am happy to see you but you are a fool you seen how dangerous this journey and I am sure you can see what awaits us at the top. We are in much danger.”

Lola smiled, gave Bella a hug and said,

“once I heard this quote in a Star Wars story and it said, who is the more foolish the fool or the the fool that that follows.”

Bella smiled and said,

“I understand Lola we are both fools and I want to thank you for joining me.”

From high above the mountaintop flashes of light flashed and lightning struck and Lola made a comment,

“Great, it just got worse!”

Bella looked up and grinned as she said,

“Lola, did you really think it was going to get easier!”

The winds blew hard and the lightning flashed as the gargoyles flew high in the sky the storm did not scare the guards of Purgatory's portal and the storm did not scare Lola and Bella who where determined that they were going to attempt to leave Purgatory.

Lola grinned in return and said,

“Of course not, nothing comes easy!”

Bella smiled and said,

“Okay Lola, are you ready to continue?”

In the harsh winds that howled with great terror Lola looked up high in the sky and suddenly felt unsure if she really wanted to continue. Lola now looked at Bella and replied,

“I am ready Bella, I have never been more ready!”

This was a lie and Bella knew it and replied,

“Okay Lola, I hope you are right. It isn't far now, prepare yourself for what awaits for us high above!”

While Lola and Bella prepared to continue on their Journey. The Angelic Seth and I fought for our souls in the the dinner named Grey-stone.

The most amazing event that I have ever witnessed happened after the Angelic Seth and I stood up to face the Demon Linda. Seth raised his right hand, placed it on Linda's forehead and said these words,

“My father in heaven please give me your grace so I may cleanse this world of the evil that consumes it!”

Seth then recited the words to the Extreme Unction and within seconds White light shot out of Linda's eye sockets and her mouth and ears. I also seen the flesh of the Demon Linda crack and turn to dust as the white light shot out of her body. I can only imagine that the demon was sent to hell and I hope the soul of the innocent human went to heaven.

After the holy cleansing took place the Angelic Seth looked at me in my moment of shock and said,

“Lonewolf, you are in extreme danger and must leave now. This is my fight!”

I wanted to stay and fight, even if I knew Seth was right and I informed Seth about my feelings. Seth looked at me with the understanding but clearly stated it was necessary for to and that he would teach me the ritual at another time.

I didn't really want to go, but I did as I was told and as I walked out of the Grey-stone Dinner the remaining Demons approached the Angelic Seth.

Within moments after I left the dinner I see a flash of brite lite flash from inside the dinner and the whole building collapsed into a cloud of smoke.

It was the most amazing demolition I have ever seen. After the smoke had cleared the whole building was gone. It just simply vanished only leaving ashes and then I noticed 13 souls ascend from the ashes. The 13 souls risen from the unholy remains and disappeared into the morning sky. The 13 souls returned home to the heaven in the sky. I can only imagine the demons were returned to hell, but there was no sign of Seth. I could not help, but wonder what in Lords name happened to the Angel.

I found myself wondering if he returned to heaven or did he simply sacrifice himself with the powers that be to rid the world of 14 Demons.


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