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Lonewolf Supernatural Hunter Beginnings: Chapter 13

Updated on December 11, 2014

Chapter 13

Copyright 2014

In Purgatory Bella and Lola continued on their way hand by hand, foot by foot, inch by inch they climbed and they climbed, getting closer and closer to their destination while the Gargoyles high above the mountain top waited patiently to apprehend the brave ladies and take them prisoner were they would face their fate in the Purgatory judicial court. Lola and Bella were not concerned with the consequences. Lola and Bella continued on their way with the knowledge that what they were attempting was forbidden in Purgatory.

Within the hour Bella and Lola reached the top of the mountain. Bella looked down at Lola and said,

“We made it, we made it. We are at the top of the mountain!”

The storm winds of Purgatory were strong and the sky was dark blue and purple. Bella could see the portal quite clearly from where she was positioned at the top of the mountain. Bella's hair was Blowing in the wind as she held on tight to the the mountain. Bella began to raise her right leg to the the top of the ledge as she lifted herself up to the high ground.

Bella grunted and took a deep breath, but she achieved her goal. Bella lifted herself onto the top of the mountain. Once she had a strong foot hold Bella looked down at her friend Lola holding onto the mountain with all her strength. Bella called out to Lola and said,

“Come on Lola you can make it, I did!”

Lola in turn looked up and seen her friend Bella kneeling down offering Lola a helping hand. Bella's hair was blowing in the wind also and Bella was wearing a smile on her face. Lola simply smiled back and said,

“Don't worry, I will be with you in just a moment!”

Just seconds later three Gargoyles swooped out of the sky and attempted to grab Bella. As the Gargoyles attempted to grab Bella, she rolled over and fought back swinging her fists and kicking and of course Bella screamed and her friend Lola panicked in fear that she was going to lose her friend.

Lola fond herself in a state of great fear and took a good look at the ugly creatures with the great wingspan. Lola noticed their skin was green and gray and their eyes were red. The Gargoyles has a long tail that swung back and fourth they looked much like Dragons in earth fantasy literature.

In Lola's panic she asked Bella a question,

“Are you alright Bella?”

Bella answered quickly and Lola could hear fear in Bella's voice,

“Lola, I am okay for the moment, but we need to get the hell out of hear!”

Hanging on the side of the mountain hanging for dear life Lola replied,

“I'm coming give me a moment!”

Lola said as the wind blew through her hair and Bella replied to her friend.

“Okay Lola, but we don't have much time!”

Time was definitely not on Lola and Bella's side as the three Gargoyles made another attempt to grab Bella and once again Bella found the strength and skill to fight them off, but it was getting harder to do so.

The Gargoyles attempted to apprehend Bella again and they were almost successful. Both Bella and Lola knew this.

Lola reached the mountain top and Bella extended her arm offering Lola some much needed help getting to the high ground.

In turn Lola reached Bella's hand and together Lola made it to the high ground of the mountain. Lola Noticed the Portal with the blue and white light.

Just seconds later the Gargoyles came back around for another attack and this time one of the Gargoyles was able to grab Bella from behind and started to drag Bella.

Lola quickly ran to Bella's aid and heroically fought the ugly beast knocking the Gargoyle off of Bella's back. Lola was in shock and could not believe what she was able to achieve.

Bella was really scared now and Lola knew it too. Bella looked at Lola in her state of panic and said,

“Lets get the hell out here, Now!”

Lola raised her head looked Bella in the eye and replied,

“I agree, lets run for it!”

The wind blew harder and harder. Bella and Lola could feel the harsh winds and hear the winds roar like a lion. Together Lola and Bella ran and they ran, step, by step, inch by inch, foot by foot.

Together Lola and Bella ran like the wind and they were only a few moments away from reaching the portal when the three Gargoyles flew straight out of the dark blue and purple Purgatory sky and grabbed Bella again.

Bella twisted and she turned, fought and fought. Kicking and screaming while Lola turned and ran to save Bella, but it was to late the two Gargoyles had lifted Bella high off the ground.

Lola tried to reach Bella with her two hands, but she was unsuccessful. Lola could not grab Bella and she could not fight the Gargoyles. This time the beasts were just to fast and to furious, the Gargoyles got their first prisoner and the third Gargoyle would try to grab Lola as there second prisoner.

Lola just stood their and cried with tears ((sobbing)) as the Gargoyles flew away with their prize.

Bella yelled and she screamed and Lola heard Bella say,

“Run Lola, run save yourself, don't let them get you too! Don't let me meet my fate with out honor. Survive for me, survive and tell your man our story, survive!!!”

Lola heard Bella's words as Bella and the Gargoyles disappeared into the dark blue and purple sky. Lola turned and ran just as fast as she could.

The third Gargoyle swooped down and grabbed Bella and Bella in turn tossed and turned, fought and fought as the Gargoyle took poor Lola into flight also, but Lola got lucky Lola managed to slip out of the Gargoyles grip and Lola fell to the ground gracefully.

Lola prepared herself for the impact as she fell fast and hard to the ground.

Lola hit the ground with a sound that sounded like a ((Thud!)) and as quickly as Lola could Lola stood up and she ran and she ran, inch by inch, foot by foot Lola ran like the wind. Lola ran faster then ever before.

Lola was terrified and rightfully so. Lola did not want to meet the same fate as Bella.

Lola was just seconds away from the portal that would exit Purgatory and return her to the world of the living. Lola jumped and hurled herself into the great portal when only seconds from escaping Purgatory the third Gargoyle pulled Lola back into Purgatory.

Lola twisted and turned looked her predator dead in the eye and said,

“Are you kidding me, I was on my way to freedom and your going to haul me back in! Oh no I don't think so you ugly beast!”

The Gargoyle swung its tail and flapped its wings ((flap, flap)) and opened its hideous jaw revealing its sharp fangs and ugly tong roaring in anger.

Lola put on an angry face and kicked the Gargoyle in the jaw and said,

“That one is for my friend Bella and this one is for me!”

Lola then kicked the Gargoyle a second time in the Jaw and the Gargoyle screamed in great pain. suddenly the Gargoyle let go of Lola just long enough for Lola to twist turn and leap into the Portal that exited Purgatory. Lola had entered the Blue and white light and was well on her way to her destination.


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