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How To Write Rich Content Search Engine Friendly Articles

Updated on July 11, 2015

Write articles rich in keyword and content and title friendly that search engine spiders or robots cannot ignore. Write articles that will make money for you on the internet. Writing articles to make money online is now a work at home business. It will earn you both active and passive income. Did I say active income?

Yes, you can write good quality articles that will make money for you on the internet.

Writing Rich Content Articles

Content Rich Article Writing
Content Rich Article Writing | Source

Your Tools: Pen, Paper And Idea

Business entrepreneurs required some amount of money say $10,000 as initial capital to invest in any venture. Writers are not exempt. Writing is a business.

As a writer, you need to invest in some income like any business person. You need to invest capital to start. You may need less than $1 on start up. That is the truth. This you will use to get your tools. This is not difficult at all.

All that you will need in the first place is a pen and some sheets of paper and an idea. Some prefer a spiral notebook. This you will use to jot down and write your idea in an outline.

Writing To Make Money With Pen And Paper
Writing To Make Money With Pen And Paper | Source

Organized Your Idea

Now and then you must organize your idea. Ask yourself what do you want to write, and how you want to write your article.

What is your idea? Is your idea real or imaginary? Is it evergreen? These are questions you have to address.

Remember our discourse here is how to write good quality articles and earn internet income.

Is your idea unique to you alone?

You have to organize it in a step by step algorithm format or instructions that can be easily follow even by the very uninitiated. Hence, organize your idea in very clear and easy terms.

Research Your Idea

No matter how unique your idea may be, research it. This is the norm in internet marketing, information marketing, content marketing, etc.

An author or writer perhaps has made a mark on it. You may see a new light and another angle to elaborate on which no one has written a word or sentence. This will give a plus to your article.

Books Are Tools For Researching Idea

Books For Research
Books For Research | Source

Books, Library And The Internet

Your research tools are books, library and the internet. Research your idea through these mediums. Browse the internet especially. It is a gold mine of information. Even an idea or two can be picked up on the internet in less than two minutes. The internet is forever being saturate with new information.

But beware of doing all your research on the internet, especially on websites and blogs. Research on educational institute materials and government organizations are very good because these have confirmed authorities to support your views.

Another tool for research on the internet is Google Book or Google scholar. This is much better than googling on the internet or your browser.

To access google scholar go here www.scholar google or copy and paste the link into your browser.

To visit google books enter google books in your internet browser. In the new window that appears, click on google books and other links that you fancy for your research.

Wikipedia is another useful research tool. It is free to use. Visit Type your search word, phase or sentence into the search bar, and dig.

Peer reviews are supported by confirmed "peer" scholars and professionals in higher education and the industries. Use it if you can get hold of any. Its contents are professional and educational by established authorities. Peer reviews inform and educated. It guides and instructed.

Research Your Idea Through A Library
Research Your Idea Through A Library | Source


Question: what benefit do you get in researching your idea?

Answer: choose one

  1. My idea has no competition at all.
  2. Too many issues have been written on it.
  3. It is a plus to my article.

Question: Is your idea unique and evergreen?

Answer: choose one

  1. Yes.
  2. No.

Question: Can internet newbie write good quality articles rich in content and keywords?

Answer: choose one

  1. Yes.
  2. No.

Research The Market

After researching your idea well, research the market where you want to sell it. This is something that must not be overlooked or ignore. However good the quality of your article, rich in content and keyword, research the market well.

Having research your idea, where do you want to sell it? Or to whom do you want to sell it? Some online publishers like Yahoo! Writes and Odesk were eagerly looking for writers to sell articles to them for up to $15 per article. You can bargain for or set the price at Odesk.

Do you have a niche or subject that fascinated you? Can you write passionately on it?

Who are your customer, buyer, reader or audience? This is a critical issue. Is the market saturated, under-saturated or over-saturated? If your idea is how to use green mangoes as an herbal remedy, how competitive is the topic out there in the market? Or you want to write on writing articles to make money online, google this and see the result. These are your competitors. Can you beat them? Can you stand shoulder to shoulder with them? The market of course must be competitive like any other business venture. It does not matter even if you were a complete newbie in the field of writing articles. I did it and success. So I can go on doing it again and again.

Identify Your Target Audience

After researching your idea and the market, what next? Identify your target audience. These can be youths, adult and children. Specifically here, they can be website or blog owners; online writers and authors and newbies in internet marketing. And always remember when writing for online publications, you are not writing for an offline newspaper and magazine; but for a larger audience of global community. So, your target audience or market is a critical factor.

More so, even if you are writing for a specific online community or forum, always have a global consideration, for search engines to expose your articles widely.

One of the best ways to do this is to write foe article directories. Your stories will be exposed to a wider audience.

The Short Vs The Long Article

Articles come in different sizes. The short article in favour of the long article. There is even a medium size. Each has its merit. No problem. If a short article of 800 words or text is well written in quality, content, keyword, correct sentences, punctuation, etc it is easily accepted and published than a long article of 3306 text like this piece you are reading if it lack these criteria.

But in this online world of writing to earn income online, and where content rule as king, all these good quality in the short article carry into consideration.

Long articles must be very rich in content and keyword. Content is very dominant. Content is the key. For instance, if you want to set up an AdSense account to monetize your blog or website, Google which administer AdSense will check not only for the quality and keyword, but for the content.

Content is still the king in in the area of writing to make money on the internet. That is why photos, images, diagrams, tables, poll, opinions, etc are always included as content in articles. These explained and clarify things further.

However, long articles can be publish as serials. If an article is over 3000 words, it can be divide into 2 or 3 parts. You publish part 1, than part 2 and finally part 3.

Body Of The Articles

School and college writing has simple standard for writing comprehension and essays. The introduction, the body and the conclusion. But in writing to earn money online, much more is required. In college essays, the more general your expressions, the lower or average your mark. Moreover, the more specific you are, the better your grades.

The body of the article is the flesh and blood. Bone and marrow. So be very specific in your words, sentences and instructions. Instead of writing “some rules of writing online articles,” write “6 best rules for writing online to enhanced your articles publication.”

The body of the article must be a graphic picture in which your readers and audience see things for themselves clearly.

Thus you should include a photo to bring things really to life.

Normally, all articles should have an introduction, a body, a conclusion and a reference to direct your readers for further reading where necessary.


Good quality articles short or long have a structure. First in importance is the heading. This must be easy to understand. It comes with a main heading and a sub-heading in some cases, like this story for search engines to be able to identify the keywords.

The main heading introduced the title, the subject and what the article is all about. Above all, the short opening sentence and paragraph identify your hub on the net. This is very important and should not be sacrifice for anything else.

How I recalled with great regret that I cannot see my first hub on the internet via, googling the search engine. Though it was featured on the HubPages website or I may say the HubPages community. I type keywords into google, mozilla firefox, safari, internet explorer, etc but no good result. I had to make changes to the title and keywords. This became a plus to my hub.

The first reader and comment on my hub was a HubPage community member. How did she locate my hub? I later realized it was within the HubPages community and not on the internet.

Yes, you can post anything on the internet, your website, your blog, etc but no one can see it except by typing search engine friendly keywords into an internet browser.

So you must make changes in the word and sentences of the title, heading and even the whole body of the article to reflect keywords that the search engines can be able to identify your articles when visitors were typing keywords into their internet browsers for one issue or another.

Since then, I have been receiving post of none hubbers or rather visitors to my hub making nice comments here and there.

The Introduction

Like the heading, the introduction tells your readers and audiences what is to come in the story. It is the opening paragraph. A simple or double short sentence that tells all what your article is. Like as said earlier, search engines always crave for the first few words, or sentence. Just seven words to detect your postings.

Do take note well of this. Identify the title and summary of this article as an example of what I am saying here.

The Paragraph

Short or long paragraph which is better? Both are good. But a long paragraph should have a break into smaller sub-paragraphs, with Arabic numberings 1, 2, 3, 4, etc or bullet points ●●●●●. This is an accepted rule and standard.

So if in course of your writing and you cannot do without long paragraph, all you have got to do is to split the long paragraph into small sub-paragraph preferable in summary or abstract form; and insert number or bullets for each sub topic.

Your readers would find it easy to read on your story and noted each respective point well.

Photos, Table, Poll, Diagram And Videos.

Photos, tables, poll, diagram, and videos speaks hundred and thousands of words. These explain things more sharply than the written word. It is now the ever increasing practice to include a picture, table, video in an article to further illustrate a point or two.

Do you know that search engine spiders can identify a picture to fish out your article on the internet? Pictures can be made search engine friendly. Pictures bring out clarity in a story. A picture tell a story on its own. It is an illustrative complement to an article.

Your original photos are much better. They demonstrated that you know your business well. Unless it is very hard to get an image of your own, visit a free photo studio on the net and download it.

At the end of a paragraph, insert a sharp photographic image, table, diagram or a video if that is necessary.

Tone And Style

The tone of the article should be formal. Your audience and readers were respected gentlemen and ladies. With the exception of porno sites or sexually explicit materials, vulgar languages were not accepted on most media web sites.

Courtesy and decorum were the rules. Write in the first and second person singular or plural.

As for style, you should develop a particular writing style of your own. Be original. Provide you did your research well and write in your own words, submitted your original pictures, and do not copy others.

Write Your Article

With your dummy draft, you can proceed to write your hub. Write it well with the above discourse in mind. You may re-write your first draft a second time. Re-write it a third time if need be. Doing all this brings in fresh idea into the story.

It is this third draft that will be revised and go for typing on the computer.

Typing A Draft Article On A Computer.
Typing A Draft Article On A Computer. | Source

Edit And Review Your Article

Next, proceed to edit your draft. At the same time review it. Good quality articles always contain bad grammar, sentences, spellings and punctuations.

The corrected sentences and the right word, may reside in your head but you put the wrong sentences and word on paper. That is why editing and reviewing your article will help you correct all these errors.

Recall that in our school days, we were advice to re-read our works before submitting the answer sheet.

So, what do you do after writing your articles? Edit and review it.

Take a break for a day or two to devote to other leisurely things. Have fun. Go sightseeing to relax and refresh the mind if need be. Then come back again and fine tone the hub.

Bring Your Article To The Terms And Guideline Of A Particular Website

Which web site do you want to submit your article? Squidoo? HubPages? Yahoo! Voices? Decide which then bring your article to the terms, guidelines and policy of that specific online publisher(s).

Generally, all online publishers take the consideration below into account in accepting an article for publication:

  • Be brief and clear in your expressions.
  • Be original. Make or create your story, article or product.
  • Keep to the rules of the game.
  • Let your hub or article be qualitative, educative, enlightening, informed and rich in content or key words.
  • kept to the required minimum or maximum number of words.

Of course, you can post your short or medium articles to your blog or web site. But be sure to make it rich in content and keyword.

There are over a hundred sites that pay for high quality articles. Which do you have in mind? Or were you just writing to publish on your blog or web site and thinking of monetizing it with AdSense?

Nowadays, short articles of 500 text can be easily publish on a blog but not on a site like HubPages.

Each web site like Yahoo! Voices, had its rules, terms, policy and guidelines for accepting articles for publication. You as an article writer or rather writing to earn a living online should consider these norms.

How I recalled my first articles post on my blog on Blogger and WorldPress. The principles I used are simple common sense. You were not allowed to do that in an online publication. No query in spelling, grammar, etc. Squidoo or HubPages will not overlook all such issues. It will query you at least thrice; and if you do not make the correction in time, your account will be terminate or suspend. That is how serious these online publishing houses are.

Remember blogs are not web sites but are like personal diaries. Web sites were geared toward business and entrepreneurship. It is this business factor that made online publishers to place strict rules before accepting your stories for publication.

My first article to HubPages this year received a query. I take trouble to correct the mistakes for example in the layout of my photos, and fine tone every issue. It became a feature and published.

Hence, after finishing writing your story, after editing and reviewing it, bring it in conformity to the terms and guideline of a particular web site.

You can even on the onset of writing your article have a specific web site on mind. Just go on write with its rules and terms. This is what I had in mind while writing this hub.

It is only then that your hub will be accept and publish.

Use Your Smartphone Writing Articles To Make Money Online

Use Your Smartphone Writing Articles To Make Money Online
Use Your Smartphone Writing Articles To Make Money Online | Source

Your Secondary Tools

Your first tool for writing to earn internet income online is a paper and a pen. Your second tool will be a small digital camera. With the camera, you easily capture your images and upload them on your articles and on any website on the internet.

You also need a laptop for typing your articles. You can use your smart phone instead of a digital camera and a laptop for doing all this.

You cannot type? No problem. You can have the service of a computer operator and load your work on a USB flash drive and later upload it to any website of your choice.

Your Secondary Tools Include A Camera

An Easyshare Camera For Caturing And Loading Your Photos
An Easyshare Camera For Caturing And Loading Your Photos | Source

Checking Your Articles Rich Content

How do you check for or know the rich content of your articles? Is thee a bench mark for this check? Can this be ascertain from traffic visit s to the hub or comments being made about the hub?

All these are interesting questions and are relevant. But rich content has much more to do with all these issues.

One thing that will stand the rich content of all your articles is its fresh contents. Rich content has to be evergreen and fresh.

Peoples are always curios after one item or another. Fresh items will always draw visitors to a webpage guaranty.

Remember, search engines aims for fresh content in a search result. If you inject newly fresh ideas, keywords,etc into your articles, this is a plus.

Again, ask yourself these questions:

  • Can you offer something new and very interesting to your visitor that is informing, educative and and enlightening on one issue or another?
  • Can you create something new under the sun which cannot be gotten elsewhere?

Check List For Rich Content

Here is a check list as to how content rich your articles are.

  • Do you edit r reviewed your articles regularly with fresh contents in keywords photo etc?
  • As you defined your target audience, you must geared the content to these audiences. If your content is for the elderly, there is no use to bring in youthful views here.
  • Engaged your audience Are your really using multimedia technologies in your hubs? I have stte elsewhere the use of videos,table, to enhanced your hubs. Do keep your readers and audineces captivated and eafter reading the first paragraph, the second, etc engaged. At lest of most, your test image ratio should be 1-1. If your text is a six paragraph, the images excluding tables and recites should be at least seven or eight.
  • Is your hub informative? Every person including me looking for useful information to solve a problem. I still need information on how to better my hubs and excel. Does your hubs offer real time value to your audiences? Is it educative? Give your audiences only that which wil benefit them in the immediate short time and remote long time.
  • Call to action. Challenge your audiences to an interaction session. Ask them to provide useful facts or feed backs for sharing and improvement.


To your online writing success!

Miebakagh57 (Miebakagh Fiberesima copyright 2014-2015.


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