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Long Distance Blues

Updated on April 1, 2017

When you want me there with you, know that I am. I'll try to make you smile. I'll laugh with you, the sight of your laughing eyes makes me want to tread this earth lightly, just for you. I'll hold you in my arms, when you feel like you're overflowing, draining into nothing...I'll be there, you can stay in me so you will not feel empty. If you've drowned in your own ocean, your soul bereaved and lost, I'll hear your emotions and help you speak them. If you struggle, I'll cut them gently into soft pieces so their edges won't hurt you. We’ll race to the horizon together, you and I, like we used to. I'll wake you up in time to breathe the first autumn air or to watch the bloom of your new love. I know what it is like to love you but is this what it is like to miss loving you? For I do. When I escape to the orchard you left for me, to lie in its shade and eat its fruit, skin and sugar, I think of this love, yours and mine and ours...this ambrosia and nectar embalming the very heart, never feeling deprived but nourished and fulfilled simply by remembering Love's gentle touch. I know I shall speak your name forever, in my eternal halls and to all the seasons. Hear them say it and walk on, my love.


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