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Long Distance the bonding of souls

Updated on October 12, 2016


She checked her phone again, and gave a deep sigh, and her expression changed, from hope to surrender, and from surrender to anger. It was 12pm, half the day has passed and still no message or call from him, not even one to wish her, after all today was her birthday, and he knew, he knew just how much her birthday mattered to her, but still nothing from him. Well, if he was going to be this way so be it, she had decided she won’t talk to him ever again, she was so mad at him, but she knew one message of apology from him and she would forget it all, no anger left, she would melt right into his arm, this was her weakness, she couldn’t stay angry at him, and it was something he knew, something he took advantage of.

She checked her phone again, finally there was a message from him,” We are meeting today at the same time right?” Now she was infuriated, he messaged her the entire day, only to ask her if they were meeting at the same time they meet, every day, every day? This wasn’t a normal day, this was her birthday. She couldn’t control her tears, as they started flowing down wetting her cheeks, he had forgotten her birthday and the love of her life had forgotten her birthday. With this in mind, she started getting ready for meeting him, in the park they met daily.

Here, he was in the park, since morning, trying to get everything ready, it was the birthday of his love, and he wanted just everything to be perfect, more than once had he found himself picking up his phone, to wish her on her special day, he had to fight himself to keep it that way, for he wanted to make her believe he had forgotten her birthday, he wanted to make a special surprise for her, though he was sure, she would be crying right now, it was essential, for what he was planning.

She reached the park, was already waiting for her there, with a thin sheet of cloth spread neatly under the tree they met everywhere. He was silently waiting standing by the tree, like he does every time. The one consistent thing about him is no matter how many dates they were on, how many times they met, he was always there before her, waiting for her, with earphones plugged in, silently looking at the sky. At least, that was consistent, it means he hasn’t changed that much, maybe only for her, she thought, but still she tried to put up her best smile, and greeted him, thinking maybe he would wish now. They greeted each other and started having a little conversation, as to what all they did since morning, she gave no hint to him it was her birthday, and he did not wish her even then. Finally, she couldn’t hold it any longer, and she snapped,

“Don’t you remember, what’s today?”

“Is it something special?” he replied casually.

She was shocked, he had really forgotten,” How could you do this, how could you do this to me, it is my birthday, you know how important it is for me, you know and still you ruined it completely, it is my worst birthday ever….”

Before she could complete her sentence, he hugged her tightly, as tight as he could, he knew the only way to silence her while she was speaking in anger was to hug her, and as he knew from a long experience she melted right into his arms, silently while the tears falling from her eyes, fell on his chest, where his heart was, he could no longer control himself and began his surprises, she felt him, move his hands upwards towards her neck, after sometime, he pulled the string he had hidden in his hands, he was standing in that place knowingly, so that it would conceal the string, and when he pulled the string it unwound the cloth above, and now they were standing, arms in arms, amidst the rain of rose petals, hundreds of rose petals decorating their embrace, as she broke the hug, tried to move a little far away from him, to see what was going on, something pulled her back in, there was a chain around her neck, and the other around his, joined together by a heart locket in the center, he separated, the two pieces of the heart, held her half in his hand and said,

“Sweetheart, this is a piece of my heart and I give it to you, look at this piece, alone broken, half, and unable to sustain itself on its own, if I remain only with a piece of my heart inside me, I will die, nothing incomplete has never been able to survive. This is me without you, alone, broken, incomplete, something that has no value, someone who cannot survive on his own”

Then he joined his half with hers, and said,

“This is me with you, complete, perfect, as an individual who has the power to win over the entire world, my love, it is not a matter of weather I will ever leave you or not, it’s a matter of can’t, I can’t leave you, ever, no matter what I want, you are the one I love, the only one, I was yours yesterday, I am yours today, and I will be yours forever.”

He then kissed her forehead and said, “Happy birthday my princess, how did you even think that I would ever forget your birthday, you are someone that means the world to me, did you seriously think that I would forget any day that means a lot to you?” She was speechless, she had nothing to say, there was no need for her to say anything, the tears of happiness in her eyes, dictated everything.

This day was two years ago, a week after her birthday, they had to move away, to a different city hundreds of miles apart from where she was, where he was. They parted with lot of tears, a little smiles and many promises, the promise of still loving each other the same, the promise of not changing, and the promise of making this long distance relationship work. Though, filled with lot of doubt both of them had full confidence that they will make it work, they had confidence in their love, and so started their long distance relationship.

A year had passed, with little conversations, and lots of fights, but they managed to stay together somehow, then their colleges started, both of them got busy, though miles apart, they still were thinking of the other the whole time, but the lady luck didn’t smile on them, they hardly got time to talk to one another, so to pass the time they had while waiting both of them engaged themselves in various activities, various tasks, so that they can get busy and not think about each other too much, but soon the tasks that were engaged to pass the time until the priority i.e. talking to each other can be done, the tasks themselves became one of the priority, the person that earlier meant the whole world to them, the whole life, now became only a part, a small measly part, that they had now learned to live without.

Two years had passed since they last saw each other, she was hundreds of miles apart from him, a travel of around 3-4 days to get here, she knew it would be cruel of her to ask of him to come here to meet her, so she didn’t, of course they video chatted quite frequently, but it wasn’t simply sufficient, she missed his touch, the feelings of his arms around her, he missed how every time he would see her, his heart would skip a beat, he would forget to breathe for a while until his lungs burned for air, and the feeling of how she would just melt into his arms, fitting in perfectly, like his arms were the one place she was meant to be.

But all these feelings were buried deep down inside, the dust of ego, freedom, personal space covered all these feelings to a point they didn’t even knew they existed any more, and the conversations that were earlier filled with love were now replaced by anger

“Where in the world where you, I called you twenty times, don’t you even have the courtesy of calling back, to know weather I am dead or alive? I called you so many times, must have been something important right? Why didn’t you just pick my call or call back 4 hours have passed?” he asked.

“I am not here sitting ideally all day long, I have many tasks that needs to be done, and why are you shouting on me, don’t you think I want to talk to you.” She shouted in reply.

“You know what, forget it, this was a mistake, guess we really are not cut out of this long distance relationship, this was a mistake we never should have tried, I am sorry, I can’t do this any longer.” With this he cut the phone, before she could answer, he didn’t want to hear her cry, for her knew, one sob and his strength would fade away, he did not want to leave her, he still loved her, but he knew, staying this far away from him, was giving her a lot more pain, than the break up would have caused, he couldn’t see her die daily, also another reason, he cut the phone was he did not want her to hear him cry, that day, the strong boy held his chin high, and smiled in front of the world, and as the night came, he locked himself in his room, hugged his pillow and cried bitterly.

A month had passed, she checked her phone again, no message from him, she did not call him back, after that last call, thinking if he had ended it, he couldn’t bear the distance between them any longer, his strength had faded, she did not want to see him suffer the distance, and so she did not call her back, rather she cried silently to sleep every night, but her swollen red eyes, spoke the tales clearly of her every night endeavors and nothing was hidden from anyone.

It was one such lonely day when she was going to her college, as she turned to enter the main gate of her college, she saw a shadow in the corner of her eyes, it couldn’t have been true, she turned around to confirm, and saw, the books dropped from her hands in surprise, she could not believe her eyes, here he was standing in front of her, she ran to him, and hugged him tightly,

He pulled her back, to look at her, kissed her forehead, and said,” Happy birthday princess, happy birthday”

She was surprised, she had forgotten her own birthday, the one day she had felt like the most important thing in the world, he was surprised that his heart still skipped a beat when he saw her, he still forgot to breathe, until his lungs burned for air, she was surprised he still had the ability to make her cry tears of happiness on her birthday, he was surprised, she still melted in his arms and fit perfectly in them.

“Where were you, where were you for so long? You know how much I waited for you, how much I missed you?” she said between tears.

He held the half heart locket he gave her two years ago and said,” I was always here princess, I was always here”

And they walked hand in hand, the two long fighting years, the years they had spent without seeing each other, the years they had spent in ‘long-distance’ relationship long forgotten, for they had realized that the more far away the bodies, the closer the souls.


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