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Longing For An Open Space

Updated on July 11, 2012

Poetry to set you free!

I long for an open space

to walk along green treasures,

Let the sun rest on me

and the air filled jasmine pleasures.

Soon I will fall into fragrant gardenia

on a restful path to honey.

I feel the bright light after the rain

and find the steep-walled valley.

Long yellow sunbeams

sway the golden rye grass,

and nothing has a care, as it seems.

All I can think of is,

" I'm here at last! "

and look for the mountain stream.

The rye grass glistens

where birds rest their wings.

Quietly, I listen

for the red cardinal to sing.

He dances his song on the sunshine

while hiding in the leaves,

without constraint or condition,

with no conviction he leaves.

Brilliant delphiniums lead the way

to the peatmoss covered rocks

and a melting creek

adorned with velvet petal phlox

colored in pink.

From an eastern hemlock

with it's tiny brown cones,

a round spider has made a web for a home.

The tall red spruce trees

stand many in a row.

They drape their clusters of seed

with arms hanging low.

The snow has melted here

made moist the earth.

The creek trickles a soft tear

in this valley of birth.

I must return to this valley

as soon as I may.

May be on a warm summer day.

This is the place we were all meant to be.

When I rest here

I am suddenly free.

By Joanne Kathleen Farrell

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