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Look Down - They're Three Feet Tall

Updated on October 4, 2011

Kids - They're Awesome Little Sponges

What we need to do...parents, teachers, those who have the chance to mould the celebrate the gifts and youthful outlooks we see in those children we are privileged enough to be around. Children are the future. This phrase sounds cliché, because it is one. That’s no reason to ignore what it suggests, however.

We are not invincible, nor are we immortal. We will grow old, should we be fortunate enough to do so. When we reach those years of weakened immune systems and various degrees of dementia and god forbid, spoon-fed meals, we will be at the mercy of the younger amongst us.

We need to teach the kids around us what they need to know, at every stage of the game. We need to let them make bad decisions, fall down (sometimes hard), and we need to always oversee it happen and extend our hand to help them up – only when they need it.

We need to not over-politicize the circumstances of their lives by rushing to make sure they speak properly, to the proper people and to behave categorically within the confines of who they are expected to be when they find themselves unsure of how to behave in unfamiliar situations.

We need to guide their choices yet let the choices be made, by them. We’re adults, we’re smarter, and we can gauge where those choices will lead those making them, if we pay attention and pay attention long enough...and we should meet the new deciders there to lend a congratulatory pat on the back or a gentle ‘You tried it this way and it failed. Now try this...’ Nudge, nudge...wink, wink.

So many so-called adults are shaping the minds of so many impressionable children every day. It’s just one of those facts of life that we all know, yet really, do so little to change.

The above youtube link is a perfect example of how political correctness and unnecessary adult interference in what would seem to otherwise be child’s play can not only discourage a child’s innocent, proactive chasing of their own natural talent, but can discourage so many other children from even TRYING to prove their own, in the face of adversity.

The school official in the video, when asked about the ‘Madre Hill Rule’ and the reason behind her decision to disallow the tremendously talented child in question the opportunity to continue playing football for his school team, says that were she to allow the boy to continue playing, his teammates’ potential and spirits would be overshadowed and hindered by this one child’s ability.

Please excuse me, I must have misunderstood. This school official is at some level in the hierarchy of her educational platform of child-rearing, being granted permission to literally stop a sixth-grade child from playing football on his school team, because he’s TOO GOOD?

Watch the video and agree to the fact that this is right. I dare you.

When did it become okay for us, as parents and teachers to take away the challenge?

I grew up, fortunately, in a home in which challenging yourself was encouraged. If I came home from school as a child, discouraged by my peers’ success, I was not coddled by my parents’ words into thinking that because of my peer`s success, my own was stunted.

On the contrary, as a child whining about who did what and how great they did it, I was built up by the words of my parents. I tried even harder the next day. I didn`t have the easy way of knowing, based on the way of my small, inconsequential world that without a doubt, anyone who was smarter than I was, or who could run faster than I could would be removed from the obstacles I faced.

I am really glad that my parents made me deal.

This child, who`s talent is being stunted, will grow up. He`ll no doubt be a famous, unbelievably successful Pro-Athlete. And he`ll look back on what afforded him the chance to do so. It won`t be the school system. It will be due to his family support and his `wise beyond his years` attitude toward life. And I hope he remembers those school officials who held him down, and tried to drown out one, legitimate dream for the sake of a hundred maybes.


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      fi fi 6 years ago from Niagara, Canada

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