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Look Out My Honey Is Doing Spring Cleaning

Updated on April 27, 2011

If I Was A Drinker This Is When I Would Need A Shot

Hold on to your hat

I can't she took mine from me

She said I don't use it anymore so give it away

I said a hat has to be worn on a special day when we are in the mood not just any old day

She said you weren't in the mood for over a year

Now you get the urge

Too late you should of thought of that with your hat on

Then you and your hat would be fine

Well there is no time to worry about the hat now she is going for more of my stuff

What's in this bag?

I am coming

Hold on

This is something I liked when I first got it but I haven't had the time to use it

Let someone else use it now

O.k. I guess I could

See my first mistake

As soon as you show the littlest sign of weakness she is all over you like fly's on fruit salad

What are we keeping this for ?

It is broken

I thought I could fix it but I haven't had the time

Well put in the pile to throw out unless you fix it today or I will even give you till tomorrow

She makes it sound like I have a month to do it

She knows I am not going to leave her side today because she has an empty bag and she wants to fill it and make some space

She has ideas in her head and I can't see what they are yet but I can smell the smoke

She's cooking something and somehow I feel it is going to be my goose

Can you help me ?

I will be right there

She starts on the bottom shelf in the closet

I stupidly ask why not start on the top and work your way down

It would be easier

That's the way I would do it

I knew she was going to clean and I said I would help just not now

A little later I have a few other plans for right now

First like running in the other direction and not stopping till she catches me

I know cleaning is neccessary but so is the dentist but you don't see me first in line when the dentist opens in the morning

So as the shelves empty out and she rearranges everything

I feel like I am  on e-bay and everything has a price

If you don't like the price then it's free

It looks like everything is a bargain

I would run now but I have cold feet

She just keeps looking at something that has been on the shelf for months no problem

What about these candles ?

I don't like the smell anyway

Off they go

Well she kept going strong for three straight hours and we ate lunch first

Second mistake never clean on a full stomach

They have way too much energy to keep going

Start in between breakfast and lunch this way she will get hungry from all the cleaning and you can jump at the chance to break

Then if you'r lucky you can tell her she has done enough for today

It looks good

If you over do it then you will regret it tomorrow

None of this has worked but she now feels we need some food shopping since we have little food in the house

Sound the food bell

Ring, ring, ringrrrrrrrrrrring

I have been saved by the bell

You are going to come with me

Yes,of course

If I said no she might change her mind and go back to cleaning again

I would rather walk around and let her shop while I try to figure out a plan

I have to be faster than her and think on my feet

But I know she will distract me by looking for something she can't find

I am use to her tricks

I have to multitask like she does she is a pro

I am in her court and she has the home court advantage

I am doomed !!!

After she stopped and I had two bags of things to throw away and another bag of giveaways

The closet looks nice and I have to admit she did an awesome job

I don't know why but I am mentally wiped out and physically exausted

I rather work a full days work on a busy day and even work three hours overtime than another day of cleaning

I told my wife you have done enough and why not take a quick nap before we go food shopping

I needed time to think and so I came out to the hupages to clear my head

Now she is refreshed and ready to go food shopping

Not enough time in the day

I need more time

I will be back to continue where I left off later

Unless she has more cleaning to do and then my day is far from over


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      7 years ago

      Eiddwen We all live our different lives and know matter where we live in the world we face some of the same issues,problems and then we find a way to reach great success.I love computers and technology and the HubPages that brings so many hubbers together in one common goal to help each other.You said it perfectly "Here's to sharing hubs for many years to come".Special thanks for all the fun we have.

    • Eiddwen profile image


      7 years ago from Wales

      Another great hub , and thanks for sharing with us.

      One of the special things about HubPages is that most of us can relate to each other.

      A vote up for this one.

      Here's to sharing hubs for many a year to come.

      Take care



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