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Look Where You Are Going

Updated on January 5, 2012

Are We All Just Frustrated ?

The other day I was going into the dollar store to get some cheap batteries

They are for a Christmas present and I didn't realize till later the gift takes six double a batteries

While wrapping the gifts I noticed the batteries are not included

So where could I get batteries and make it fast

At Walmart the lines would be long and the batteries too expensive

Target was out of the way

There was our savour

The Dollar Tree along the way

So my plan was to go in and out as soon as possible

Since we were on the way to drop off the gift and I insisted I had to wrap the batteries too

I brought the wrapping paper and sissors and scotch tape with us

A small project in itself

With the gift already wrapped

My wife dropped me off at the front and I could go in without parking the car

The batteries are usually in the front near the register and I can do a quick grab and go

Nobody outside the store even though the parking lot was three quarters full

I went in and did a b line to the front counter and there they were

They have four batteries to a pack and I could get away with two packages

Then I noticed they had two different brands with the same number of batteries for the same great price

I wondered what brand was better

The ones that were alkaline or heavy duty

My mother always swore by alkaline batteries she said they last longer

So I grabbed two packages and then I said if get the other kind my neice can let me know which kind really lasted the longest

Then I will know if my mother was right all these years

So I decided to get two packages of each type and give them all

Sixteen batteries total

And two, no four more packages just incase we needed batteries for Christmas too

Now that is one bag of batteries

What a good deal

As I stepped back into the car and my wife said why all the batteries ?

How many batteries did you get ?

Well thirty two batteries in all but it really isn't alot

I explained nothing can be simple

I have to think too much

Two types of batteries and I had to pick one

If the batteries don't last then it would be awful

I would hate to have a toy that doesn't work for long

She said I am sure they have batteries

All parents do but you insisted you had to buy some

Not the whole store !!!

But you didn't need to buy that many

They won't go to waste and I would never give a gift without batteries

Then we might need some

When I got in the store I couldn't help but notice the long line

So I edged my way to the counter and got the batteries I needed

As I took my place in line like everyone else

I felt like a duck lining up with other ducks ready to be fed

That was the first thought that came into my head

Then I watched the person behind the counter get more frustrated by the minute

When one item wouldn't ring in and she had to call for help

No help coming now or never

She fixed the problem after a few minutes

Why don't they have more help

Nobody cares anymore

The manager is hiding or on break eating a footlong meatball sub and will not come out till the last meatball is gone

I could see the person infront of me start to roll their eyes

They beat me too it so I thought

But why was I in such a hurry anyway

Because I had to go to work and we were going to stop and give a Christmas gift before Christmas because we won't see my nephews again until after Christmas

What good is a Christmas gift to kids after Christmas

And besides we said we were coming

Then I had a thought somebody would clearly see that all I had was batteries

I could zip right through the line if they let me go first

So I proudly displayed my batteries in my hand and said you need batteries for everything today

The lady looked away not wanting to make eye contact

I was sure if she did she would let me go infront of her

Then here came the shining moment

She looked me in the eyes and didn't blink

She had no smile

She wasn't human I tell you

She began to pull things out one at a time on to the small space infront of her

Now cramming the things on top of each other

Not caring what was on top of what

Why would anyone do that ?

Why would you buy something then let it get crushed ?

Or purposely crush the life out of it

It is like buying a dozen eggs an putting them under the milk

You have to be pretty stupid to do that

If she is so stupid why is she infront of me in line

What does that make me?

More stupid

Instantly I pulled up close so noone could cut infront of me

Am I just as bad as the lady that wouldn't let me go infront of her

It makes no sense

Clearly she has issues

Then I waited till all of her items covered the rubber mat

Then things got sucked forward as if by a hoover vacume cleaner

Only so she could add more stuff

Then her husband passed her things that he got

I watched her reach into the bottomless pit of gifts and food and everything the store sold

I was sure I was going to die in this very spot

I could feel myself getting old

The grey hairs were popping out of my skin

Well some how I made it through the line before the store closed

The person behind the register was less than nice

As I struck up a quick conversation

Busy huh ?

No, this is our slow time

I couldn't tell if she was serious or being sarcastic

That bothered me

So I quickly changed the subject

All done with your Christmas shopping

Haven't started yet in a very angry voice

When do I have time to shop the cashier turned to me and said in those few words

The person stopped ringing in the batteries

A dead silence as I could feel every customers eyes looking at me

Why did she stop ringing ?

All the customers behind me must be thinking what did you say to her

There could be an angy mob brewing

A lynching and I know who

Can't you see we have places to go

I could hear whispers

Ring, tell her to ring your silly little batteries in

Since they have to be rung in one at a time

Why not one package and hit the number eight

For the eight packages

Well that is all I could think of

As my body froze I couldn't wait to get my change and get the heck out of there

Have a wonderful Christmas I insisted on telling her before I left

Maybe thinking there was a chance she could enjoy it still

She didn't answer me

She gave me some kind of snort

LIke a bull would give just before he came charging

As I walked out the door and couldn't wait to get back to my car

I felt I could loose the insanity and leave it in the store

I watched a man come in as I was going out

We kind of brushed against each other

He said Look where you are going !

I went to answer him but timing was everything

My moment had already passed

Why didn't I say anything

He was already in the store

He couldn't hear me now anyway

What would I say

He should of waited till I was out of the store before he walked in

That is common curtesy

I was in the right he was in the wrong

Why did I feel so guilty

If I said something would it lead to customer rage

I didn't know him and what he was capable of

Let it go

Now frazzled and in the car wrapping the batteries I got

We gave my nephews some awesome gifts with batteries

They really liked them

My wife deserves all the credit

She shopped really well

Now I just wanted to punch the guy in the nose who came up with the idea

Batteries not included

For only one reason (to save money)

Merry Christmas and don't let the little things destroy all the good


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      7 years ago

      wmhseo Sometimes fact is crazier than fiction.raciniwa Without batteries the toys are no good.Maybe the toys stay on the shelf too long and the batteries go bad.I am giving them the benefit of the doubt.Then give us a coupon to get free batteries when we need them.Is that asking to much.I now buy rechargable batteries and leave them in the house.This way I can use them and when they are dead I recharge them again.Deborah Brooks You probably would of handled it better.Thanx everyone for reading.

    • Deborah Brooks profile image

      Deborah Brooks Langford 

      7 years ago from Brownsville,TX

      Excellent...I have felt like this so many times...I voted up..debbie

    • raciniwa profile image


      7 years ago from Naga City, Cebu

      i find it somewhat amusing yet irritating on how business people only thought of the profit without considering the welfare of the consumers, why would batteries not included? the answer eludes's good that you've pointed it out here...


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