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Looking Back in Life

Updated on July 23, 2009



I’m filled with enough pain and guilt to go around.

It seems as though my heart is nowhere to be found.

In this world of confusion and pain my life means nothing to me.

As I sit here writing I think of all that I have done,

and all that was done to me.

My life wasn’t great,

and at times it was really tough,

but I hope others will flourish from me.

As for those of you that I’ve done wrong:

I’m saying sorry to the people I hated,

for the things that I did and said,

whether they deserved it or not.

I’m saying sorry to all my friends,

for the things that I said and for making them sad.

I’m saying sorry to all of my family,

for the things that I’ve said and done.

I’m saying sorry to those who loved me,

for always being sad,

and never being what they could’ve had.

But most of all,

I’m saying sorry to myself.

Sorry for never having fun.

Sorry for keeping myself away.

Sorry for always thinking the worst,

and sorry—

for always feeling sorry for myself.


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