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Looking For A Hole In The Bag To Peek In

Updated on November 28, 2010

Look and Look Some More

When I think of life I think of busting out of the worlds notorious Sing Sing

Every time we face a problem no matter how big or small it is the biggest task I have ever handled of them all

I rack my brains back and forth you would think I was on the round up amusement ride for the tenth time

I will not give in but all options leave me no choice

I will not let others decide my fate

I will try even harder until something breaks

I am not worried about myself because I am not ego driven

I worry for others who I might drag down the drain with me

I don't mind scrapes and a cut knee

But when people you love so much are affected when is enough enough!

It is like they are being taken ransom for something I HAVE DONE

I am no longer the victim I am the cause and the reason

I can not let that happen my morals won't allow the pain

As the beautiful bubbles we use to blow as a child

Started out so small until they would slowly grow with each breath of air

They formed wonders in front of my eyes that the whole world could see

The bubbles started to shape in new directions even I had no control over the end result

I became more excited and exhilarated

Speechless for the next moment

I silently watched as to not disturb any good karma that has taken place

Then I begin to blow again with passion because I can't bare to wait

The bubble finally releases its final launch and with all systems go we have lift off

The moment we have waited all our lives for

To see our dreams made of air and water break free of the very thing that gave them life

They begin to float a little higher gaining some speed to carry this bubble in motion

When all my thoughts have peeked for a second

I feel such a great satisfaction of pure pleasure released

That I know I am responsible for and I AM HELD ACCOUNTABLE FOR EVER ACTION !

I have planned and carefully prepared my charts for every conceivable notion

Then as I witness it like a Butterfly floating from flower to flower with such grace

My contained laughter and complete sacrifice for being persistant has finally paid off


Everything I know to be true has suddenly been destroyed

Like the Atom bomb has been dropped

With the latest technology at my finger tips I am at a loss

I have seen my dreams come and go within a seconds time

So now I start the whole process all over again

The damage is done and it might take years to recover

I know I have done everything I could

Since I play that same senerio over and over again

A million times in my head


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    • DREAM ON profile imageAUTHOR

      DREAM ON 

      7 years ago

      Nellieanna I have to go deeper into the problems of my life and see what lies under the sheets.So I can wash that dirty laundry once and for all.(lol)I appreciate and look forward to all advice you have.I know I am in the right direction.Because It feels right to write.(lol) :.)

    • Nellieanna profile image

      Nellieanna Hay 

      7 years ago from TEXAS

      You must relax and make some changes in your routine. Your loved ones will encourage and understand. You will not choose changes detrimental to them. Healthy changes for you will be good for them as well. But either way, you must break the pattern which keeps ensnaring you.


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