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Loose Poems

Updated on July 7, 2010

On the edge of a giant cross I walk alone

In the face of a deadly whisper I walk alone

In the middle of an endless crowd I walk alone

Through the rising noise I walk alone

And as I walk my footsteps mark a clearer trace of my strange existence

Stopping nowhere, feeling nothing, knowing no one

That is who I am, that is me

So look at me and know only this

There will never be anything you can think or say about me

For I am the cool wind of Winter nights

The warm ray of sun through the broken glass of a window

The stones that lie in the dirt

A drop of water from a small spring

I am the everything and the nothing that slowly grows in you

I am it all

And when you find yourself wondering about it

Ask yourself only this:

Do you know what I am?


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