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'Lord, You Can See That It's True'

Updated on August 30, 2013

Hyannis Port harbor at dusk


'Lord, You Can See That It's True'

‘Lord, You Can See That It’s True’

-The Grateful Dead

Lately the skies have been crying

The harbor meets the break-wall with a freshness

That resembles two lovers loathing

The lack of timelessness

In which they have found themselves

Rather they run by rote?

Or something entirely intangible?

No, they’re wedded to a mustering of weather

That reeks of god and goddess

Shoeless and clueless

Abused by a caressing wind

And salt up to the hilt

Now the moment has spilt

Her ocean’s honey

Doused rock to silt—

An enormity too chased to find

He—peppered inside

A calamity prolonged?

Their bodies collide

To mix and spray without degree

Their legacy

Ever on the mend

Save dry-eyed gulls

With scoops and leads

The story reads

Life without end.

-Mike Head 4/24/13


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