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Sestina: Loss of an Angel

Updated on August 22, 2010

Author's Note

This was the first sestina I ever wrote. It is about 4 years old now and hasn't changed much. It has been revised once or twice but as I'm not the world's most dedicated poet, I never went back to it after the initial edits. Never felt the urge to. Thought I would submit it here, though, and any and all feedback would be welcome and very much appreciated. Thanks for reading.

"Loss of an Angel"

Flying through the fierce storm of molten silver,

Your adventure-loving angel chases a deadly shadow

And has for a trusted guide Apollo's golden arrow.

He will slay your demon and free the midnight stars.

Too long has it been since your eyes last saw their fires,

Too long have they been kept by black Eris in secret.

Hush now, don't cry, for you know that your secret

Is safely guarded by him with a soul as pure as silver

Cleansed by the touch of heavenly fires.

You should fear not the pale moon's shadow

For our heroic angel is close now to the stars.

He has flown truer than Orion's hunting arrow.

See there? The Morning Star is his guiding arrow.

Briefly is that light freed from a demon's secret

Grip, and soon your angel shall liberate all the stars.

And yet you wish to follow your angel on wings of silver.

Such thoughts have been spawned from the blackest shadow,

A darkness cast by the light of the brightest fires.

Dark is born of Light, Death of Life's blazing fires,

Sadness of the Joy brought upon you by Cupid's arrow,

But fear not. Your angel hunts Despair's son -- a shadow --

So that you may once again understand Love's secret.

You may yet let yourself live to see your hair turn silver

And look back upon a full life as you journey to the stars.

And now at last, your angel has freed for you the stars

And now at last, you can see their celestial fires.

And yet, you still mourn your angel and his soul of silver,

And still feel the heavy hole left by an erotic arrow

And you yearn to know at once Destiny's hidden secret

And when upon you Death will cast his ghostly shadow.

You should not yearn so desperately for that cold shadow

For you shall be reunited with your angel among the stars

Soon enough, but now, peace; keep not your pain in secret.

Promise to remember that though cold dark is born of bright fire,

The light will always be strong enough to be your arrow,

Crafted of glittering gold and fletched with shining silver.

You may live now in a shadow, but you can find the midnight fires

And smile again at the stars while an angel's arrow

Pierces a secret demon's heart with a purified tip of silver.

-- written by Kristen Salustro

A Brief Note on Sestinas

A sestina is a poem comprised of six six-line stanzas followed by a tercet, making for 7 stanzas and 39 lines total. The same six words end the lines of the six-line stanzas, but in a different order each time. The tercet contains all six end words, but only three are used to end the lines of the tercet. If the sestina's end words were represented by the letters A, B, C, D, E, and F, they would follow this pattern in the six-line stanzas and the tercet:

6-line stanza 1: ABCDEF

6-line stanza 2: FAEBDC

6-line stanza 3: CFDABE

6-line stanza 4: ECBFAD

6-line stanza 5: DEACFB

6-line stanza 6: BDFECA

Tercet line 1: contains B, ends in E

Tercet line 2: contains D, ends in C

Tercet line 3: contains F, ends in A


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    • krissalus profile image

      krissalus 6 years ago

      Thanks so much, echoe0021 :) I really enjoy sestinas. They definitely are a challenge to write, but I've found that thinking up a theme and then picking end words that loosely relate to it sometimes helps keeps things tight.

    • echoe0021 profile image

      echoe0021 6 years ago from Conway, AR

      I thought this was spectacular, I've written one sestina and will eventually post it on here. I loved the imagery in it. I have always been a great fan of greek mythology. You really came across well with the sestina, at least as far as I could tell. Great admiration toward you as this is one of the hardest forms in which I've had to write.

    • bogpan profile image

      Bozhidar Pangelov 7 years ago from Bulgaria Sofia

      After reading this work in me to raise the thought form imposes certain metaphors. My weakness is Greek mythology, and I think she always used to express some very serious internal experience. In this aspect as a combination of form and content measured served with aesthetics, I think that it has received a very good product.

    • krissalus profile image

      krissalus 7 years ago


      I'm glad you enjoyed it! Admittedly, I'm not too sure *I* even knew what I was writing about at the time, but I'd like to think I carried the idea of losing someone special but still having them through the poem. Or at least I hope I did... haha my obsession with Greek mythology might have gotten in the way a bit, but I am very glad you liked it. Thanks for the comment! Very much appreciated.

    • MariD3 profile image

      MariD3 7 years ago from United States

      After reading the goal of a Sestina piece I concur mission accomplished! I had to read this piece aloud and a few times before I was able to get the full grasp of it(or at least what I Think the full grasp is). I Believe that it's well written for one whose not a dedicated poet/writer....job well done! As a writer I have a very difficult time following formats such as this and I give big props to those who are able to! Keep 'em coming! ;->