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Lost Generation of Unemployment

Updated on April 22, 2012

31st September 2009

This year more people graduated with higher grades than ever before but, finding a job wasn't as easy as they had been told. Graduation should be a happy time where you have felt poor and useless for ages waiting for the time when you can get a job and start earning your own living. Although that special time was shattered, this year, as students found out the new reality.

I do not believe that the government is doing a bad job; however, I do believe that matters are going to get worse if they don’t act fast. It's not fair on me as a youngster having to change my dream of being a writer, designer, marketing director and animator etcetera for some mundane job in a supermarket.

I mean that a job such as stacking shelves in a supermarket might start turning into a dream as jobs get harder to get and I get closer to that ever more scary exam. Just imagine a tutor saying “boys and girls I’m sure you are all aware that today is a very serious day for all of us. I can guarantee that a few of you will get good jobs and a little more some employment in supermarkets as big as Waitrose and Sainsbury’s and I'm hopeful for a few university goers too!”. No one wants a dream like that!

We no longer know the difference between excellent students and Okay Students because they all get the same mark. So who do the employers know who to give the job to? They don't anymore. Maybe some might have done slightly better in the interview but, that doesn't mean they will do the job better than other candidates. Think about it, just for a minute if you were 16 would you really want a future like that! I cannot stress this enough.

I may be young at the age of only fourteen and you might say I am talking about subjects I do not fully understand yet. All I can reply to that, is that, at the age of 16 I am hoping this crisis in history will be over and I will still be able to dream of the job I have wanted and worked for my whole life. I have great life ambitions at the moment, maybe too great for a girl so young to start thinking about, but, may I remind you that I am only two years away from sixteen and most of you reading this will agree with me that, that, is not that long a time, and I am already scared that I may never pursue my dream of becoming a writer or fashion designer. Ever since I was a little girl I have had the dream of being a “story writer” and by little I don’t mean 8 or 9 I mean 5 or 6. Almost since I had just started getting my memory and a mind of my own I have know what what I wanted to do. Even just the thought that I might not get to really complete that dream is terrible for me, to think that someone could just snatch the dream away from me just like that is terrifying.

I believe that the only way we can resolve this is not by sitting around and waiting for it to just be put right, but, we need to act. I'm not going to be false like some people and say I know how we can act but there is always something you can do, there is always a way and if you feel there IS something you can do to help, do it. If it feels right you should have a go only your soul knows what is truly right or wrong. Maybe you think I am acting smart, maybe you feel this is a topic only to be spoken about between adults, maybe you feel I am right but, whatever you feel, please, listen to me and read what I'm saying. No one is ever too young for anything and I feel things can be put right before it is to late. To all people reading this, know, hear what I say for this crisis has shattered many lives already and I can only hope it doesn’t shatter mine as well.

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    • profile image

      Catherine 7 years ago

      Keeping over 65's in jobs is not going to help employment of the young. A very perceptive article.

    • profile image

      Jane 8 years ago

      I agree

    • profile image

      Pauline 8 years ago

      Couldn't agree more. It is no use asking people to retire at 70 if this means the young never get jobs

    • lizoz profile image

      Lizzi 8 years ago

      hey, thanks for reading my article I am open for any positive comments or constructive critisisum! thanks :D