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Lost In Thoughts.

Updated on October 5, 2009


Lost in thought
is a place I wander often
even now as I'm hurtling
down Interstate 70.

Like a bullet with a brain,
in a full metal jacket
scenery going by in a blur...
exit signs...billboards
unoticed by me as I
wallow in my musings.

It's dangerous sometimes
to get that far
into your own head,
but it's an addiction
in the long drudge of driving,
unavoidable when your
mind is constantly
formulating, fermenting 
and spewing out creative juices.

It causes a writer
to be drunken...almost giddy
at intellectual possibilities.

Its lure causes
attention to stumble
as one wanders lost in thought
but I'll take my chances
for it's far better
to be lost in thought
than to have lost....
some good thoughts.




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    • profile image

      \Brenda Scully 8 years ago

      wonderful work bravo

    • Jewels profile image

      Jewels 8 years ago from Australia

      I have lost memories of towns I drove through while lost in thought. I wonder who was driving?