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Lost Son

Updated on March 19, 2017

Lost Son

You are lost son, lost in being a son,

Time passes but you cant feel anymore,

than the identity of a lost son,

Seasons for reasons,

Reasons through all seasons you try to find,

but you identity was lost behind,

A man you are ripping towards,

but a son live never let you be,

It don"t matter you time to time say,

but again why does it affect you this way,

You try to look for the culprit,

who stained your childhood long before you knew,

but not too long you find the truth,

That you all through try to fuel a ship that already drowned,

It harder each time to wrap your mind around,

since your served bitter herbs in a silver plate,

and nice false promises that meet your ears too late,

Now to manliness is all about yourself,

and learning it you will in baby steps,

Spikes of anger may at time haunt you,

but time has in time healed you,

Your duty to be a better parent,

and give more than you spent,


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