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Lost and Found - Chapter One

Updated on November 19, 2012

Lost and Found - Chapter One

This is an excerpt from the first chapter of a book I'm working on called Random Wanderings. Enjoy.

Chapter 1

Lost and Found

….and suddenly..I found myself. As if awakening from a dream, yet wandering through unfamiliar places, I found myself in a new world that to my surprise felt more like home than anything I had ever known. As a general rule, I stray from wandering. But, this was somehow different. This was pleasant. This was joyous. This...was heaven.

My wanderings began in a field of self affirmation, planting my feet amongst wildflowers of grace, covering the dirt of my past and giving it beauty. I stood firm, calm, and still as billowing winds of forgiveness engulfed my existence, threatening to uproot my soul. It pierced my body with grains of dirt from my past grinding like sandpaper against the fibers of my being. But, try as it might to knock me down, I found beauty in the wildflowers of grace, which gave me the desire to remain planted in the field of self affirmation and I found myself more than able to accept the winds of forgiveness as painful as the grains might be that blew into my soul along with it. At that moment, I became thankful.

As I stood amidst the whirlwind of forgiveness, my new found thankfulness began to filter out the harsh grains of dirt. A rather large filter at first, gave way to finer holes and the grains became smaller and finer as time progressed. It was at this point, that I realized what was happening. The fibers of my soul were becoming smooth. The grains of my past, carried by the winds of forgiveness, were grinding down the callous built up around the very core of my existence. My hardened heart was becoming soft again as if I were a new baby and the struggles of my past life were falling to the ground like sawdust from sandpaper.

The last remnants of my past life found their way through my filter of thankfulness and as they passed through me they felt less like sand paper and more like a kiss. The winds ceased and I now stood naked, exposed upon a hill of faith. My entire self became vulnerable to every kind of feeling possible. Then, a thunder clap overhead and torrential rains of emotion began to fall suddenly upon me. I felt everything that I've ever felt in my life only now, all at once and stronger than anything I could have imagined in my previous life. My feelings engulfed me in every way possible. I was suddenly swept off my feet, though I didn't mind, and tossed about in a twirling sea of self worth.

Intensity continued to build as the lines between one emotion and the other began to fade. I soon could no longer differentiate from one to the other as they dissolved into one feeling, of which I cannot describe. The sea of self worth that had sprung up began to recede from around me, but the feeling remained within.

I was deposited back on my feet atop the hill of faith and then, as suddenly as the rain had begun, it stopped and gave way to an intense light. I no longer had the eyes to see it, but I could feel its warmth upon my mind, body, and soul. I say warmth, but that word really doesn't do the feeling justice. This was the most incredible feeling I had ever experienced and I decided right there that I wanted very much to remain in the presence of this warmth forever. This being that had descended upon me was something far greater than myself and I Loved it. I Loved it with everything that is within me and more.

Yet, a longing began to grow within me. As time would have it, I soon desired very much for a companion or two, or three, or many. I was not at all lonely, but I became so excited that I wanted deeply to bring others to this glorious presence that I was now in the midst of.

Was this death or was this birth? “Both”, exclaimed the warming presence, “Welcome, we've been waiting for you.”

“Who are you”, said I.

“God”, says the warmth. “..and congratulations on your graduation.”

“My what?”

“You've just graduated and are now ready to live.”

“Live? But, I thought I had just died.”

“You did, from your old adolescent self...but now, you are truly alive!”

“I don't understand.”

“You will.”

“Well, at any rate, I've been enjoying your warmth..” says I to God, “...and for the experience, I thank you.”

“You are most welcome and I've been enjoying yours as well.”, says God.

“Mine? I have a warmth?”, says I.

“Oh yes, a most reverent one at that.”, says God.

“Fascinating!”, says I.

“Indeed!”, says God.

“I Love you..”, says I.

“I Love you..”, says God.


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