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Lost in a Haze

Updated on October 27, 2013
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Lost in haze from Asma
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Lost in a Haze

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

Memories fade with time,

hurt so overwhelming,

now lost in a haze of distance,

no longer plague the mind,

just the residue of experience remains,

that sense of overcoming,

that which seemed impossible back then.

The other side of decimation,

is growth and transformation,

a new platform on which to stand,

perhaps a little stronger,

a little wiser than before,

a perspective broadened by pain,

and the accomplishment of survival.

Each painful memory we endue,

so our soul grows with understanding,

giving us the opportunity to find balance,

the infinite wisdom of nature,

and the cycle of life,

where blame and anger,

are misdirected responses to the natural world.

Experience we hold within us,

to learn, to lead us to smoother pathways,

but to cling to the past is counter-productive,

holding tight to memory a mistake,

the experience itself the key to change,

and understanding balance,

that so enriches our perspective and life.

The good memories give hope to our potential,

to live life to the full,

to experience all there is and grow,

and then to share our knowledge,

in this our earthly journey,

this short and defining voyage of life,

where souls are nurtured and freed.

No matter what experience has changed us, we can overcome it if we choose.


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