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Lost in the Cause

Updated on February 18, 2013
Two-Faced from Siobhan Bikerdike Source:
Two-Faced from Siobhan Bikerdike Source:

Lost in the Cause

By Tony DeLorger © 2013

How fortuitous, the outrageous steps of rebellion impart,

the throws of a righteous imbalance,

ever gleaning the fragments of a lost and broken truth,

and clambering for sense to a yearning, fractious soul.

We strive to target that which is most lost within us,

recognition the impetuous of judgement,

chasing our own tale in our pious fight for right,

and at rest with our vengeful and misguided affront.

How deep the recesses of a vengeful heart,

atonement from the veiled truth subconscious,

acting out some macabre dance to placate the inner self,

to accept the lie of our perfect being.

Lost in the cause of right,

the sway of an ineffectual mind, unpredictable,

clawing for a dominant, supercilious attachment to control,

when control is but an illusion of a dream imagined.

Reality is subjective in ever sense,

seen, taken and rejected at will, with commitment,

allowing the justification of limitless degree,

all for the preservation of a bone-china ego.

Lost in the cause,

lost in the right,

and lost in the self,

denial the precious commodity of survival.


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