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Lost in Your Daydream

Updated on September 18, 2014
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I sit in silence
Middle of the room

I hear the ocean
I am nowhere near it

I'm showered in breeze
The gentle fan above me

I am light as air
Lost in a daydream

... And I am gone

Happy Birthday
Everyone sings

Calming night
In a modern home

We surround the table
Nine foot long

... And we eat cake

Glowing smiles
Dim lighting

I pass my gift
Open it up

Stare caressingly
A tear falls

To remember us
If I should go

... And I remember

I blink
The daydream dissolves

My right foot tickles
It fell asleep

I close my eyes
Just for silence

... And I hear silence

Laughing in the distance
Children down the street

New homes rising

I breathe deep
Empty my mind

... And I daydream

© 2014 by Brandon J. Martin


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