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Lost youth: What we are and what we have been

Updated on September 12, 2011

The end of an Era

“In a few decades, everyone you know would have died…”

- Edward Cullen.

My mom is sitting with me, almost crying. My mamaji (maternal uncle) is not well and will be going to Mumbai tomorrow to see a cancer doctor. “It’s all going away,” she says. “Soon there will be no one who remembers me from before”. I tell her that it’s illogical to think so. She will definitely die before me and due to the torture that I faced in my teen ages I would surely remember her; if not love at least.

She doesn’t smile at this. This makes me a little worried. She starts talking again. “When I was young, we used to make Jhaaki (floats) of ganpatij (Lord Ganesha) at our house. Everyone would chip in and ours used to be the best jhaaki in the gully. There used to be so many people who came to see that police was required. I was class valedictorian. I used to wear bell-bottoms ….”

I didn’t know any of this. That last piece of information does shock me. I never knew mom could to wear anything so…for the lack of a better word…modern? I couldn’t imagine mom in bell-bottoms…She doesn’t even wear chudidaars now, how could this be? But I think for some time and know that this has happened to me too, this is how it’s always been.

I am plump but nobody in my office knows that I was underweight till class 12th or that I took medicines so that I would put on some weight, forget about knowing they wouldn't believe it unless they see some photographs as proof. I can't believe that my bosses were once freshers and enjoyed office as much as I did when I had newly joined my office.

That’s the same with mom. That part of her life where she was so young and carefree is now gone, but it did happen. Sure, mom can remember all she wants to. But what happens when there is no one to validate these memories? How lonely is that? I think about all my exploits in school and colleges... I don't want them to fade away... but how can one stop memories from growing old?

I am already feeling depressed. Mom realizes how I am feeling or senses it…so she gets up to cook something nice for me. God bless her.

It’s time for me to read. Like a drug for a painful headache. I read.

Lost Youth


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    • profile image

      shrutzin 6 years ago

      Thanks all! It was my first hub page, and so it feels great to have my article read by someone else..other than my mom of course :)...

    • profile image

      RomancingWithLife 6 years ago

      I would say the message you have caught and sent is very thoughtful and senti (sad rather) which generally people avoid to read but you have really managed to engaged your reader well by mixing light words and sentences.

      You are very thoughtful and can give your reader chances to read/remind nice and important messages so keep writing :)

      And yes the snap you put is really matching the article and provoked me to sign up on HubPages :)

      Technical comments which really really doesn't mean for such (thoughtful but maintaining lightness at the same time) article

      1. ....

      2. ....

      I won't write them as I really feel that are not valid for this article .. so keep writing.


    • anusha15 profile image

      Anusha Jain 6 years ago from Delhi, India

      What begins has to end, some endings are abrupt - they are like a clean break :), while some gradually spread - and the realization sinks in only when they have substantially covered the beginnings of journeys, the pathway... the memories. The ending you mentioned is second one... slow, subtle, encompassing. Your writeup is great. Right from the beginning till the end, it engages the reader. Welcome to Hubpages, Great start.

    • Sandyksk profile image

      Sandy Jauregui 6 years ago from Sanger

      Your mother is right...ask her for more stories...and write them down...share them...collect old pictures...write their stories...still...someday...there will be nobody left who remembers...but your stories will (hopefully) be left for those who want to know...thank you for sharing...:)