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The Tale of Louie the Light Bulb - Part 2

Updated on June 1, 2009

Louie the Light Bulb (part two)

Louie was having a terrible night. It took what seemed like forever to get to sleep and when he finally did get to sleep, he had horrible nightmares. The first one was about a furry little dog that somehow morphed in to a buffalo. That’s the thing about dreams, one thing leads to another and people change and locations change and gosh just about everything changes and you can’t wake up and get away from them when you want to. This was the kind of night it was for poor Louie. He tossed and turned and then tossed and turned some more. Sometimes dreams are hard to remember but Louie’s last nightmare before waking up was unforgettable. There was that pesky, furry little thing again but this time it became a dinosaur; a huge, scary, ferocious dinosaur with spikes on his back and huge, sharp teeth, sharper than sharks teeth. The dinosaur grew to be the size of the kitchen and then turned on Louie and opened his jaws wider and wider and came closer and closer, then to Louie’s delight he woke up. Mom had walked in to the kitchen and flicked the switch.

So, he thought, I’ll catch a nap later in the day when they turn me off.

“Silly me, being scared by a dream. As if there was such a thing that could turn into a monster and scare me. Me, Louie the Light Bulb. I don’t scare easily!” “Humph”, thought Louie.

Then he added, “Louie the Light Bulb is the king of the kitchen. I hang way up here, above all else.”

Just as he was brushing himself off and feeling rather proud of himself; Dorothy came in to the kitchen.

“Where’s Pompom mommy?” she asked.

“Who?” thought Louie?

Mom replied, “He’s in the den with Andy. It will take a while for him to become adjusted to his new surroundings. Pomeranians tend to get excited and nervous. He’s been jumping around in circles.”

Just as mom finished her sentence, Pompom bounced in. Louie wiped his eyes and took another look.

“Oh no”, he moaned. “There really is a white, furry creature here. He looks just like the one that was in my nightmare last night.”

Pompom was jumping and yapping and everyone seemed to be making a fuss over him. You’d think they’d never seen a dog before.

Louie thought to himself, “They’ll probably build him a dog house outside and I’ll never have to look at him again. Then I’ll be the master of the house once again.”

Pompom was slobbering all over Dorothy’s face. She was huddled over him and appeared to be enjoying the attention.

Louie was sure that Pompom looked up at him and grinned. The little dog puffed out his chest and pranced around the room, then looked up and winked once more at Louie as if to say, “I’m here now. Things are about to change.”

Be sure to check in to see what happens next.


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