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Love Across The Universe

Updated on May 22, 2012

The start of our journey begins with the closest star to us

The view of our show
The view of our show | Source

What to do for a night out? Say, dinner and a show, nature style.

Part I:

It was only after 5 o'clock that we were finally free from the grip of impending bills being paid via internet pay options. After many minutes too many on the phone with incompetent morons from God-shit nowhere, all was paid including the cheap rent. No shut-off on their favorite third roommate: the internets. I then just sat on the bed wanting out of this shellhole apartment; we needed something to do and needed to be cheap. But what was there to do?

I, being the guy in her life, was worried but not opposed to a bed and breakfast for just a night. But the fear of a low account might curb that. Krist's head pointed to the window, and she longed to be a free bird on the solid ground. Perhaps, the 1/24th American Indian in our blood was finally mutating the mostly euro American honky in our veins. Meanwhile I was thirsty for something new. We can use some old lady's empty room in her house for debauchery anytime. Meanwhile, my head was aiming toward the open outdoors in the semi-wilderness. We live in the lower suburbs of an American white bread dream in a college level studio apartment. So there was no danger of bear attacks and its far too chilly for mosquitoes to give us hell. The best incentive to enjoy God's great country: A clear night and an open Lake Michigan beach which looks a sparkly silver in the sunset lights.

This was starting to make sense: we go to the store pick up some things to eat get a pocket-sized bottle of powerful vino, and then we pack our back pack with essentials that we had procured. Cheetos cheesy puffs, a box of Fiddle Faddle, a few diet Cokes and a bag of Reese's Cups. Any camper would agree that this is an ideal inventory. We already knew a great spot, on the broad side of a hill of sand hidden in the slightly knee high grass. The sky did not have a single cloud in it and the air seemed pleasantly cool but not cold. I also bought a new and expensive battery for our telescope viewfinder. All that we needed was a “silvery” beach.

We drove to the closed public beach; closed because the park was not in season yet making the place a free parking zone, one could store a car here. Prior to leaving the vehicle my brilliant and cutie fiance had another great idea: put the wine in two leftover McDonald cups and bring them to the sandy shores. We use the innocent cups to disguise our red velvet liquid high. First we picked our spot, and laid out our seating arrangement and carved 2 cup holders in the moisten pockets of the sand to hold our blood of drunk. As the sun was being laid to rest, I calibrated my scope to its viewfinder by looking at the tip of a nearby lighthouse.

The distant lighthouse

This historical monument to light helped me calibrate my reflector telescope into accuracy thanks to a good aim at the tip of the structure.
This historical monument to light helped me calibrate my reflector telescope into accuracy thanks to a good aim at the tip of the structure. | Source


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