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Love Compatibility for Cancer

Updated on October 10, 2010


Cancer is the nurturing sign of the zodiac. They are best with people who understand their creative side of life. Their love compatibility shows that they are best with people who understand their mood swings and their style of living.

Cancer with Aries: Cancer and Aries are always fascinated with each other. Later the compatibility of love of each other fades away. Cancer loves the family life. Bur Aries do not being tied down. The argument between them can always trigger unhappiness.

Cancer with Taurus: Cancer and Taurus are home lovers Taurus is always easy going which are a very good boon for Cancer. Care should be taken that compatible love of Cancer is not hurt. Taurus always like for money and security.

Cancer with Gemini: Cancer is always passionate about life. It always fulfils Gemini’s physical needs. Gemini’s loathes is always tied down. Gemini’s never has patience with the Cancer people in terms of compatible love. Cancer always loves home and family.

Cancer with Leo: Leo is always generous, open hearted and strong and always feel insecure. Leo is always domineering about its life. They work hard for attaining their perfect life. The love compatibility shows that they are great communicators which might prove to be getting of trouble.

Cancer with Virgo: The responses of Cancer are emotional while that of Virgo are analytical. Virgo always needs some warming up. Their relationship can always turn out to be fruitful, secure and good and is compatible love.

Cancer with Libra: They both operate on entirely different level. Cancer always want love to be equal from both sides while Libra always takes it to the intellectual communion. Libra always needs others support for the smooth functioning of their life and their compatible love.

Cancer with Scorpio: Cancer admires Scorpios strength. Scorpio always loves the warmth and support of Scorpio. Together they always build a happy and a prosperous cocoon. The compatibility of love always makes them joyous.

Cancer with Sagittarius: Outgoing Sagittarius always holds intellectual vistas for imaginative Cancer. Cancerian’s commitment to total togetherness always makes Sagittarius desperate in their compatible love

Cancer with Capricorn: Cancer and Capricorn are a polarity in the zodiac. They always can make a winning comeback. Cancer takes Capricorns reserve as a social rebuff. The compatibility of love shows that differences may always prove long to be happy.


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      Estela 5 years ago

      Where is cancer and cancer???