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Love Don't Go Like This

Updated on November 3, 2018
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Love and Relationships

love dont go like this

the unrelenting non compromising understanding of truth
Articulate study of a mysterious woman,
examining truth, faith, and the untamed nature of her soul,
this love is one of challenging
compromising threats that loomed over us
this i hate to admit but, It seems like something
I should of seen, or maybe some how i did know,
I wanted a fair chance, at true love,
not happenstance, but true romance and discovery,
I loved her very essence and exsistence,
I loved her with honesty
though now I am riding on the reverberations of chaotic discord,
she denied us the future and possibility
she loved me not, somehow
becoming the slow enjoyed torture now
maybe her disscent and resentment,
hesitation and reluctance
to simple hugs and refusal to kiss
should of become arbitary findings,
love I know would not refuse such things,
Love would never cause a obvious torture,
Love does not go like this,

SHe must suffer from the indwelling of a deamon,
she must hate me,
and repeat in her mind ugly things
so if she says them,
obviously she means them.
I have now prepared myself against attrocity,
this unfathomable trasgression and hippocracy
Love of a fool, seduced by lies,
love denied in the truest essence,
I only wished to have a chance to love her
with real passion,devotion & innocence
SHe put me through a torturous hell,
to teach me what lesson,
I have to understand and believe,
though the pain may draw me to my knees,
this woman did not at all come for love,
she came to cause greif, strife, and longsuffering,
I loved her undeniably,
I loved her without regard to compromising my faith
and she did however give ability to dream,
chaos for her is bliss,
understand you broken hearted fool,
love you already knew
love does not go like this,

she could not aquise or comfort,
because this deamon came to cause pain,
this is what she has to enjoy,
she came to confuse, use, and abuse
she came here to destroy,
she has a key or at least ,
dominion in hell,
love could never wish for me to suffer,
however suffarage is all I have come to know,
she enjoyed my pain, she pretended to love
until she was sure, i fell in deep
she wanted to only fill me with contempt and
filled her heart with complaced deceet,
she is a devil who enjoys my suffering,
although i stood strong and true,
this is my gift
i knew in my heart
love does not go like this,

Look her in the eyes, she needs to know,
You loved her heart, mind,
and believed she was a beautiful soul,
Your unconditional love was never compromised,
because she never loved you at all,
this was all a devilish try,
to hurt you as she said she would,
her every word, was but a lie,
she is a walking contradiction,
let her go, you dont need this attritious affliction
this is a slow perpetual starvation, of
the mind, heart, body and soul,
she comes like the devil does,
she comes to hurt, manipulate, and devide,
this is where you do what?
pray she finds heavanly bliss,
because i know,
love does not go like this,

This is where I will still love her,
love the devil to death
unconditional love means
loving through the pain,
love is something you do unconditionally
i will love her until i have no soul left
is this what is in your heart fool,
she is only here to be hurtful and cruel,
love for me is not destination, its a journey,
love is the ability to believe
that love unconditionally,
grants heavans bliss,
i know that love does go exactly like this,

love can breath life into a dead soul,
this woman is only recreating
what her heart has only known
I have to believe she will still
find love for me some how,
She is my greatest challenge
to achieve enlightenment and atone
for a tortured soul,
I will love her until the end of my time,
with uncompromised willingness,
I dare to love someone
who came to hurt but found truth,
maybe its not me in pain,
love her back to life,
imagine this possibility
to recieve the greatest joy,
Because I love this woman,
with truth unconditionally
i believe love has potential
to conquer and overcome any trasgression
love is the truth and the delight
that can also love the devil himself back to life
you can love him to return from the darkness,
all things possible, with love, you can bring ol'Lucifer
back to the light.
so i promise you this,
Love in my belief goes,
exactly like this

When we were us

© 2018 charlie


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