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Love, Equality, Tacos!

Updated on March 28, 2013
Nothing says equality like a ninja with a taco!
Nothing says equality like a ninja with a taco! | Source


Consider the following scenario if you will.

You are a ninja. You are little more than a shadow on the wall in the corner of a bustling Tex-Mex eating establishment, and you are enjoying a taco. This is not an unusual occurrence as you frequent this restaurant for tasty taco goodness on a routine basis, however there is something different tonight. You realize that this is more than just a taco to you, and you feel a deep passion for its seasoning-filled delights.

You cannot hold your tongue any longer.

"I love you, taco," the words pour from your lips.

The other restaurant patrons do not share your passion. It first begins as a older woman gives you a disapproving glance. Then a man makes a sound of disgust. Then a table consisting of several different people of several different nationalities make references to several different deities and how their collective deities don't approve of your ninja / taco relationship.

You are forced out of the restaurant where a mob wielding torches and pitchforks is conveniently waiting to run you out of town, which is quite a long run since you happen to be in a major metropolitan area.

Unfortunately for some people this is a daily occurrence.

Look at that beauty.  How could you not love it?
Look at that beauty. How could you not love it? | Source

Considering your choice of Mexican foods...

We all come to this point some time in our lives.

You're standing in line at your local fast-food taco joint, and you're looking over the menu trying to decide what you're going to have for lunch. Should you choose the taco, the burrito, the enchilada platter?

But for some people it's not a choice.

Some people are struggling with their love for various Mexican foods.

In Boise, Idaho there is a boy practicing Jiujitsu in his room, but feeling conflicted from the feelings he's experiencing about the burrito he just ate.

In New York City an American ninja is in a secret base fighting off wave after wave of rogue ninjas, while thinking of the delicious falafel he is going to enjoy once he gets the cure for the deadly virus he has been infected with by a fearless villain known only as "The Cobra".

In London on the underground train a samurai warrior is about to enjoy an egg roll for the very first time.

You may not understand their love for cross-continental greasy foods. You may not even be able to fathom how a martial arts student could ever find amorous attraction for a deep-fried fast-food delight.

While you may take moral or religious offense to such an act you should take a moment to answer these questions.

Do you remember when you found the love of your life?

Do you remember how you felt?

Did you have a choice in those feelings of love, or did they just come to you naturally.

Do you remember how you didn't care what everyone else thought, because you knew that you and your significant other were happy together?

In the great circle of life we are all equal whether you are a showgirl, a ninja, a pirate, or a... pagan princess?
In the great circle of life we are all equal whether you are a showgirl, a ninja, a pirate, or a... pagan princess? | Source

Many people believe that the only proper combination of Mexican foods is "one taco and one burrito". Many believe that to have "two tacos" or "two burritos" is an abomination. Some even go so far as to wish that these taco deviants be executed, or at least given a very serious public shaming to tell them the error of their ways.

There should not be animosity here concerning love of foods from all different nationalities.

If one wishes to put bacon on their tuna salad sandwich that is their prerogative, whether it be crispy or floppy bacon. Their surf and turf options should not be a concern to others.

Do you support ninja / taco marriage equality?

See results

On a more serious note...

This article is actually about gay rights, and marriage equality among people of all genders.

Hopefully this article helped to point out how ridiculous it may be to discriminate against someone just because they may be different, the person they love happens to be someone of the same gender, or that the family they have is considered by society to be non-traditional.

Diversity among people is good. It helps foster more creative minds and lets people understand that there are almost always more than just two sides to an issue.

You're bound to run into others who do not share your views.

This is alright.

While you may not agree on some issues, there will always be some common ground.

Find the common ground. Listen to them, acknowledge what they say, and address their concerns with grace and care. They have a right to speak their mind, just as you have a right to speak yours.

They DO NOT have the right to use physical force against you. If they resort to violence it is recommended that you vacate to a safe place and contact a local law enforcement official.

Go in peace.

I wish you love, equality, and tacos!


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    • johndnathan profile imageAUTHOR

      John D Nathan 

      5 years ago from Dallas, Texas. USA

      Thank you for reading, SmartAndFun!

      The first picture I used was made from a leftover pic for my "Taco Ninja!" story. I just happened to have a plethora of photos still in my camera.

    • SmartAndFun profile image


      5 years ago from Texas

      TACO LOVE FTW!!!!


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