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Love Finding

Updated on May 11, 2011

I thought very hard today, looking at things that have

come my way

People that have entered my life

I found myself analyzing and dissecting it trying to fit it in the puzzle

of my life

Funny I thought just yesterday my puzzle was done

and love was gone

Than you walked in !



Lets start here and walk together through life you say:

We can sway to the music of life

Dance to the sounds that we hear from our hearts

Never being distracted from one anothers love and if we are

We will joined back together in dance and joy knowing it

was just for the moment in time

We will all ways be in one another's presence of thought and mind

Who are you so sway so cool ?

That have paused me in my walk of life and made me think of love


For this moment I will Pause and Know love again.


(c)Copyright2006[Sharon Smith]All Rights Reserved


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