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Love Hurts - A Collection of Short Poems

Updated on August 16, 2014

These poems are from a few years ago, and as much as I say I'm a cynic, a lot comes out when I translate how I'm feeling into poetry. And when I'm hurting from a broken heart, especially so. From various times, caused by various people, and a reminder that what we think is love can also be quite the opposite.

Original acryllic painting I did a few years back.
Original acryllic painting I did a few years back. | Source


Flames forever blazing

I see fire in your eyes


When they fight your fire

With their ice

Laugh blissfully

Stay, stay burning


Roaring flames within

Melt loving hearts

Scald harming hands

Don’t surrender to the cold


I find what brings me a floating calm

I am numbly laughing and light on my feet

My mind dancing to a merry tune

As everything fades away

I feel nothing but this is how I atone

Insincerity blurs with practicality

As I hide behind a Cheshire smile

Innocence is a conspiracy

And conspiracy is me

Broken Heart

It’s nothing new, my broken heart

Instead it’s rather brittle

My sadness I hide behind a smile

‘Cause to most it matters little

The Train

The train left and you were too late,

Left just waving in the smoke.

By the time you'd caught the next one,

Your heart was broke.

Let me tell you good luck,

God knows I wish you well.

You said that you loved me,

Words never I thought you'd tell.

Took me into a fit, it did.

Never expected that to be true.

We said goodbye, thought it was best.

Every day my mind goes back to you.

You said we were always more than simple friends,

I think you were 'bout right,

I don't shed tears over just any soul.


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    • manatita44 profile image

      manatita44 3 years ago from london

      Sad at times. I send you lots of hugs. Loving thoughts.