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Love Is A Bullet

Updated on June 21, 2015

Reloading your love pistol
One bullet is what it takes
My heart is your golden goal
This chance has all the stakes

My feelings towards thee is high
I don't want to miss any sigh
I can hear the hymn of your breath
A promise to stay lovers til death
Please hurt me


Shoot me
Don't want to miss a single night
Because I'm your target in your sight
Shoot me
Make sure my heart bleeds
This is what it needs

This pain from you salvates me
Heart pumps faster and faster
When you hurt me, I feel free
Love story with no slave or master

Cannot move and I'm bide
Such torment filled with pride
Still I could see all the action
The smile frame as a reaction
Please destroy me


Aim your gun at my heart
Prepared for this love speed
Shall be tearing me apart
Quicker to feel with no heed
You must know what I desire
To plant something hurts to seed
I can sense the smell of fire
Because I want to BLEED!

(Solo 1)


Pull the trigger
Accepting my fate
Pull the trigger
Don't want to wait
Pull the trigger
Love will be true
Pull the trigger
Bullet shall go through


(Solo 2)

Love is pain dressed in red
Love hurts and it should be
Love must last until you're dead
Love is the only passion of free

It can last long in the heart
It might leave but remains a scar
Like a bullet taken when depart
I will wish upon a bright star
Our love will remain forevermore
I shall except the bang and the score
Let the bullet speed to the core
That's a reason to be dying for


(Ending Chorus)

Shoot my-my love to kill
Do not-do not hesitate
My soul-my soul is my will
I accept my fate

Shoot my-my pain to feel
I want-I want to bleed
Your love-the love to heal
This is what I need
------------- (repeat until fade out)


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