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Love Is More Intoxicating Than Wine

Updated on March 3, 2021


Come walk with me through some chapters of my life. Each poem tells a different chapter from my heart, from a great love to a great loss, written in my life as they happened. This is my story for you told through my verse and my quotes. Enjoy!

*Included below is the song that goes with my story. Please play the music while you read my story thank you.

'When love is present, it has manifested from one spirit to another by an expression of giving and compassion'.

If one truly loves, he does not expect , but respects , and gives instead of takes . True love needs to be watered daily, so that it can grow into something magnificent and splendorous. Sadly if love is left to grow arid and dry, it will eventually splinter into a thousand pieces.
True love never hurts , hates , abuses or instigates pain , it is given by choice and free-will , it never seeks for its own purpose. It is not based on feelings , but commitment , as feelings can wane if left to their own devices. It is not based on 'outward appearances ', as looks can dissolve, whereas spirits remain as they are forever inside.
It is based on honesty , trust , forgiveness and all other things that are genuine and true.' Counterfeit love' is like a temporary diversion, but true love’s flames extend much further than that.

'If one truly loves he does not expect but respects,and gives instead of takes'

Please Play This Video As You Read Through The Words On My Page. Press Play Then Scroll Down To Read


'Last night, I traced the beautiful, soft face of love. As my spirit awoke with such stirring emotion, I saw such vivid beauty, like I’d never seen before.He has the ability to make me vulnerable with his stare, he sets my heart beating wildly , passion consuming my every pore'.


His eyes mirror images
That haunt and grasp my heart,
Emitting love and unspoken words,
That turn my world apart.

He breathes a pure enchantment,
That captivates my being,
Every look, every touch,
Gives me indescribable feelings.

His lips like crimson velvet,
Brush gently on my own,
Creating in my body,
The most pleasure I have known.

With him I feel a woman,
Yearned for and desired,
A diamond in the sleepy night,
Treasured and admired,

Two lovers walking hand in hand,
Across the hands of time,
That’s you and me my darling,
The greatest love to find.

Copyright © 2009 Blondepoet


'I want to be your favorite hello, and your hardest goodbye.'


Perhaps I’ve broken rules and laws,
While traveling many miles,
To see him after many years.
Lost without his smile.

Slightly apprehensive,
Unsure of how we’d be,
I threw away all caution,
And let my heart go free.

Our bodies met together,
The feeling pure and right,
Insatiable desires,
A steamy,lover's night.

He screamed my name in ecstasy ,
As he gave himself to me,
My life devoid of feeling,
Sailed out to wind-tossed seas.

His warmth and un-leashed passion,
Entered through my veins,
My heart was beating wildly,
That it almost caused me pain

Joy that had eluded me,
Came home that night to me,
My eyes were opened softly,
Of how it’s meant to be.

Inhibitions non-existent,
For giving was the theme,
Releasing all the contents,
Of many happy dreams.

There’s many miles between us,
Stretched through pale blue skies,
But deep within the soul and heart,
Is where we really are.

Copyright © 2009 Blondepoet


'Love can feel like magic, but magic can just an illusion.'


My heart feels like it will shatter,
A pain which lives inside,
Since you went your way in life,
As i sat alone and cried.

As everything inside of me,
Grieved and fell apart,
I felt a fire burning,
A crying of my heart.

We would never be together,
The way we used to be,
When love bound us close together,
You meant so much to me.

Memories flash before my eyes,
Your image I can’t erase,
For every time I close my eyes,
I see your lovely face.

Sleep now does evade me,
A sad face I cant hide,
I’ve lost the joy of living,
My happiness has died.

Tears come and tears go,
A yearning for your touch,
For the times we were together,
It came to mean so much.

You changed my life in every way,
Your love inspired me,
Through you I saw such beauty,
I let my heart go free.

And now it’s time to be alone,
Without you by my side,
I don’t know how I’ll make it,
Until this pain subsides,

I can’t turn my love back on and off,
It pulsates in my soul,
It lives so much inside me,
It makes me lose control.

I know one day this pain will leave,
But my love will always live,
For true love never dies my love,
But in time it does forgive.

Copyright © 2009 Blondepoet


'The hardest thing to do is watch the one you love, love someone else'.


Time to let go when love has died,
Empty feelings,shattered pride.

Pools of tears,flow so free,
A severing of a unity.

A haunting of such cherished thoughts,
Of all the smiles the union brought.

The withered branches drop their leaves,
As Autumn, wills her powers free.

The bouquet of a fragrant love,
Evaporated to skies above.

For love that’s left alone to dry,
Eventually will fall and die.

Time to let forgiveness free,
To replenish us emotionally.

For past the meadow,dark and grim,
Is joy and hope and peace in Spring.

As butterflies do spread their wings,
Love, again,will well within.

Copyright © 2009 Deb Murray



All rights reserved.No part of this book may be
reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means
without written permission of the author.


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