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Love Is Not Simply Of The Heart

Updated on June 25, 2013

Love is of tight embraces
And smiling faces
Of twinkling eyes
And close held ties
Of hands woven tight
Of moments oh so right

Love is not simply of the heart
For in its moments
It is far more potent
like a potion in my blood
pulsing through like a sudden flood

Love is not simply of the heart
For as my heart pounds
My mind races
My eye chases
My arm embraces
This is what love interlaces

For you see
In love one can smile
through every trial
In love one can cry
Without the need to be shy
In Love one is lost
Without ever needing to be found

And it is for this
That it is not to the heart alone
In which love is bound



I had to send my farewells to my younger sister as she got ready to travel 3000 miles across the Atlantic. I was feeling much more than just a heart pounding love, and so I put it to words. Love is not just about getting a racy heart, it is a deep folding feeling and deserves such a presentation.


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