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Love Is So Under Rated

Updated on December 10, 2015

I Am Ashamed At All The Writers Of Every Paper Across The Country

There is so many good stories to write

We can pick love and all the good things people do

To leave every reader wanting more

Seeing if they made the news

Always hoping their on the front page

Now that is a great way to start off the day

Helping other people by leading by example

Praising the good people that do what they do

For all the right reasons

Loving others and being loved

Then fine spend the back pages next to the car ads

Talking about those who do wrong

See how fast the car ads want to be left out of it

Then move the worst of the worst

To the back page

Where all the tradegy and heart break are in really small print

The same print they use on credit card contracts and labels on food

They say people won't read about good news it's boring

The owners of the newspapers should think again

Isn't time we break the cycle

Let the sports pages pay for the newspaper

You can't say they don't make enough money

For every sports article there should be two articles about loving people

Ordinary people not stars who show their love

To their families and friends

Haven't we secretly let things go on long enough

How long would parents let their children hang around with kids

That swear, talk back to the teachers,skip school

Don't do homework and get bad grades

Then watch their same children

That they help pay for go to college

See how fast they stop paying fifty thousand dollars a year

To watch their children goof off and say I don't care

It's only dad and moms money

It wouldn't happen

Neither should this be allowed

The reason it does exsist is because most people are followers

They are afraid to say Stop I had enough

Lets change the world

Not by telling everyone how to live their life

Making up new rules

I think there are enough already

Have you noticed

They aren't working

Try this is how I live my life

This is how I love my wife

This is how my children show their love

This is why I deserve to be recognized

I am very proud of my family

We can leave religion for our own special places of worship

Bringing people from all backgrounds and faiths

To stand tall and proud

This is my America

I show respect to my family and friends

I also deserve the same in return

So from this day forward

We all can all work together united

In peace and harmony

Now that is news I want and will read every day

Celebrating life and all the world of wonderful people


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