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Love Is The Reason

Updated on January 14, 2015

Read while you enjoy the song...! Thanks!


Love IsThe Reason

Funny huh? But love is the reason for me to write

letting emotions fly and let my dreams shine

trying to grab this melody from the very start

Love throbbing through my mind down to my heart

She is the reason for me to write

causing me to create non stop

fearing my muses that are right behind...

Lips are trying to bite those words that could rhyme!

The song is here with that exquisite young flair

Suddenly jumping and moving around my chair

now please, join me by trusting my heart

beating along with this tune from the very start

love is the reason from me to love the sun

keeping me going on this frenzy romance

full of imagination and ready to comply

shrugging shoulders that can make me slide

Love is the reason to be so prolific in my writing

proud to be loved and praising that inner magic

a sudden thunder in my room that could inflict harm

love the reason for having so much fun

Soothing mind writing with this magic wand

moving the words around and ending with this song

catching up with your hands that keep clapping against mine

embracing and laughing like two silly hearts that melt at once

the right melody from heaven to prove my love for you

moving my body and closing in on yours

reacting to a response of your own

moving in circles and circles with no end

Love was the reason for this piece of creation

moving with you and falling in love adding infatuation

so sweet to watch your face turning red because of this

Finally this poem is done...time to have some bliss...!



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