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Novel Review of Angela's Ashes

Updated on May 20, 2012

Many perceive marriage as a form of an escape and that it gives a new beginning. True enough. Yet this form of escape sometimes gives a new beginning of troubles, affliction and uncertainties.

As for Angela and Malachy, they undeniably had love for each other. Angela was patient and hopeful although she sometimes argued with her husband. It was inevitable considering their poor condition. Malachy, even though, he was a alcoholic, always come home to them and the story did not even mentioned him having an affair with other women.

It has always been a cliché that love is the only thing we need to survive and to make the world a better place for living. However, this love that people perceive to be so powerful and undefeated is not only a sort of feeling and emotion. This love has to be combined with rational actions, aiming to care and respect for the significant others to be such.

Most of the time, people easily get carried away by the bliss of love. They tend to romanticize this feeling but they kept on doing irrational things. It is pointless. In the end, this feeling that they nurture well becomes the cause of a minute joy and then of so much pain. They suffer and then their children and the others involved.

Love rationally. In marriage, the mere feeling of love is not enough to suffice the needs of a growing family. It is an acceptance of responsibility. It is a continuation of hopes and promises and fulfilling it with one another.



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